Season 10 Episode 16

Hail Hijynx

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Oct 21, 2012 on Discovery Channel

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  • Bridge Fall & Hail Fail

    I actually enjoyed this episode, primarily in watching Adam and Jamie dealing with the rope bridge. Because it's a trope that comes up a LOT in movies and tv shows, so i was neat to see it get busted. Especially when Jamie demonstrated the best alternative for survival.

    The hail part of the show was a little interesting, mostly for the hail cannon because I think that that would be awesome to play with. But I kept thinking that something was wrong with the myth, and later it struck me that they just used solid ice balls but hail is built up in layers like an onion. It made me wonder if that structure would change the strength of the hail at all and therefore the results of the myth. Plus the hail they kept showing -real hail- wasn't smooth. That also bugged me and I just don't think the testing was accurate for hail. Ice balls, sure. Hail? Not so much.
  • really ?

    hail storms never have just one hail 'ball of ice' ?

    several of them would eventually weaken the wood boat and fibreglass and sink them.

    plus they showed vid clips of boats partially sinking and they weren't wood ?

    so it's plausable.

    as for the cliffhanger bridge, they assumed sly was running upon hearing the boom, but they actually in practise proved you can jump before the bang, so imo the film scene was simply sly jumping at the same time as the boom hence the bridge was still intact.

    matter of perspective.

    and also aiming at the cross beam (a support) in a wood boat isn't the same as the hull.
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