Season 1 Episode 8

Escape From Alcatraz, Duck Quack, Stud Finder

Aired Saturday 9:00 PM Dec 12, 2003 on Discovery Channel
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Jamie and Adam retrace the steps of the infamous prisoners who escaped from Alcatraz without a trace in 1962. Although presumed drowned, they'll find out if it was possible to survive the tides of the San Francisco Bay in a homemade raft. As for other myth, Jamie and Adam test whether quacks from ducks echo. They examine the urban legend about whether a stud finder can tell whether you have something implanted in your body.moreless

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  • the duck part was dumb but alcatraz definetly takes the cake

    this episode would have been awesome had they not done the duck parts. that was just awful but alcatraz definetly kept me on the edge of my seat. I don't really see how the escape is really a myth but more of a history info session where they want to see how the whole thing was done. I can see how the raft part is more of the myth and whether the raft would actually float and support 3 people. but the escape is more finding where they went. cool episode thoughmoreless
  • Although this is not a very exciting episode, it is quite interesting and you may actually learn something.

    Review for 'Escape from Alkatraz':


    This is one of the most informative myths ever tested on this show. You can tell much work went into researching and testing this one beforehand - and the final result is excellent. You will come away from this one with new knowledge.

    Review for 'Duck Quack':


    Really, really, boring. What else can I say? I have already done the recap for this episode so I don't need to explain this myth, but this is an easily forgotten one. It IS original though, I'll give it that.

    Review for 'Stud Finder':


    This one is just plain silly. We all know the government doesn't put mind control chips into hospital syringes - and it's obvious that a stud finder would detect microchips. They're metal, after all.

    Overall episode impressions:


    If "Escape from Alkatraz" was put with two more exciting myths, this episode would have had a much higher score. However, I need to rate the entire episode.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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    • Adam: (Pretending to be a convict while hammering some metal in the middle of the night) Wait a minute, was that a guard? (Starts listening) No. (Begins hammering again)

    • Adam: (While running a stud finder up and down his arm) It would seem that their technology is far more advanced then I previously suspected and that I'm riddled with microchips.
      Jamie: Or, maybe there are none.

    • Adam: (Pretending to have been brainwashed after giving a blood donation) I don't notice anything at all. I feel perfectly fine now.

    • Jamie: Don't mess with me, duck. When I say "quack", you're gonna quack, right? I'm the boss here. Don't give me any beak.

    • (Adam and Jamie are checking out ducklings)
      Jamie: Don't let their looks deceive you, these are actually quite deadly.

    • Jamie: (While holding a duck up to the camera) Have anything to say to the ducks back home?

    • Jamie: Quack, damn you.

    • Adam: I actually feel really confident about how this boat's going to do. Of course, the very next cut in the show will be us, like flailing in the bay, in the dark, freezing and screaming.

  • NOTES (1)

    • While the Mythbusters showed it was possible that the three escaped convicts *could* have escaped Alcatraz alive, as was said, the fact no one has conclusively seen the three is the best evidence that they *didn't*. It's more likely that the three floated out of the bay, never to be seen again.


    • (Standing on the front of the boat with arms stretched out)
      Adam: I'm king of the world.
      This is a reference to the movie "Titanic".