Mythic Warriors - Season 1

CBS (ended 2000)


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  • The Labors of Hercules
    Hercules must undertake the Twelve Labors imposed by an angry Hera. Upon saving a village, Iolas decides to join Hercules to see what heros are made of. However, Hercules does not consider himself a hero after destroying a village by accident. He feels that he cannot be forgiven for such a deed and must punish himself. Iolas must find a way to convince Hercules to stop punishing himself and to show him his worth as a hero.moreless
  • Theseus and the Minotaur
    Upon discovering that he is the son of the King of Athens, travels there and re-unites with his father. However, he discovers that King Minos is forcing his father to sacrifice his own people to a monster called the Minotaur. Theseus decides that he must kill this monster to free and save his people. He travels to Crete to battle the Minotaur.moreless
  • Bellerophon and Pegasus
    Upon freeing Pegasus from an evil king, Bellerophon is banished to another kingdom. There, he is once again for helping the less fortunate and is sent to kill the fire-breathing Chimera in the hopes that he will be killed while doing so. Realizing that this is his demise for helping the weak, he continues on his journey in an attempt to free the citizens of Chimera. Athena gives Bellerophon a golden saddle to get Pegasus to help him fight and hopefully defeat Chimera.moreless
  • Prometheus and Pandora's Box
    Prometheus and Epimetheus are sent to Earth to create new creatures. Epimetheus creates beautiful animals while Prometheus decides to give fire to civilization against Zeus' request. Upon discovering the disobedience, Zeus chains Prometheus to a cliff and has an eagle peck at his body every single day. Pandora is created along with a box which she must never open. However, her curiosity unleashes all the ills on mankind. Pandora realizes that there is one last thing inside the box and must overcome her fear to release it.moreless
  • Atalanta: The Wild Girl
    Atalanta, abandoned as a baby, is raised by bears and becomes the "wild girl" protector of the animals. Though she hates man for his hunting ways, when Prince Meleager meets her, for the first time Atalanta begins to see her "human" side. But while love is budding between Meleager and Atalanta, Artemis, goddess of the hunt, becomes jealous of this mortal girl who dares to challenge her rule over the hunting grounds of earth. Out of vengeance, Artemis creates the Calydonian Boar, a gigantic metal monster and sends it after Atalanta. The terrible boar wreaks havoc on the kingdom and Prince Meleager and his uncles are sent to kill the monster. When Atalanta tries to help Prince Meleager track the metal boar, the uncles shun her, being just as prejudiced against the uncouth "wild girl" as the goddess Artemis. In the end, to Artemis' dismay, it is Meleager, and not Atalanta, who is nearly killed by the boar, leaving the goddess to regret her jealousy. But Meleager survives, and accepting Atalanta for who she really is, wins her heart.moreless
  • Ulysses and Circe
    Ulysses and Circe
    Episode 8
    Ulysses and his men are traveling back home after fighting in the Trojan War. Stopping at a mysterious island to look for food, the crew discover a beautiful palace with beautiful nymphs serving them food on gold plates. Upon eating the food, the men are turned into animals by a sly sorceress, Circe. Ulysses must discover a way to rescue his men without being baited by Circe.moreless
  • Daedalus and Icarus
    Daedalus, the greatest inventor in the world, was an ambitious man who sought fame and fortune above all. This results in him and his son, Icarus, to be imprisoned. Learning from his mistakes, Daedalus and Icarus create an invention to escape from their prison. Daedalus must change his personality and teach Icarus his same mistakes to have a successful escape.moreless
  • Persephone and the Winter Seeds
    When her daughter Persephone runs away, Demeter begins searching for her, neglecting her duty to harvest the plants, bringing winter into the world. Hades falls in love with Persephone and tricks her into eating three promegranate seeds which results in her being trapped in his dark kingdom. Demeter must do whatever she can to find her daughter and convince Hades to let her go.moreless
  • Jason and the Argonauts
    When an evil King Pelias usurps the throne, Jason is sent to retrieve the Golden Fleece to regain his kingdom. Recruiting many heroes including the great Hercules, Jason and his argonauts must overcome many challenges on the way to recovering the Golden Fleece and regaining his throne.
  • Perseus: The Search for Medusa
    Perseus is a demi-god, his mother being mortal, his father being Zeus, king of all the gods. Evil King Polydectes goads Perseus into bringing back the head of Medusa to prove that he really is a god. With a little help from Hermes and his father Zeus, Perseus must find a way of killing Medusa without being turned to stone.moreless
  • Ulysses and the Journey Home
    Ulysses continues his incredible odyssey back home to his kingdom and to his Queen and wife, Penelope, after many long years at war with Troy. His persistence and endurance are tested as he must battle numerous monsters who threaten to prevent him from reaching his home.
  • Hercules and Iolas
    Hercules and Iolas
    Episode 2
    In her vengeful desire to destroy Hercules, Hera unleashes more terrible beasts upon the kingdom of Mycanae. A young aspiring sheepherder emerges to become a hero like Hercules. However, lacking strength, he fails miserably and follows Hercules' to learn the secrets to become one. Throughout their journey, Iolas must use his cleverness and quickness to help Hercules battle many dangerous beasts. Only through this will he learn how to become a legend.moreless
  • 11/7/98
    Andromeda, daughter of King Cepheus, wants to be a warrior in her father's army. However, the King forbids this as women are not allowed to fight in the army. Andromeda asks the goddess Athena for help who gives her a gift. Andromeda becomes "Silver Warrior".
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