Season 5 Episode 21

Super Sized Myths!

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Nov 14, 2007 on Discovery Channel
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Super Sized Myths!
This 2 Hour Special Hits Everything possible! Sharks, taxis, rocket cars and cruise ships. Everything is SUPERSIZED!

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  • Supersized Myths!!! Awesome

    This is a supersized mythbusters. 747 myths, Wakeboarding, Jet Assisted Chevy, and other myths. I thought the 747 myths were awesome and great wakeboarding myths. The only reason I did not give this episode a 10 was the Jet assisted Chevy Blewup!! Although it was awesome I would of liked to see what would of happen to the Chevy if it did not explode. Hey, but in science everyone makes mistakes. I thought it was so cool how the school bus and car got hangtime and flipped end over end. The wakeboarding myths were surprising because I thought Tory would miss like he did on the lake. Overall the episode was great.moreless
  • Adam and Jamie set the mythbusting bar up to the next level. 747's engines were put to the test when a taxi, school bus, and a small palne try to pas threw the air flow. Adam and Jamie test if sharks sense sound and if sharks are threatened by dolphins.moreless

    This episode wasn't all that exciting. Sharks are sometimes attacked by dolpihns. Of course, they will flee from the dolphins! Tori, Grant, and Kari try to see if they can water ski behind a cruise ship. It's confirmed, but not RECOMMENDED!( Don't try this at home.)Anyways, Adam and Jamie always do the best of their abilities. They are the best (and only) mythbusters on TV. Kudos to Tori and the others. They always have Jamie's and Adam's backs. I was surprised that sound didn't attrack the shark. They aalways come to the sound of a injured seal or something like that. Sharks are really attracked to blood because of their strong senses.moreless

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    • Adam asks if seals are related to walruses; the answer is yes. They are both members of the Pinnepedia order, but they belong to separate families.

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    • This show was DEDICATED TO Mr. WIZARD

      Donald Jeffry Herbert (died 2007-06-12), better known as "Mr. Wizard", was the host of two popular television shows about science aimed at children.

    • Supersized Jet Taxi (Taxi blown off runway by plane): CONFIRMED - It gets lifted off all 4 tires and flips repeatedly!

      Supersized School Bus (Bus Blown off runway by plane): CONFIRMED - Like the Car, it gets lifted off all 4 wheels, flips and crushes itself.

      Supersized Plane (Small Plane blown off Runway by larger plane): CONFIRMED

      Supersized Killer Sharks in Africa: Sharks attracted to sound: BUSTED - Sound did not attract any sharks.

      Does a Dolphin Scare the Shark?: CONFIRMED - The Dolphin does scare the Shark away!

      Supersized Rocket Car: INCONCLUSIVE - The Car BLEW UP, and didn't fly, no 2nd test option available.

      Supersize Cruise Ship Water Skiing: CONFIRMED - It can be done!