Season 2 Episode 11

Sinking Titanic, Goldfish Memory, Trombone Explosion

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Jan 25, 2004 on Discovery Channel
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Will a sinking ship suck you down as it goes under? Can fish actually remember things? What happens when you throw a firecracker down the neck of a trombone?

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  • I'm not sure that this is where I should be writing this, but I will as I have no where else to go...that I know of;

    This review is on the sinking of the Mythtanic. You did a great job of sinking a boat, but the myth was will an ocean liner drag you down with it. The episode aired with Adam as the sinkee on the boat. Unfortunately, in seeking to find out whether Adam would get sucked under lacked one thing, scale! If the Mythtanic was supposed to represent an ocean liner going down then you should have dolls that are to scale assuming the Mythtanic was an ocean liner. The dolls should be to correct height and weight as you scale them down. I believe that if you had the Mythtanic lined on the sides with people of the correct scale to the Mythtanic (ocean liner) then you would probably end up with different results. There simply was not enough suction to pull Adam down with his size and weight along with the fact that Adam is more likely to float due to his size. I would like to see the Mythtanic sink one more time with scale models of people, baggage, etc. I think you will get more than one sucked down at least for awhile before the pull of the Mythtanic gives way to its own science. Please revisit the sinking of the mythtanic the way I have described, and see what happens. :-)

    Thank you,

    Steven Whitakermoreless
  • This episode delt with 3 things : 1. Did the Titanic suck down passengers with it? 2. Do goldfish have more than a 3 second memory? AND 3. What will happen when you put a firework in a trombone?moreless

    This is the first episode of MythBusters I have ever seen, and it was AWESOME. I really liked the goldfish story. I really thought that fish had little brains and therefore could not remember anything past 3 seconds, but the mythbusters proved me wrong! They (meaning Jamie) had those goldfish going through a maze to retrieve food (a simple maze, but, they're FISH!). Adams fish didn't do so good: "they make it through the first hole but...not for long!" Watching it with a lot of people made the trombone story fun. I especially liked when they asked for a trombone, and the guy at the music store asks if it is for a student, and they are like "we want to blow it up"! It was funny to watch them blow it up, and the "WOAHH!!" from everybody around me made it even funnier. Poor Buster!! The Titanic story confused me. The heavier the object, the stronger the pull? But what about the 9 ton boat? No pull at all? Maybe it was because the boat went down slowly. I don't know, it was a little confusing for me. All in all, MythBusters is a very funny show, and I intend to watch more of them.moreless
  • Mythbusters is the only show on the planet that will blow a trombone up. And this is the episode that proves that.

    Review for 'Sinking Titanic':


    Although not very exciting, this is a very interesting myth. Their goal is to discover whether or not a sinking ship will take everyone down with it. I was very surprised by the results, and you may be too.

    Review for 'Goldfish Memory':


    Can goldfish remember things? I don't really want to know. Fortunately, they did not spend very much time on this myth. After all, it doesn't make for very good TV.

    Review for 'Exploding Trombone':


    Now here is a cool myth! This is my all time favourite because of the huge explosions. You don't really learn anything, but it sure makes for some good TV.

    Overall episode impressions:


    This is a very enjoyable episode - one that you probably will not forget for as long as you watch this excellent series. Boom.moreless

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    • Adam: Can you blur out the love handles?

    • (quote in context)
      Adam: We're looking for something in a trombone.
      Music Store Owner: Ok. And, uh, like for a student?
      Adam: Well, actually we want to blow it up.
      Owner: You... want to blow it up... Ok, well maybe we'll look at some used trombones?

    • Narrator: Surprised by the sea's rapid inflow, Adam bails out early and misses his chance. Time to reflect and rethink the strategy.
      Adam: The speed of descent was like *WHOOSH!* I mean, my job, I know, was to stay on the boat and feel the suction. But I swear to God standing on there my body goes "MOVE THAT WAY!"

    • Adam: Mine are eatting their own poo.

    • Jack Morrocco: Just another day of blowing stuff up.

  • NOTES (2)

    • After leaving the music store, while crossing the street, a car honks at Jamie and Adam. When the car comes into frame, the passenger is flipping the Mythbusters the bird. Oops.

    • While blowing up the trombones, the MythBusters attract the attention of the police; it turns out that the city of San Francisco gave them a permit to cause just this sort of mayhem within the city limits.