Season 5 Episode 22

Shooting Fish in a Barrel

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Nov 21, 2007 on Science Channel

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  • Fish in a barrel, chili remedies and mice scaring the elephant. Overall its ok, except most of the barrel myth. But its just not good enough after so many good episodes lately.

    The episode in its self aint that bad. However, the "main" myth is a little boring to be honest. If it hadnt been a minigun at the end, then it would be one of the worst myths ever. Why? Because they didnt use real fish. And I understand why they didnt... but that kinda killed of the myth too.

    However, chili remedies was cool. Myths you can relate too, aint only informative and perhaps a little teaching, its pretty funny. I feel sorry for Tory and Grants taste vesicles though :D

    Last, and not least, mice scaring the big elephant. Its cool, though short and mostly included too strech out the show.

    All in all Im disappointed... but hey, its not a blueberry pai everytime. At least it was a good donut. Coated in chocalate, of course.