Season 4 Episode 14

Diet Coke and Mentos

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Aug 09, 2006 on Science Channel

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  • this is a fun episode.

    this myth is that you drop some mentos in a 2-liter diet coke it spews uncontrolably and this is a very fun and cool episode, this is why I watch the show and is one of the coolest episodes that's aired on national television, it's a cool fun episode, it's great.
  • That is one of my favourite episodes.

    Ok, first I have got to say that my favourite part, or one of them, from this episode was when Jamie stuck the Doke in his mouth and then the mentos and he was like spitting it all out then he did it again. I laughed at that. then I loved how they created the tower of foam soap stuff and lit it all on fire. Then I lofe tht exploding supecake thing and the fire extinguisher wouldn't even put it out. i laughed so hard on this epuside and I fonally learned what it was that caused the things to react the way they do. Awesome episode.
  • Diet Coke and Mentos fountains---what's not to love?

    This is such a great episode--or should I say, epi-SODA (sorry, I couldn't help myself)! Okay, you can stop laughing at me now. I really couldn't believe how high Adam and Jamie got their soda fountains to go... I mean, they got it up to about thirty-two feet! That's pretty amazing, compared to my poor excuse for a soda fountain (it only got about ten feet high). This episode is absolutely hilarious. Adam and Jamie get into a little competition on who can make the best soda fountain; and of course, there's my favorite quote: "Instead of a limited beam of pure plasma---it's soda! Yeah!" Oh, and the big bubble explosion they had was great too (it wouldn't be MythBusters without an explosion!). This is my favorite MythBusters episode (right next to the holiday special, that is). Oh, and my apologies to anyone who read my stupid 'epi-SODA' pun.
  • Definitely funny episode...what was it again? Like 40 ft. in the air!? That was definitely one of the better episodes.

    Definitely awesome this episode was, yet the stamp-on-a-heli-roter thing was pretty boring. Though the Diet and the mentos...beautiful! Sugary soda spraying everywhere. The only episodes I know of that came anywhere close to that was the cement truck (BOOM) and the decibal cars...those we're loud... my ears still hurt, and well... I hope I'll never have a car like that. Far too loud for me. (It ripped paper up with sound, now that's what I call completely insane !!!) Anyways, this is one of the better episodes and if you haven't watched any of these, keep an eye out. Sure, most of the myths shown on this won't really help you, but it's always fun to watch them!
  • awesome. the helicopter one was stupid but the mentos was cool

    loved the mentos and diet coke. that was awesome. everyone is going out buying diet coke and mentos and doing that experiment now. cuz i know i def. did. loved how they tried all the ingredients to see which was causing the diet coke to blow. oh ya. so you don't need to use just diet coke too. regular coke does the trick just as well. don't know why they settled with the diet though instead of telling us that regular coke works too.
  • Diet Coke and Mentos!!!!!

    What an awesome show. They did experiment after experiment trying to find something cooler then mixing diet coke and mentos. The Methane bubbles and fire was pretty awesome but nothing beats the Diet Coke and Mentos.

    The day after me and my family saw this show we bought 4 2 liters of diet coke and 2 boxes of mentos and mixed them in my front lawn.

    If you don't know what I am talking about. If you get mentos and put like 4-5 of them in a 2 liter of Diet Coke...well try it and find out. Don't worry it is completely safe. You might get diet coke on you. But make sure you put the mentos in fast.

    Mythbusters OWNSS!!!!!
  • The hits for this show kept on coming!

    The hits for this show kept on coming, and this week episode is no exception to that rule. This time the team take on two stories, one of them, which seems to be a pattern of late for me, is one of them I haven’t heard before, and that one was that a signal postage stamp stuck on the helicopter blade can be enough to screw up the finely tuned balance which is needed to allow the helicopter to fly, that caused it to do a crash landing. The other one, is really a myth, it more like an investigation into story, which is why does Diet Coke and Mint Mentos react the way that they do and cause a cascade-like fountain to shoot out of the bottle of soda. Unlike, most of fans of the show, I never saw the video that they are talking about, but, I did see the routine on an episode of David Lettermen a couple of mouths ago.

    The postage stamp one was a pretty interesting and I did like the fact that they first used a scale model for both the helicopter and the postage stamp for their tests, because of the quite possible danger that this myth could pose for the helicopter and the crew of the helicopter. After that the scale model test prove that the myth wasn’t true, the next step in testing this myth was the move up to real thing, which they did and just like with the scale model the postage stamp on both the top blades and the tail blades didn’t affect the craft one bit. It good to see that another aviation myth has been busted.

    Now, last segment in this week episode was Adam’s and Jaime’s investigation to why Diet Coke plus Mint Mentos equals cascade effect from the soda. I found out that what chemicals in the soda caused the reaction to be quite surprising, that the acids that are in soda won’t the ones that were the causes, but the other stuff, like sweeter, the preservative, and the caffeine, were the things that were the causes for the reaction. Once the theory behind the reaction was explained, now any kid who had a science project can used this for their science project and now explain why it happens. After all of the serious stuff was over with, came the fun part for Adam and Jamie, to have some fun with the Soda and the Mentos, to see what can do with the two things. While they only did two fun things, one can safely assume that there are way more fun things that the guys would be able to do with them and a TV viewer can do safely at home. I am so waiting to see if there will be more suggestions for these two things and that they would be featured in a future episode of the show.