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  • This show definately should have stayed on, I remember watching it a long time ago XD and I remember liking it a lot

    This show definately should have stayed on, I remember watching it a long time ago XD and I remember liking it a lot and whenever I talk about it to people they never know what I'm talking about. I was just trying to find it online to show my roommates, who are also fans of mythology. Does anyone know where I can find this online or where I can download it? (if you can do that here I don't know cuz I just joined and don't know how to use this site)

    Anyway this show is definitely worth watching
  • Alex and Cleo Bellows search for their father in a world he created, where classic myths come to life. However, they come up against Gorgos, a trickster god, who presents further trials for the siblings.

    "MythQuest" was pulled before it had a chance. I was hooked every episode and would have loved to see the series end properly, with Alex and Cleo finding their father and Gorgos being defeated.

    With a mix of adventure and history, "MythQuest" showed a facinating twist to the classic myths, including the story of Osiris and Isis, Orpheus, the Oracle, Thesues and the Minotaur and so on. With good characters and constantly appealing storylines, a second season could easily have been made, with the Bellows exploring further myths and discovering more about their father's disappearance.

    It is a pity the show did not attract a larger fan base, and I for one would love to see it back.
  • Loved it. Notice the pace tense.

    I really liked this show (I saw it on PBS years ago *sigh*) because it was education and fantasy-like. But it reminded me of the dog that reads books, Wishbone, I think he was called. Anyway, I wish they'd put it back on, at least to end it adequately (i.e. Where's daddy?).
  • I agree with History_Girl

    This was a really great show! It always made me suspensed! LOL I wish it wasen't cancelled! It is like my favoite show ever because of the story. It was really good and well planned. I hope they can make a final show that tells how it really does end.
  • Didn't get a good enough chance.

    Mythquest is one of the best tv series to come along in a while, and it only got to run for one season!

    With interesting characters, a brother and sister team (which is much better than always being 'love interests'), you learns about real myths that exist in world culture.

    This series gave an incite into those myths and I felt was very good for 'relucant readers' who may never have even heard of some of the characters because they didn't want to pick up a big, thick and old book.

    It suits anyone from a pre-teen upwards as the characters they become, range in age, culture and type.

    Sad that it's gone, for the record - Red Wolf's Daughter was my favourite episode - and was well written into a novelisation.
  • Two teens’ adventures of searching their missing father come across the ancient myths. The myths come alive with their intervening. They are risking their lives finding their father and fighting to keep the myths unaltered, because the myths are an essent

    I personally think Mythquest is great! It is educational and simple. Good for kids and teens, although I’ve passed that age. This is just a pure, creative drama. Unlike TV series nowadays, filled with crime, bloody violence, chaotic relationship, Mythquest is like a peace of mind. That doesn’t mean it is at all. It has a good rhythm in every episode. Each episode is a story so you won’t feel disconnected if you missed on; yet the unrelated ancient myth/stories were linked by a family and their search for missing dad. The idea of combining the technologic cyber space and ancient myth is genius and what a great contrast.