Season 11 Episode 3

Down and Dirty; Earthquake Survival

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM May 15, 2013 on Science Channel

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  • good ep but they kind of messed up imo..

    The public toilet myth:

    when they got the results from all the stalls the two most used stalls had mis matched numbers.. 34 times used had 290 germs found, yet the 38 times used stall had 267...

    they completely glossed over the only summarized it as the most used being the middle and less used the that work just for that...

    i think a revisit is don't always sit down thus standing up and causing splash back, will cause more germs to all men can pee we only saw one set of results why not show both genders women having to sit down would probably be lower.....


    as for the earth quake interesting and fun to watch !