Season 10 Episode 14

Titanic Survival

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Oct 07, 2012 on Discovery Channel

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  • Did They Miss It? Both Would Have Died In The Movie Version...

    According to the episode, given the movie conditions, Jack would have died because he would have been in the non-mobile temperature range (at the time of the rescue) and thus not able to swim. Rose would have also been in the non-mobile temperature range (at the time of the rescue) but because she was holding on to the board she would not need to swim and thus barely survive.

    However, even assuming that she could continue to hold on after entering the non-mobile temperature range, she would not have been rescued because the episode indicated that the rescue found her because of her whistle sound. If Rose was already in the non-mobile temperature range she would not have been able to blow her whistle to signal the rescue.

    ...otherwise a great episode.
  • A Decent Movie Myth!

    Being one of the rare females of my generation who hasn't seen Titanic, I wasn't certain what kinda myth they were going to do and how they'd make it interesting. But I actually enjoyed that myth more than the rocket surfboard which is so weird since I like explosions. I think it was heat man who did it. It was just so cool seeing it show up like a person on the infrared camera. I admit the cheap joke about Director James Cameron cleaning the shop also made me LOL.
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