Season 10 Episode 20

Surreal Gourmet Hour

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Nov 18, 2012 on Discovery Channel

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  • Giving Thanks For Jamie, Adam, and Alton.....but not this episode.

    I love Mythbusters, and adore Alton brown. So I thought the episode would be wonderful. It was not. It pains me to say it was almost unwatchable, from a production standpoint, and cashed in all of its enjoyment chips early, and never built them back up.

    The show was about a few Thanksgiving myths. The first was Adam,Jamie,and Alton cooking a turkey dinner in a car engine. The second was these guys popping popcorn using an ancient tool from China that could instantly pop corn. Their third myth was that you could cook lasagna in a dishwasher.

    The build team was testing their own sort of these myths. First, they test if it is Tryptophan, or large meals that make you tired after Thanksgiving dinner. Then they test if all white twitch muscle meat tastes like chicken.

    The Adam, Jamie, Alton myths were OK if a little uninspiring. I really was unhappy the lasagna myth was relegated to the web. It was by far the most interesting of the three the guys tested, and it was cut for time. The popcorn myth was explosive and little else. The main myth, that you can cook a Thanksgiving dinner in a car engine was well done.

    The build team's myth were gross, and actually put me off my dinner. Watching Grant and Tory sweat their way through the huge plates of food was NOT entertaining. The second myth was worse. The meats were first fried up by a chef, all to the same standards. However, they threw the results out, and restarted. They pureed all of the different animal meats and Kari gave it to the guys as a paste that they spit into a bucket. It was awful. There was nothing about it that made me even want to watch the results.

    I think the production was the problem with this episode. You have Alton Brown, but only use him for half the episode? They could have easily done the whole episode without KTG (sorry guys) and have focused on the preparation of the dishes for the Adam, Jamie, Alton myths. It would have been fun to see these great guys just bantering, and exchanging ideas. Couple that with the lasagna in the dishwasher myth, available on the Mythbusters website, it would have been a whole lot better .

    Before you think I am a hater, I am not. My family and I have been watching Mythbusters since 2004. We have met the team twice at Comic Con, and have great respect for them. My daughter has used the sodium metal episodes for school projects. We are fans. That is why we usually feel all of these episodes were special. Sadly, this, "special." episode was not.
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