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  • Season 1
    • Quetzalcoatl
      Episode 13
    • The Blessing
      The Blessing
      Episode 12
      Winning a weekend ski-trip getaway only reminds Cleo of all the things she cannot do, restricted to a wheelchair. Alex and his friend taking the trip for her, Cleo stays at home where her mother gives her a box, hoping to shake her out of her depression. Curious about the artifact, Cleo touches it onscreen and is transported to a myth where she is a woman who has lost much and loses more, only to gain it back in the end.moreless
    • Blodeuwedd
      Episode 11
      Acting on information from their father, Alex and Cleo enter a myth chart program onto the computer and discover that there are missing links that should be there. Alex goes into the myth hoping to find the Gorgos stone, but instead discovers that the myth is collapsing upon itself and the Gorgos stone is to blame. Barely getting out on time, they realize that the Gorgos stone is responsible for the missing myths and that if they don't do something to stop it, the whole world might change. Using the information from the computer, Cleo plots the trajectory of the Gorgos stone and discovers where it will be next. Even though Alex warns her against it, Cleo goes in and becomes the Lady Blodeuwedd, who may or may not have murdered her husband with the help of her lover. With the sentence of death hanging over her head, and no idea of what really happened, Cleo must prove her innocence with only the help of her lawyer when even her dead husband is testifying against her.moreless
    • Isis & Osiris (2)
      Isis & Osiris (2)
      Episode 10
    • Isis & Osiris (1)
      Still skeptical whether Cleo actually saw something as the Oracle or if it was just her imagination, Alex nevertheless agrees to go into an Egyptian myth and look for the sarcophagus Cleo saw her father by in her vision. Once there, Alex finds himself as Osiris, the king of the Egyptian gods. Unfortunately, he arrives right in the middle of a plot by his jealous brother Set to kill him and discovers the very thing he is looking for is the thing he must stay away from if he wants to stay alive.moreless
    • The Oracle
      The Oracle
      Episode 8
      Although Alex is disillusioned and unwilling to go back into the myths, Cleo hasn't given up hope. Researching, she reads about the Oracle of Delphi and thinks that if they go to her, they might find out something about their dad. Alex doesn't want to co-operate so she goes in herself and finds herself only to find that Cleo isn't a pilgrim but rather the Oracle herself. But when she has a vision of her own death by her guards, it becomes a race against time to find the scroll and escape.moreless
    • The Doppelganger
      The Doppelganger
      Episode 7
      After touching a mirror, Alex finds himself transported to 19th century Italy and is horrified to find that he is not the hero of the myth, but rather the doppelganger of the painter Giacomo. When he figures out that his mere presence is slowly killing the real Giacomo, Alex is determined to set things right and not let an innocent man die. But after helping Giacomo, Alex returns home and finds out that he has brought someone with him - a doppelganger of his own!moreless
    • Sir Caradoc at the Round Table
      Afraid that his mother is playing Guenivere to Detective Saybrook's Lancelot, Alex heads for Camelot. As Sir Caradoc (in a variation of the story Sir Gawain and the Green Knight), he is determined to keep Lancelot and Guenivere apart, even if it means changing the myth in the process.
    • Minokichi
      Episode 5
      Their latest clue leads Alex and Cleo to Japan this time - right into the myth of Minokichi and the snow demon. While Alex is busy with an ice vampire and matters of the heart, Cleo learns more about her father's disappearance. She goes to her father's friend for advice on what exactly the Gorgos Stone is, and why she and Alex can't find any reference to Gorgos is any book.moreless
    • Orpheus
      Episode 4
      Still trying to find their missing father, this time their quest brings Alex back to Ancient Greece where he becomes Orpheus. After his wife is bitten by a snake, Alex must go down into Hades to rescue her.
    • Red Wolf's Daughter
      Alex has plans to go back to another mythical world in the hopes of finding his father, but this time, Cleo decides she wants to go. She doesn't want to just sit back and watch. Alex tells her she can't because of her paralysis, but she's determined to go anyway. Against Alex's wishes, she wheels over to the magic screen and touches something. She disappears into a mythical world, but her wheel chair stays behind. Alex is very worried, until Cleo finds out she is no longer paralyzed. She ends up in a world where 2 tribes are fighting to death, but she has the ability to stop the war. Alex tells her to come back, but she decides she has to help them first. Little did she know that helping would mean her death. She stopped the war by marrying the son of the opponents chief. She didn't know crossing the lake to go to the other side meant death. Did she die? If you haven't seen this episode, you will have to wait to see if she is in the next one.moreless
    • Hammer of the Gods
      Alex decides to go back into the mythical world in the hope of finding his father. This time he knew touching an object on the screen would take him there. By touching a different object, he goes to a different cyberworld. This time he ends up in a world of Gods. He makes it back... but didn't find his father, yet. They will have to try again next week. In the meantime, their father is no longer being looked for as a missing person, but as a possible criminal. It was discovered that something disappeared from inside a statue. Some think he took whatever it is and fled. Only Cleo and Alex know what happened. Should they tell someone?moreless
    • The Minotaur
      The Minotaur
      Episode 1
      Matt, the father of Cleo and Alex, accidently disappears into a cyberworld. Later, Alex also disappears into a cyberworld just by touching the computer screen. Cleo sees him disappear and even sees everything going on in the mythical world he went to. Alex does come back, and they realize what must have happened to their father. Cleo and Alex decide they are going to have to go back to find their father.moreless