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  • A show that has been honed to perfection! I just hope that they can keep it up for many, many more years.

    This show is awesome for anybody remotely interested in myths, science, engineering, and/or watching things blow up in creative ways. It's hard to give this show justice in the space provided. I could watch some episodes of this show three times back-to-back and still enjoy it. Some of the weird aspects of the show such as the Folklore expert in Season 1 and the funky myths like telekinesis/telepathy/free energy has been weeded out over the seasons, and it's now probably one of the best educational and entertaining shows on TV.

    My biggest worry is how long it will last, but I think Jaime and Adam have the formula pretty well nailed down. The build team's not far behind either. It's pure perfection and I'm going to savor every last drop!
  • I love the episode when they bust the moon mission photos.

    I love the episode when they bust the moon mission photos. They did a pretty accurate job busting the myths or conspiracy theory's of the lunar landing. It was spectacular how they put every detail together and putting the guys in zero g was pretty damn awesome. So now we know that this conspiracy theorists can stop cause it is offensive to the astronauts and NASA. We should be proud of this feet and not criticize its validity. I hope this show continues to push the envelope like it has for so long. Awesome.The discovery channel delivers like no other. Between this and dirty jobs, I'm hooked.
  • Going Downhill Fast.................Myth Confirmed!

    Ahhh...Mythbusters....used to be great...but lately....not so focuses more on the side-mythbusters instead of Adam and Jamie....why? Ratings.....You got the nerdy wimp that most watchers of the show relate to (in the producers minds), Keri....the cute girl who now dresses Emo to draw in that crow, and the tough guy to draw in the nerd girls....and the myths keep getting worse as well......I don't need someone to tell me a bunch of edited YouTube videos are busted......I used to enjoy watching Mythbusters...not I don't care if I watch it or not....and when I do, I usually change the channel before it's over. are about to jump the shark....go back to the old ways, or quit while you're ahead please....
  • Alas, a once great and intelligent has finally ran out of ideas making for one ticked off former fan.

    This show used to be one of my favorites. Quite simply it was cool. It was just a couple of dude's with a bunch of special effect/scientific/building knowledge setting out to prove or disprove those urban myths we've all wondered about. It was just great up until this season. That is where it lost me. Quite possibly forever.

    I always had the distinct feeling that someday they would run out of ideas/myths. Don't get me wrong, it took them a while, but they have finally scraped the bottom of the barrel to the point of destroying that barrel. My problem isn't Jamie and Adam really, it's more of the build team. The myths of late have been some of the most pointless obvious things ever. Example: "Can you really knock someone's socks off?". Uh…no. I don't care. Get to something that matters! I thought that it was just a fluke, but it wasn't. They've been consistently stupid. I wouldn't even call them myths. It's more like they said "Hey, let's see if we can pull this off, regardless of how stupid it might be." Like when they challenged whether you can blow a house up with popcorn. Yeah, yeah really! That really happened! It's true! I remember when they did intelligent myths that were actually entertaining, now it's just stupid filler. I feel a real insult on my smartitude when I can already tell how it's going to end. And then there's the horribly annoying over-acting. I just can't stand it! It's way over done with the build-team.

    I used to love this show, but its glory days are long over. If they aren't even going to attempt making a quality show that doesn't end with me screaming at the T.V., they should just end it. Just my opinion.
  • two nerdy \"scientists\" set out to prove or disprove myths by using scientific methods. The show is presented with fun and a wacky off the wall flavour

    Much of the content is very interesting, although sometimes the experiments seem a little contrived, and the calculations sketchy to say the least. The nerdiness of the presenters adds to their personal appeal, but unfortunately detracts from their credibility, as they seem to be designer nerds, and not just plain scientists. Also some of their results seem a little contrived, and stastically unsound, especially the programme on the contagiousness (or not) of yawning. And why was there no interview with a medicus to try to get an explanation of why the phenomenon occurs in the first place, or any mention of the fact that if more than one person is in the same, yawn-provoking environment, they are all likely to yawn for that reason and not because yawning is contagious.
  • Less than the sum of its parts.

    This show was pretty interesting when it first came out. The two hosts tested myths and urban legends to see if rumors, old stories and weird claims were true. It was nice to see an intellectually curious show in amid the muddle of nonsense about ghosts and psychics. Now, however, the show seems to have disintegrated into the same mush of breaking things and giggling you can see on any clownish show about bad stunts. Without being cruel, one could make a good show out of finding the people who make these claims and grilling them about the futility of same. I think that would help reinforce in the public's mind the idea that there are some people who don't know what they're doing and are out to fleece you. If I want to see somebody build a contraption to launch objects across a field, I can do that myself. This show still provides the occasional laughs or clever things to think about, when you have to kill time, but other than that, there's not as much to draw me in as there used to be.
  • Really awesome

    I was really bored one day, and I had heard about this show from some friends of mine, so I decided to watch it... and I loved it. The show is the same routine: Get some kind of myth, they study the myth and look for possible solutions to it, and then test it out. Of course, the myths change from episode to episode, from see-saw myths to Cat myths. The never seem to have a bad myth. The only reason I don't give it a 10 is because of the new ones being just repeats essentialy. Overall, great show, highly reccomended. 9.5/10 A
  • pretty good

    This is one of those interesting shows on Discovery channel that when your flipping through channels and land on this you start watching it until its over. I think most of the myths are really obvious and you know what will happen but its still fun to watch them do what they do. Adam and Jamie make a good hilarious duo that will have you coming back to watch over and over again when you remember its on. And the other three can't remember there name Torey, the Asian guy, and i think Carrie, you know the hot red head are also fun to watch .
  • Adam and Jamie test myths from all areas of life.

    A perfect blend of science and destruction. Mythbusters is without a doubt, one of the most amazing shows ever to hit the discovery channel. Adam and Jamie, with countless years in special effects and scientific fields, explore the truth behind things we take for granted. They explore our sayings like you cant teach an old dog new tricks. They bust our movies like Indiana Jones and can you blow up a motorcycle by jamming a pole in the wheel. Then they test claims of wild proportions like drawing and shooting a revolver 6 times before a coin hits the ground. Without a doubt, a 5 star show
  • A hit and favorite

    I'm not really much of a science person, and I despised the movies that were showed in my science classes in school, that were under the claims that "This video makes learning fun!". Needless to say, they were false.

    I've first saw Mythbusters from flipping the channels one day, and thought the premise was unique: using science and math to solve long term myths that roamed our Earth. I was skeptical of how they would execute it, would it just be one of those funducational shows? I gave it a shot, and I was right about the science part, but wrong on the boringness of it. The cast was energetic and lively while they had some hints of professionalism and comic relief. I was impressed with their vast knowledge on machinery and physics. T

    Each episode follows a basic structure: they select a theme and it has many myths that follow the theme (in example, sharks, cars). They divide the myths into the cast with Grant, Kari, Tori, Jamie and Adam, with the latter usually taking on more complicated ones. There is usually a large explosion that will blow your mind. At the end, they judge the results and decide if the myth is real.

    There is no script for this show, so anything goes and anything can happen from an experiment. If you doubt the accuracy of the experiment, they use the scientific method and try to make each one work as much as possible. This involves creating their own machinery and objects based on the myth from scratch and testing it out as best as they can. They review what happened with cameras and slow-motion, and fix every possible error. If you still doubt the result, go to the site and post your complaint.
  • They can make a show!

    Just by the name you can tell what the shows about, And how amazing it is! I love it! What makes it awsome is what some people think is the worst part of the show, It being pretty crazy! The People always to crazy things to empress both themselves and their viewers. Amazing Show. Myth Busting is something i have always wanted to do to find out more about the myths going around, But by watching mythbusters it's easy to enjoy mythbusting, Indoors without harming myself and/or others. I really enjoy watching mythbusters all the time, I love it! The people on it really take risks to learn about myths. Although it is crazy, And that i agree, Their doing their job on television. I love mythbusters and what they do on the show. It's awsome!
  • A Masterpiece.

    I've been a fan since it first aired. It's intellegent, fun, entertaining, and informative. All those tall tales and extrodinary things you've heard being put to the test... brilliant. All of the hosts have thier place and complement eachother very well. They've been going for a while now and don't seem to be running out of material. I hope they can continue to provide new myths to keep this show rolling for many more seasons. That's all I really have to say, great job Discovery for putting this one together, I'm sure they didn't even realise how cool this show would actually be.
  • The Mythbusters are what their called. They bust myths most of the time, like, banana peel + person = slipping and falling. And much more crazy and curious myths! Some and most sent in by you!

    Mythbusters has something for every average person above 12 years old. The science that the Mythbusters, Adam and Jamie, have to deal with when testing myths is something you learn without even trying. When you hear facts about science from a teacher that tends to be boring, you really listen. But, with it contained in a show with humor, action, reality, and censorship, it's actually quite intriguing! A recent myth, having to do with thermite and ice, was shocking! Thermite, which is fire, on top of ice makes BOOM! Everyone knew that fire and ice were two complete opposites. But, what they didn't know was that it made a big explosion when combined! And not just in terms of battles, also, in real life! Everything on the show called Mythbusters is something I personally love. You should at least watch one episode. You will come back for more!
  • Science made into fun!

    This is what I can call a genius show, no pun intended (or maybe just a little =P) Science shows always bored me most of the times, but thankfully, MythBusters came to change that! Ever wondered if alcohol affects how people are attractive to us? Or if you can stop a bullet with your bear hands? MythBusters are there to solve any myths supported by the most sophisticated technology and accurate science. The main hosts, Adam and Jamie really know what they're talking about, and they're just so funny and awesome, this makes the show twice as good! I also like Kari, Tori and Grant, they are like mini-mythbusters, their assigned myths are usually very fun. Like the vodka myths, or recently, the giant lego ball, that was both amazing and amusing. Everyone should give this show a chance, whether you love science or simply can't stand it. Trust me, this is not Bill Nye the Science Guy xD
  • Who doesn't like an explosion every now and then?

    I do still watch the show sometimes but I'm not as excited to do so as I used to be. Some of the myths are just so obviously going to be "busted" that I can't even pretend to be filled with anticipation. Also, I prefer watching Jamie and Adam much more than the other mini-busters as I find them to be a bit too immature and it feels like they try too hard to get a laugh or throw in needless sexual innuendo. Did we really need to have Carrie flash the fainting sheep? Ugh! They sometimes have marathons on the weekends and if nothing else is on it's good for a few episodes. Used to be great and I'd still say it's passable for entertainment.
  • The myths are busted

    Can what you see in the movies actually happen? Will you actually find the opposite gender more attractive the more you drink? Will a slap in the face sober you up? The Mythbusters will put the myths to the test!
    Explosions, guns, shocks, destroying cars, and more. This show is definitely awesome and the total opposite of boring. To top it off, it's somewhat educational. Somewhat. But it's definitely exciting!
    The myths are sent in by viewers and Adam, Jamie, Kari, Tory, and Grant test the myths by creating the situation and seeing the results for themselves. All of the possibilities are tested to the extent. In the end, something usually explodes or you have some other crazy thing to replace it. All in all, you get a awesome episode.
  • Who You Gonna Call? Mythbusters!!

    When I first watched this show on Discovery Channel, I was captivated by the tests that Adam and Jamie perform to determine whether the myths are real or fake. What keeps this show alive is the fans giving out ideas and sending out messages to the MythBusters to find out if a rocket can really make the car fly, that you could remove the skunk smell with the mixture of hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and dish soap, or that you could tenderize a steak with explosives. Tory, Grant and Kari are a second team of MythBusters with similar or different missions to prove the myths are true or false. If I want to really know the truth about what I saw or heard, I'll let the MythBusters put them to the test. As long as the fans find some more myths, Mythbusters will be the longest-running Discovery Channel's original series.
  • Busting myths? Count me in!

    Fell on this show I don't know when, but I am reaaly glad I did. I love this show. I get to learn so much stuff and be entertained at the same time. Jamie and Adam are a really good team. The built team are funny, but Adam is a wack job. I like it when he does his impressions and he changes his voice. My favorite episodes were when they do ninja myths, I think they are really cool. I liked the pod-cast with the guy from and the song about robot Jamie. You can't go wrong with a show like this. A+
  • This show is great.

    This show tests some of the myths found all over the world no normal person can normally do. And at the same time the people in it are having a great time and are hilarious. I just love seeing some myths that I heard about but know could never do in a million years. The mythbusters may not look it, but they are actually geniuses. They account for every factor in each myth and have the resources to test it several times. And even if the myth is busted they usually find a way to make it work and that way is always awesome.
  • I love that they are not afraid to try different things out and they will even test it again if people think they did it wrong.

    Kind of education and very entertaining. Guns and explosions are usually used in the experiments but not always. I think there is something for everyone. There are episodes with fire, ovens, microwaves, water, cars and even animals... If someone has thought about it then they will most likely try it out. I love that they are not afraid to try different things out and they will even test it again if people think they did it wrong. It is cool that the team are made up of different people who are into different things and have different personalities. It makes the show more interesting.
  • If you love to see explosions this is for you

    Mybusters is FAB. It has explosions crashes everything a destruction junkie like me needs. Get Discovery (HD if you can afford that)Also Discovery has lots of other great programs like "How its made"
    , "American chopper" ., "How do they do it" & "My shocking story" Discovery is great , buy it (on sky) Just go for it
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
  • Mythbusters crew (Adam, Jamie, Grant, Tori and Kari) do just as the title implies: They test and bust myths

    Mythbusters crew (Adam, Jamie, Grant, Tori and Kari) do just as the title implies: They test and bust myths. The series began with just Adam and Jamie on screen (Grant, Tori and Kari doing things behind the scenes) but as the series became more popular the others began to show us their stuff. The series is informative, and a little nerdy but in a good way. It has plenty of explosions ( I don mean plenty!). Not only to the test the myth, they test what it would take to get the results the myth stated. I highly HIGHLY recommend this show to anyone!
  • mythbusters is one of my favorite shows.

    mythbusters is one of my favorite shows. i think that i have watched all of the episodes. i love seeing adam and jamie doing all kinds of crasy things to test a myth.mythbusters is one of my favorite shows. i think that i have watched all of the episodes. i love seeing adam and jamie doing all kinds of crasy things to test a myth. some of my favorite episodes are the Confederate Rocket where they build a rocket ous of plumbing parts, the steam cannon episode where they try to build a crazy steam cannon, the air cylinder rocket where the test weather or not an air cylinder can go through a concreate wall, the exploding water heater myth where they test if a water heater can go through the roof of a house, and of corse the macgyver special.
  • A good show!

    This show is great! What I look forward to is what kind of myths they'll bust!
    This show is good and funny. You get to learn things you never knew. Good education while having entertainment at the same time!
    The people who tests the myths (I forgot the name) are funny and great. They are humorous. They make the show funny and entertaining to watch.

    My favorite part of the shows are when they bust myths.
    It's fun to see what kind of myths they bust and if they can or can not. What they will do to test it.

    Overall, good and education show! Funny and entertaining!
  • Haha. It's such a clever show. I like it. :)

    Two (somewhat) knuckleheads and their team busting myths. Ha ha. Awesome. :) The show has the education aspect, but that's not the entire focus of the show. There's also humor thrown in. And the myths the team busts aren't only outrageous Hollywood tricks or theories that have been around for centuries. (Those are pretty cool too though.) Some apply to normal life like the myth that driving a pick-up truck with the tailgate down increases fuel efficency, or the episode about seasickness. (Grr. I wish I had finished watching those episodes. XD Darn it.) The show is very well-rounded, and great for people of all ages, and nearly of all interest types. (You don't have to love, or even really like, science to enjoy this show.) Woot! Go MythBusters. :)
  • It teaches me, and makes me laugh at the same time

    Most people think that watching a documentary find it boring, then they just change the channe, I pity them, they don't know they're missing.

    Funny and Educational, I'm also glad that they tests myths and even asks viewers what myth they should test next, and I especially love their Doll, Bust (Who "dies" all the time, at least Kenny has a friend)^^

    And it's Definitely better than smash lab, Mythbusters use facts, but smash lab just make things explode or just pulverize them to piece by piece.

    The only part I find boring is the "science content" but I know I should'nt find that part boring, since it gives some facts about physics and chemistry.

    If you want to watch something that can teach you and watch some extreme smackdown, I suggest you watch Mythbusters, the only documentary, EVER! That doesn't make people bored.
  • It's Mythbustin' Time.

    This the best show ever to come to discovery channel. Science is usually dull for me, but the mythbusters have the amazing ability to make science fun and interesting.
    Every episode has a myth that grabs my attention. I have never honestly seen an episode of mythbusters that I didn't
    like, I always have liked every episode I've seen.
    I think that by now, everyone has probably seen this very interesting show,but if you haven't seen it yet, check it out! Theres always something interesting on it. Thank you for reading this review of this show. Stay tuned for my next review. -anderson587
  • MythBusters

    Did a Medieval Chinese astrologer make it into space by strapping rockets to his chair and setting them off? Just how hard IS it to find a needle in a haystack? Can you in fact go insane by having water drip on your forehead?

    These are just a few of the myths, urban legends, and improbable sayings that the Mythbusters try to figure out. Comprised of special effects experts Adam Savage and Jamie Heineman - as well as their mottley crew of Mythbuilders, Mythterns, and resident 'crash test dummy' Buster - they don't just tell the myths, they put them to the test to see which ones are possible, and which ones are just plain bunk.

    Some information found here is thanks to , who helped with episode ordering, season break downs, and other myth information :)
  • Best scientific show I've ever seen.

    Adam Savage and Jamie Hydeman (SP?) are the Mythbusters. They test the myths that others are to fearful to try. From the diet coke and mentos craze to exploding cars (especially exploding cars), They'll do anything to prove, or disprove the myth. There are three types of myth classifications, confirmed, plausible, or BUSTED. I tink this show couldn't be better. It fuels my inner pyro, and who doen't like to see others in pain? Plus, the scientific side of it intrigues me. Also, I'm sometimes surprised at how a myth turns out. And finally, the jokes the mythbusters make and the torture they make Buster the crash test dummy endure really make Mythbusters my favorite show on discovery channel.
  • I love these guys

    The first time I saw this show, I thought it was gonna be stupid because they were tasting some weird myths, but as you keep watching it, you see that it keeps you entertain, and at the same time you learn some facts that will leave you with your mouth open sometimes. A few examples I can think of, is the myth of elephants being scared of mice. I thought this was fake, but the moment I saw the elephant back away as soon as it saw the mouse, I could not believe it. It is something that will stay with you forever, and you can talk to your friends about it, and they will be interested in the topic as well. Great show. One of the few fun and educational shows on tv that the whole family can watch.
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