Season 6 Episode 6

MacGyver Special

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Feb 20, 2008 on Science Channel

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  • MacGyver

    I'm a huge fan of MacGyver and I heard that Mythbusters did an episode tackling some of the things that MacGyver did to see if they were possible. So, I decided to watch this episode (which is the first mythbuster episode I have seen). I have to say, I was impressed. The cast is entertaining and knowledgeable. I wish they did more MacGyver things because they only did two and then did a challenge thing. The challenge did defend some of the MacGyver things also. . . . Overall, great concept but I was just wishing for more the whole time!
  • Jamie and Adam go about proving (or disproving) some of the tricks McGuyver pulled off in the show.

    - "Sodium Jailbreak" - BUSTED! - Blowing a hole in a wall with just one gram of pure sodium is absolutely impossible. A gram didn't even break the bottle. 100 Grams popped the lid off the bottle but not much more. They then switched to potassium which is MUCH more explosive in water than sodium. 500grams contained in a steel tube directed directly at the wall made a nice bang, but didn't puncture the wall. It eventually took a charge of C4 to create the desired effect. - "Bamboo Ultralight" - BUSTED! - The bamboo airplane is impossible to build in 4 hours (more like 4 days). Although the underpowered motor was able to get the plane moving, once it went over the cliff edge, instead if gliding, it fell like a stone to the bottom. Proving there is no way this idea could ever have worked.

    - MacGuyver Challenge - Jamie and Adam, need to use their MacGuyver skills to solve 4 challenges.

    - Lightbulb Lockpick - TEST PASSED - Using filaments from a light bulb to pick lock. MacGuyver took 52 seconds, Adam eventually got it open after quite a bit more time had passed. - O.J Film Lab - TEST FAILED - Develop a roll of film using only orange juice and ammonia. Although Adam had previous experience in this field, he was unable to recall the correct sequence of exposing the film to the development chemicals.

    - Magnetic Compass - TEST PASSED - Create a compass by magnetizing a paper clip inserted in a cork, floated on water. They successfully created an electromagnet and used it magnetize the paper clip.

    - Sky-High Signal - TEST PASSED - The ingredients to build a potato cannon were provided to help the lads create a rescue signal that would reach 100ft, but instead they built a kite which eventually attained the desired altitude, securing their rescue.

    Great episode - showing that although some of the science behind some of MacGuyver's idea's is in fact sound, it often doesn't work out like this in reality.
  • fdhsgfjs

    I thought this episode was really really good . I never actually watched MacGyver but i found this interesting just the same. I really loved the MacGyver challenge that Tori and Grant set up for Adam and Jamie. that looked like it would be so fun if you knew what you were doing. i think that they always have really really amazing ways to be creative and fun and they really showed that in this episode. Mythbusters is always one of my favorite shows and i love every episode, but this one was excellent in my opinion . . . .