Season 3 Episode 19

MythBusters Revisited

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Oct 12, 2005 on Discovery Channel
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Time to take down the non believers! Mythbusters will go revisit Blown Away, Running in the Rain, Plywood Flyer, Exploding Soda, Explosive Decompression, AC vs Windows Down, and Exploding Gas Tank to end the you did it wrong crowd for the last time!
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  • The Mythbusters get back at some previous myths, and the fans.

    I like Revisted episodes, it shows that the Mythbusters care (or just want to prove us wrong again). I liked the plywood myth, but I thought the could have done a better job on it, oh well, let bye gones be bye gones. It was "Cleverly plotted". The explosive decompresion was pretty clever of what the build team's rig. It actually showed how the air flew through and went out. I liked that. And I already new that the black car would 'produce' more heat then the white one, but "hey" it still was pretty funny to see the build team (Tori) burn up in the sun. And the explosive tank was cool. get ready, aim, FIRE!moreless
  • Well I thought that it was a solid episode, not as good as Myth Revisited. But you can't catch lighting in the bottle twice no matter how much your try.

    Well I thought that it was a solid episode, not as good as Myth Revisited. But you can't catch lighting in the bottle twice no matter how much your try. This expression is equally as good when describing an amazing event in a life or a TV series or episode of a TV series. Normally when a TV show tries to do this the TV show is in the twilight of its run and tries to recapture the magic that it got when it first aired the episode. This result in the episode falling flat on the episode’s face and not being like at all or is described as rewrite of old classic episode.

    While yes, MythBusters Revisited is rehashing of Myth Revisited, but only in the format of how the episode is displayed with the signal exception, the “Exploding Soda Can Myth”, that one was the only one that carry over from the first revisited episode. All of the other myths that were tested in this episode are brand new to retests and only come from the second season. It seems that this might be the formula for season premieres for this show, take a bunch of conversional myths from the pervious season and retest them via the way that the fans of the show state that they shouldn’t be tested in the first place. One, myself have never complained about how they tested myths, and might be because I am not expert a things and making a point might make me appear dumber than really am, so I stay quiet and lets other do the talking. This result in another revisited episode that I can sit back to judge on how good or bad the episode is when compared to other episodes.

    The reason why I like Myth Revisited last year was because it was something new to this series and because of that I was pretty much into the episode. Now with MythBusters Revisited which had the same format I had a small sense of déjà vu with the episode, but that didn’t matter to me because I was entertained by the episode and that what matter to me, and that the reason why I like this show.moreless

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