Season 10 Episode 1

Duct Tape Island

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Mar 25, 2012 on Science Channel

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  • An excellent episode without the build team. Coincidence?

    This episode was classic mythbusters. Adam and Jamie being themselves problem solving and actually providing entertaining information without the build team dicking around with half the show dedicated to re-explaining what they are doing and showing full screen shots of Kari. The build team slowly became more and more involved with the show, and the recent seasons have been more about them than what actually made the show popular in the first place, Adam and Jamie. It's not that we don't like them, it's that the show can't accommodate everyone fairly in a one hour timeslot with commercials and with the producers assuming that the audience is braindead and wasting half the show on recaps, nothing gets done and the show becomes tiresome. With the exception of Grant, the build team was cast and kept because of ratings and was not true to the original format of the show. The viewers that the show managed to capture with the new format have hopefully lost interest and with this new time slot, things will start going back to normal.

    I really hope more episodes are like this and the producers realized that they need to go back to their roots to capture the true fans of Mythbusters. Sex appeal and stupid stunts can only get you so far, which shows with the declining reviews and popularity. Hopefully Mythbusters is back on a new track and keeps up this format, otherwise I'll stop watching just like the past several seasons.