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Season 1 Episode 4

Penny Drop, Deadly Microwaves, Radio Tooth Fillings

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Oct 17, 2003 on Discovery Channel
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Episode Summary

Can a pedestrian be killed by a penny dropped from the top of a skyscraper? The team finds out the terminal velocity of a penny and make a penny cannon, then shot it at a pigs scull. This showed if a penny being dropping at terminal velocity can kill someone. Can you be baked to death on a tanning bed? Can toothfillings transmit radio waves?moreless

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  • radio tooth fillings

    I have expierenced the phenomenen of recieving radio signals with my tooth fillings. It was always just static. It would happen in three different areas, in a car, in a hi-rise appartment and in a washroom stall. What do these three places have in common? All three are surrounded by a steel or metal frame, perhaps acting as an antenna[?]. Also it woundn't just happen because I was surrounded by a steel frame, my mouth had to be open and my head had to be angled just the right way with the angle changing from place to place and time to time. Like I said earlier it was al always just static, audible to others if they were close enuogh[2 feet]. food for thought.moreless
  • Not good, but satifying.

    This episode was awsome! I iwsh you guys liked it more! I PITY THE FOOLS! Sorry. Well, I say it wasn't the best episode, but still awsome. They defintly updated since that episode, though, Oh well, it still was a really good episode. Well, I still don't have 100 words, so I'll just say watch MythBusters.
  • I don\'t think they tried everything with the falling penny episode. I have been to the statue of liberty and have seen pennies that are embedded into the concrete base like someone dropped them and NOT placed them there.moreless

    I have been to the statues of liberty and waited in line at the base. While there what do you think I saw? Pennies deeply embedded into the concrete base. They don\'t look like they were placed there. There are outlines of the penny leading to where they stopped. Maybe the speed of the penny was miscalculated or something. Because shooting a penny at an object is NOT the same as dropping it from a few thousand feet up. Last I checked when a penny is dropped from a high height it keeps accelerating till it can no longer accelerate. Where as if fired from a gun it has a large momentum when fired but slows down after so many feet.moreless
  • Pennies dropped off of the empire state building will not embed themselves in concrete. And in fact Lucille Ball was lying about her teeth recieving radio signals. I always believed that pennies truly could kill people. What a shocker.moreless

    "I reject your reality and substitute my own." Adam Savage did exactly what he said he would. This is what the whole show is for. I love this stuff! In this episode you learn about terminal velocity. I also learned that around a skyscraper the wind goes up and around the building, So if something is thrown off the skyscraper it will hit the same building just a few floors lower. It is a really cool myth that you can pick up radio waves in tooth fillings, but it is just another busted myth. So Lucille Ball just lied about getting radio frequencies on her teeth. Oh well I enjoyed it while it lasted.moreless

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