Season 3 Episode 12

Ultimate MythBusters

Aired Saturday 9:00 PM Feb 09, 2005 on Discovery Channel
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Adam and Jamie go head-to-head in a series of challenges to see who has the guts and "gusto" to be the Ultimate Mythbuster!
Test 1: Engineering; create a device to launch a tortilla as far as possible without destroying it
Test 2: Estimation; estimate the weight of 3 different objects looking at them and then taking them with their hands
Test 3: Fear; they have to hold creepy creatures without getting scared.
Test 4: Creative Thinking. They have to build the classic "Egg Drop Device" to protect the egg from the fall.
Test 5: Pain. They'll have to stand the pain caused by paint balls.
Test 6: Memory. They have to test each other with a 6-question quiz about the myths they've tested.moreless

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  • Who is the Ultimate Mythbuster?

    Jamie and Adam go through a series of tests to find out which of them is the Ultimate Mythbuster!

    Jamie won 4-1 with 1 tie. All the tests were pretty close so it wasn't as one sided as the score suggests. The only exceptions would be when Jamie lowered his egg close to the ground and the paintball test - where Jamie had great accuracy in hitting Adam either side of his bellybutton.

    (Sometimes paintballs when hit in a certain place gan be exteremely painful - I once got hit under my helmet on my ear lobe and it cut pretty deep!)

    Amongst these fascinating tests were several flashbacks to what seemed to be almost every single Mythbusters episodes!

    The only thing stop this from a perfect 10 is the lack of presence from the Build Team during the tests.

    Overall a great episode!moreless
  • This episode of MythBusters is an adventurous one with the fact that our duo of MythBusters aren’t busting any type of myths or even recaps pervious myths in this episode, but in fact are testing each other, to see who is the better MythBuster, per varioumoreless

    This episode of MythBusters is an adventurous one with the fact that our duo of MythBusters aren’t busting any type of myths or even recaps pervious myths in this episode, but in fact are testing each other, to see who is the better MythBuster, per various requests by fans via a series of message board posts.

    As far as it being an adventurous one, that is because this is the first time that there was an entire episode is devoted to Adam and Jamie trying to out due each other in a series six different type tests that are meant to test each of their own skills. Something that has been going on since the show has started.

    I found this pretty fun to watch because we could see how each one of them reacted to the test and see how each one of them found a solution to a problem, when they are dealing with building something. Jamie when via the way simple is better, which is the better way to do when you are building something. But yet it was unrealistic and bended the rules a little bit and while Adam on the other hand when via a little more complicated way, but it seem to be a little bit more realistic. Also he followed the rules that were set down by the test a lot closer than Jamie did.

    The memory test I thought was a little bit unfair with the fact that one of the questions that was ask to Adam was about how many drinks that he had to take before he was legally drunk for “Beat the Breathalyzer” myth. Because, if you watch that episode, you could clearly see that Adam was drunk and if I was as drunk as he was, I wouldn’t of have any clear recollection of what had happen to him at the police crime lab.

    The fear test was fascinating because it dealt with a selection of creepy crawlers that would make a good number of people cringe at the sight of them, and neither of them did. One of them particular, tarantula, a type of spider, that didn’t make Adam jump, despite the fact of his arachnophobia, and I happy that he did get over his fear of spiders.

    The funniest tests where the pain test and the estimation one. Because for, the pain test, I knew that Jamie would win it because his great skill at shooting guns and this test required it if one had to win this test. Even with that in my mind I still found it funny seeing each one of them inflicting pain one each other, with Adam giving out a better reaction toward it than Jamie, despite the fact that paintballs that were hitting him still hurt him. For the estimation one it was funny because while Jamie claimed to be “a human scale”, we found out that Adam is much better “human scale” than Jamie was, with much more closer estimates than Jamie had. It was nice to see that Adam bust one Jamie’s own myths.

    And while Jamie clearly won this contest on paper, this episode clearly shows that while yes Jamie is the Ultimate MythBuster on paper , the show still needs both of them because of their eccentric chemistry between the two of them that make the show fun to watch. While one of them is better than the other, they still need each other, because they work of each other to make the show work.


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