Season 8 Episode 22

Green Hornet Special

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Dec 15, 2010 on Science Channel

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  • I LOVE Mythbusters! This episode almost makes me not want to watch them again.

    This was the biggest SELLOUT episode in the history of TV. The myths were garbage and ridiculous. It was just one huge advertisement for Green Hornet (I was really looking forward to the movie also) and all they really did was make me never want to see it.

    Very disappointed in Discovery.

    Since I don't have 100 words to say about this steamy pile of crap Mythbusters episode I'll just talk about how they've been really going down hill lately and it's more acting and reality show then interesting myths like it used to be. Truly sad to see one of the most innovative shows I've ever seen go to crap.