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  • Kitchen Sponge: Most Germy but Cleanest Item in the Home

    Though it's true that the much-maligned kitchen sponge is usually chock full of germs, rest assured that they will not bother you. Aside from the fact that 99.9% of microbes are harmless to humans, sponges are virtually immune to passing them on to you because of this modern marvel: Soap germs cannot feed on sponge; they are embedded in the grease molecules the sponge contains. The miracle of the soap molecule is that one end attaches itself to water and the other to grease, thereby holding the germs (and debris) in suspension until they are washed down the drain. Rinse the soap from your body and you come away cleaner and more germ free than before you grabbed that "dirty" sponge.
  • Sad to see it go, but they went on their own terms.

    The final season was really awesome. They managed to go really big, before going home for good. It's good to see a show end on its own terms, rather than be canceled abruptly after overstaying its welcome.

    Mythbusters has given over a decade and a half of solid entertainment, with a mildly scientific twist. For those who've never seen it, or have yet to finish the series in its entirety, it's well worth the watch!
  • The Pinnacle of Discovery Channel

    This was probably the most-watched show on Discovery Channel (I'm guessing), and it was very educational for both adults and youngsters alike. Although, the show has gone a bit downhill but I'm still giving it a high score because of what it used to be: awesome to watch.
  • Its gone.....

    After "Going back to the roots" I have to say: It was going.... going..... and is gone....

    If the old version of mythbusters was a almost perfectly home-cooked meal, watching episodes now is like getting microwave-food from a gas station...

    I say its busted....

  • If it anin't broke don't fix it, but they went a head and broke it anyway!

    Wow, the new format is a great example of taking a great show and screwing it up. The old format with the 3 build team members and the "Stars" was GREAT variety and they actually seemed to try to prove or disprove a real myth. Now it's Just Adam and Jammie blowing up one thing or another. How does proving a movie stunt mean anything, it's a movie and they are supposed to be stupid and nonsense.

    I find it hard to watch the new format, they have lost a viewer, just another example of taking it one step to far, ruined a good show.
  • Putting myths and rumors to the test

    There's always some story, rumor, myth, or belief that goes around and gets tested on screen and is anywhere proven to be true, possible/valid, or just plain false (aka busted). They even go great lengths such as consulting with scientists and other experts, going to special sites, and obtaining and using special equipment, tools, and supplies; not to mention how that they explain how they did it in a scientific manner. They also come up with plans that they execute in a safe, scientific way, and responsible way and then they measure their results and compare it too what the myth proclaims. There's always an episode or segment that anyone can enjoy and learn from.

    A word of warning to any impressionable audience members: Don't try these at home or on your own. Leave it to the experts.
  • I like the new format

    I always called the 3 the "kids" even though they weren't that much younger. Surprisingly I like the new format a lot. I think it's more interesting and gets much more in depth, showing the science of things more. The show before was getting to be just a bunch of clips.

    Personally I don't like the way the discover channel and the science channel have been going the last couple of years. They've been getting cheesy, cheap reality vaguely related to science, blah blah. There really haven't been any good science shows on the science channel in a while.

    This feels like a return to science while still being fun.

    It's more cohesive.

    I like it.
  • It's not the same great show any more

    What a backward move. The build team broke the episodes up and added character to the show. Now it's just two guys blowing things up and not much else. I keep waiting for them to cut to the build team. The show doesn't have that fun feel any more. I feel the show won't recover and this may be the last series unless the build team return.
  • they mythic egos got in the way of awesome

    this is taken from their facebook

    i have been watching the new series, and i am so sad to say, the best part is the narrator, i cant believe i was cheering for you guys at the beyond the myths tour, you "back to the roots" idea has massively backfired, the show is about an eighth as good as it was, i know change is a part of life, but ... this is not a good change, i am sorry guys, but if you keep this up you are going to lose a tonne of your fans, this is just, depressing to see what has happened to your once great show, there is now less myths, more look at how cool i am, oh and here is a random celeb, bring back the old mythbusters! it feels like self indulgent tripe, i am sorry to say it guys, but you have lost a fan... and most likely many more :(

    stick to the old re runs, its sad whats happened
  • MythBusters busted

    I enjoyed the MB mega marathon so I figured I would give the new season a chance, even without Kari, Grant and Tori. Was I wrong worse show ever, You get tired of Adam very quick,disappointing would be putting it mildly. I will stick to watching reruns. Sorry you ruined a great show.
  • Adam idiot

    Is Adam really as big an ass as he appears to be? Inane "Australian"accents, etc.
  • ikaros

    is it possible to fly with wings made only of feathers and candelwax
  • Discovery ruined one of the most entertaining series ever

    Now that they fired Kari, Tory and Grant I certainly won't be watching. They didn't even bother to inform the audience about why and when. Discovery Channel really screwed the pooch on this one. The recent zombie episode was also ridiculous. They should just re-hire the build team and get back to busting myths instead of just blowing stuff up. Shame.
  • Seems a bit limited opinion/view/tests

    1 random ep (14) DISCOVERY
  • 200mpg Carburetor

    There have been stories of late 1930's Ford V8 engines gaining upwards of 100mpgs by atomizing the fuel instead of squirting it directly into the cylinders. Are the BIG OIL companies HOSING us? We would love to find out!
  • Learning is FUN

    Who would think that testing the most well known (and not so well known) myths could be so fun and educational. A very interesting show to say the least. Adam and Jamie are a great duo, Adam is always fast with a sarcastic remark and Jamie couldn't care less and is always business (well, most of the time).
  • Parachute from hotel room

    How exactly would Grant's parachute fit through a window, being so big and all?
  • Not bad but...

    Love the variety of mythbusters, but there's a new Nat Geo show called Showdown of the Unbeatables that is also really interesting! Fridays episode looks awesome
  • Ligtning strike to umbrella

    I was wondering if lightning were to strike an umbrella, if the fabric would really burn up and disintegrate like I see on cartoons and movies, leaving just the metal frame.


    Hannah age 12

    Bethel, OH

    I just watched the episode where Jamie rode a motorcycle approximately 300 feet across water. I was wondering if he was to use a rear sand tire how far would he make it. A sand tire has cups on it so it should act like a paddle wheel and keep his speed up so that he could go past the 300 foot mark.
  • I have a new Myth for you.

    I would to show you my Myth. Its a big wish from me that my Myth in your program is. Please. When its not so is iam so sad, because iam a so big fan from you that be a sad. Here my Myth: Its right that can bring an entire tree to burn quite a lot of sparklers.
  • Steam Canon problem

    You used copper pipe which doesn't have enough mass. When water converts to steam it takes a lot of calories to change from water, still at the same temperature (phase change). The copper pipe didn't have enough mass to convert all of the water to steam instantly. Try it with something as heavy as an old canon and it will work. Leonardo didn't have lightweight copper pipe to work with like we do now.
  • can u do it


    i was looking at paragliders then i looked up peddling paragliders and it showed tis video but the thing didnt fly i was wondering if u can make a peddling paraglider and that really works if thats plausible

    and your show is my favorite and u guys are hilarious
  • Jato car. WTF?

    I really like mythbusters some of the myths over the years have been really clever and well thought about, but this return was the worst and most pathetic episode I've ever seen.

    Just pointless mindless destruction of perfectly good equipment and cars... No myth busting at all.

    It's left me annoyed and frustrated that they spent that much money on something that they were going to destroy for no other reason other than to have "fun". It also promotes it to others who are less intelligent about safety to try it... MINDLESS DESTRUCTION IS POINTLESS AND BORING!

    I have all the new 2013 shows recorded and this one makes me wonder if I want to watch the rest.

  • c-4 does go boom with a bullit

    im sfcmarshall army retired while in Iraq during training we had a miclic fire improperly so had 1250.00 pounds of c4 in a pile I engaged the c-4 with my m85 50 cal withen ten rounds the c-4 blew the key was volume and the tracer thin pieces would never work but if you were engaging c-4 tied thightly in nylon type sack to keep its integrity you could possibly make it happin with a pound

    5803528178 call me I can further explain to you

  • Some people think its funny.

    Others, like myself, think its kind of mindless destruction because most of the things they do are not even myths-they are just out to break things in a very weird & unspectacular ways often, just for the camera eye. It basically just boring. but it also sort of encourages young people to try stupid stuff so they can record it and put it on You Tube and be famous for five minutes. Kind of BS really; I hope they bomb in the ratings.
  • Starterspray


    Das starterspray hilft nur den Reifen auf die Felge zu bekommen,um luft hinein zu bekommen!!!!

    Das Starterspray zwingt durch die verpuffung den Reifen nur auf seinen platz an der Felge.

    alles andere ist unsinn

  • jato car 2013

    an idea instead of the rockets being in-line why not put them together to form an (o) that way to force is focus to push
  • Jato Car #3

    I just watched the 3rd jato car attempt and I am very frustrated! They not only ruin a vary nice car but they do a terrible job with the myth. They use a line of small sand bags to simulate the "burm" in the myth. Well the bags were way so small and light and they simply just push the bags out of the way. They do end up using two cars and a ramp on the second attempt instead of silly bags. They should have just used two different angled/length ramps to see if one worked better than the other. They also do not allow the car to get up ta any sort of reasonable speed before hitting the rockets. They give the car 1300 feet to get to speed and it needs at least 2500 in my opinion to get a better base speed before using the rockets. This show is making me mad! It seems so obvious after they have tried this 3 times that thy would possibly do it the right way.
  • Ghost Debunking

    I like your TV series and had an idea for a good one that I thought I would share..

    You should have a Ghost Debunking Episode were you test the equipment that they use, such as the EMF (that is supposed to only light up if an ghost is near), to see if other equipment that they use can interfere and set it off, or cell phones, radio's etc.. You could test the digital voice recorders that they use to see if it is possible that after multiple sessions using the same recorder that words could bleed through that could be interpreted as being ghosts..

    Recently on Deep South Paranormal there was an episode were they are at a dam were people supposedly see a lady in black. A couple of their guys are in a boat going down river, in it they have a mirror, about 16 or more candles burning, an voodoo doll of the lady in black made of straw or some other kind of grass lying on the mirrow.. Supposedly they are going down the river and doing some kind of chanting to draw the spirit of the lady in black to them.. And sure enough as they approach the dam, the camera catches an apparition of the lady in black moving behind a tree, which they proclaim has to be the lady in black that everyone has been seeing what else could it be? I believe that it is possible that the mirror reflected the candle light with the voodoo doll lying on it and projected a shadow of it on the walls of the dam and with the boat moving it would have appeared that the black shadow was moving.. Anyways, I think this would be a great episode for you... You could even show footage from the Deep South Paranormal episode..
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