Season 3 Episode 12

Ultimate MythBusters

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Feb 09, 2005 on Science Channel

Episode Recap

Test 1: Engineering. The task? Create a device to launch a tortilla as far as possible without destroying it. Three tries per contestant, and if using a sabot (projectile protector) to protect the ammunition, the sabot must fall away from the tortilla before it lands. Though somewhat dubious, Jamie comes out on top with a distance of 72 feet to Adam's 60 feet. Score: Adam 0, Jamie 1, Ties 0

Test 2: Estimation. Using three objects (a toy car, a small gilded angel statuette, and an airplane outer-hull compartment door), Adam and Jamie must guess the weight of each one, first by looking at the object, then by feeling it. Closest guess to the actual weight of the object (best out of three) wins. Despite Jamie's title of 'human scale', he ends up LOSING to Adam by a margin of 2-1, with his guesses being off by twice as much as Adam's. Score: Adam 1, Jamie 1, Ties 0

Test 3: Fear. Adam and Jamie are given a series of creepy-crawlies to hold (giant millipede, Emperor scorpion, tarantula, and baby corn snakes). They judge the fear factor (no pun intended) of each creature on a scale of 1-10, and whoever freaks out at any point during the test loses. Despite Adam's arachnophobia, neither he nor Jamie really flinched at all, deeming the scorpion to be the scariest of the critters at a mild 5/10. Score: Adam 1, Jamie 1, Ties 1

Test 4: Ingenuity/Creative Thinking. Adam and Jamie are given identical kits to perform their own version of the childhood 'Egg Drop' tests, using only their own two hands and the objects in the kit to create a container to protect an egg from a drop from the top of the warehouse roof. As a bit of leniency, the drop is considered a success if the egg is cracked, but no yolk spills out. Adam's first drop with his 'Cone of Death' proves to be dubious enough to allow for a second run, which is successful. Jamie's apparatus, while unconventional (an egg in an orange peel in a glove tied to a length of string and tape, lowered to the ground to only suffer a foot-high drop) does save the egg in one fall, deeming him the winner. Score: Adam 1, Jamie 2, Ties 1

Test 5: Pain. Adam and Jamie, wearing white overalls, masks, and *ahem* 'cups', face each other in a paintball shooting match, with each other as the targets. The rules are simple: Each contestant shoots once at the other, then takes a step towards each other. Continue until one quits from the pain. Sadly, Jamie's uncannily dead aim (and his own sorry sharpshooting) prove to be too much for Adam, who forfeits after a dozen rounds or so. Score: Adam 1, Jamie 3, Ties 1

Test 6: Memory. Adam and Jamie try to stump each other with a quiz of 6 questions about myths they have tested in the past. Each correct answer scores a point, while a partially-correct answer (usually for multipart questions) earn a half-point. Best score at the end wins. It's close, but at the end, Jamie once again squeaks by Adam with a quiz score of 5-4 1/2. Final Score: Adam 1, Jamie 4, Ties 1

In the end, Adam and Jamie both agree that, while Jamie clearly swept the board as far as won tests go, the results of those tests were so close, that they both would be about equal in Mythbusting prowess. The debate of the Ultimate Mythbuster continues...