Season 11 Episode 1

JATO Rocket Car: Mission Accomplished?

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM May 01, 2013 on Science Channel

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  • 10th aniversary opens with a pop crackle and a snap

    in other words lame, alot of building up more poor editting and then repeating stuff over and over to the point of ' move the on to the next bit or i'll just fast forward you... and then once you start fast forwarding you have to go back again cos now they decide to move on..

    oh wait it's unseen footage before the break oh now they caught up to the bit before the break now i can watch the resuits, wow that happened, second angle third angle 4th angle, now crew/cast reactions with the previous angles and a face reaction for each, rinse repeat a few times, insert jamie blank face, tory grinning whooping like an idiot, carrie messing her pants adam going crazy and saying best ever slow mo replay (every freaking week of last season) and then FINALLY they move on to the next section..

    now we have a rushed sequence of more building and adam explaining how to build a massive ramp and then thats cut with repeats of the previous jokes about jamie, tory is seen helping out in a rather odd way, then some 'talk about' roofs and recycling wood ?? announcer makes more bad puns, painting the ramp, more silliness from 2 has his doubts and makes a prediction..

    then they have the second car ready out of the blue, and it works sorta nice launch and a funnyish nose dive, guess the weight on the front didn't work so well did it jamie ? ;) and then a walkthrough of the same but not as much as the first run..

    somehow i don't think that was perfect weight distribution grant..

    and then credits roll..

    i wonder how the previous owner of these cars feel ? the white one was pretty nice before they destroyed it..
  • Welcome back, guys!

    That was a great show.

    We missed you.
  • 10year anniversary

    If the ramp was metal it might have worked. The wooden one caused the car to flip. Loved the show it was great.