Season 5 Episode 5

Dog Myths

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Mar 14, 2007 on Discovery Channel
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Is it possible to teach an Old Dog New Tricks? In attempt to find an answer Adam and Jamie go head to head with a pair of untrained dogs. Meanwhile, Kari, Grant, and Tory look into the myth that you can Beat The Guard Dog.

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  • i love this show!! i love how they show why people are as silly as they are believing things that offen aint true!

    i love this show!! i try to catch it every time its one!!! even if its a repeat!! its an awesome show!! jamie and adam do a great job disproving things!! i even got my husband niece hooked on watching it!! its awesome my kids even like this!! they think its so cool how jamie and adam do there little things. and how they blow stuff up!!! lmao they love it when they blow stuff up!! my husband does to!! my son is only two and he says when it comes on jamie and adam mommy look see!! aint they coolmoreless
  • The Mythbusters takle some dog myths this week

    I apposluty hated this episode... Not really. I loved it! It was a very very very great episode. It was filled with all stuff about dogs! I love dogs, I wish I had a dog. I liked the steak myth, when the build team threw a steak at the guard dog and he chased it. very classical, and very brillant, even if you see it all the time in cartoon shows. I thought for sure that going through a river would hide your scent, but it actually made it even more trackible! I love how the Mythbusters use every single myth they could find, and this episode was great! I loved every single minute of it. "I think the dog will be confused by RoBo Cat, Like most people are." Love that line.moreless
  • dog-gone good show...

    Gone to the dogs. So I liked this episode. Starting with the you can’t teach old dogs new tricks cliché. I love the Malamutes that they got, wanted to go up to the bay area and adopt them. Cuteness. My theory is that all dogs want to be trained, they are happier with it. I also liked the guard dog one. It’s another one of those movie myths that you see all the time, but wonder what will really work. I think that the steak thing was confirmed, if the steak wasn’t thrown at Kari she would have made it. I also think that more wolf urine would have done the trick, but then again I have smelled that stuff and wouldn’t want to wear it…gross…moreless
  • Jamie and Adam take on a few dog myths.

    I knew I'd enjoy this episode before I ever saw it. I just had a good feeling about it. It turned out I was right.

    Jamie and Adam took on a few dog related myths. As Adam said "This is one of the more cuddly myths we've done." First off Adam and Jamie took on the old adage of "You can't teach an old dog new tricks.". They took to 7 year old Malmutes who were litter mates. Each to one of the dogs and trained it to do five basic commands. Then they held a dog show. Each dog passed the test and learned all the tricks. Jamie's dog only had trouble with the stay command, but still earned a half a point. 9.5 out of ten means the myth is totally busted.

    Next was the myth of tricks to sneak past a trained guard dog. The steak and scent of a female dog in heat actually worked at distracting the dog long enough to sneak in and get the goods. Well the steak one technically worked and would have passed if they hadn't had a bad throw.

    Next Adam tried to elude a bloodhound in various ways seen in movies. None worked. Overall a fun episode that didn't rely on big explosives or destruction. Just good fun with dogs.moreless

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