Season 10 Episode 15

Trench Torpedo

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Oct 14, 2012 on Science Channel

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  • 10x15 - Trench Torpedo

    I really enjoyed this episode. Even the clown puns. And now I know what kind of trench I should built if I end up facing a bombardment.
  • German Precision Not Used On Diagrams

    Great myth regarding the German precision but the diagrams could have used a little bit of German precision: the diagrams showed all three trenches with the same delta X but in reality the control would have needed a larger delta X in order to be the same length as the others since the other trenches also had some delta Y. However I believe that in actuality the trenches were the same lengths (just the diagrams were off).

    Would like to have seen an air bag control for the Clown Balloon airbag myth.