Season 4 Episode 27

Holiday Special

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Dec 06, 2006 on Discovery Channel
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Holiday Themed Myths. Can the Mythbusters really make a 35-piece Goldberg machine work, or will they just get frustrated and call it quits? What will keep your tree from dropping needles, bleach or hairspray? Will the turkey kill the dog? Tune-in and see it for yourself.

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  • The crew tries to build a monster contraption and test some holiday related myths.

    Throughout this episode, Jamie and Adam try to build a huge machine that will knock Buster over. While they are building a machine with around 39 tricks to it, the rest of the team is testing some holiday myths.

    First, they test what common (or not-so-common) ways to help your Christmas Tree retain its needles and color. They test several with different substances and the results were quite suprising!! Turns out that if you make a mixture with the fertalizer that they give you for plants, it will actually lose more needles. And adding bleach to the tree's water will make it retain the most leaves...but turn the color terrible. The best mixture was "Santa's Little Helper" (an unidentified pill).

    Then, they test what would happen if you dropped a frozen turkey on your foot. They built a machine that would drop turkeys from mechanical hands. The first time they test it they drop the turkey on a scale and it drops with around 400 pounds of force. They then drop it on a balistics gel totally shattered the large bone in the foot. They then dropped it on balistics gel animals. They covered fake animal skeletons in balistics gel and dropped the turkey on them...they would have sustained so much damage that they would have died.

    The final myth they test is whether or not there is enough energy coming off of radio antenas that it will cook a turkey. They weren't allowed to attach a turkey to a cell tower, so they get the next best thing...a satalite dish sending information. After one hour, the turkey has gained temperature from being in the sun. They try one last attempt by hanging it from a ships radar unit. After one hour, they test the temperature and find some suprising results...the turkey <b>lost</b> temperature. But, because it is Mythbusters, they had to blow something up. They finally made the turkey go up in flames and I will let you find out how that happened.

    What happened with Adam and Jamie? Well, they spent a lot of time on their machine and all the parts they didn't think they should worry about were messing up. They finally (on around the tenth try) got it right and it looked awesome! This is an episode that you don't want to miss, and I love!!moreless
  • Loved the show and found it very informative, especially the tree segment regarding the needle droppings.

    Found the show as usual to be entertaining and informative. But mostly a lot of laughs. I would love to know when the tree needle dropping show will be aired again before Christmas. I would like to do mine own little experiment? Love you guys always. I totally missed the findings for the tree needle dropping segment.I watched up until they gave their results.It is aggravating me that I can\'t see all the results, only a chosen few.Please add the total results.By the way, what is Santa\'s little helper? Would love the chance to see it again before the holiday.moreless

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