Myths & Legends

Season 2 Episode 2

Manson, Monkees and Mister Ed

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 15, 2008 on TV LAND

Episode Recap

Does Jennifer Lopez have her bottom insured? Myth. The rumor has been spreading for some time, but J Lo denied it on a German talk show.

Was Mister Ed actually a zebra? No, he was a horse, of course. This rumor was started by David Mikkelson, founder of rumor-busting web site, to see how fast a ridiculous rumor could spread on the Internet.

Did Charles Manson audition to be a member of the Monkees? Plausible, but no. Although he was a musician, and the auditions were open to anyone, Manson was in jail for check fraud at the time of the auditions. However, he was a songwriter, and two of his songs were recorded. Manson was a friend and houseguest of Dennis Wilson of the Beach Boys. The group recorded Manson's song, which he titled, "Cease to Exist," under the title, "Never Learn Not to Love." However, Wilson was angry with Manson for stealing things from his house and refused to give him credit for the song, taking the writing credits himself. Manson later recorded the song under its original title himself. The group Guns and Roses also recorded a song written by Charles Manson.

Was Richie Valens a passenger on the doomed airplane because of a coin toss? Confirmed. As part of the Winter Dance Party tour of the Midwest US, Valens, along with other rock and roll pioneers Buddy Holly and The Big Bopper, were expected to ride in the tour bus. However, the bus was not equipped for the extremely cold weather, so Holly rented a plane for the short trip from Clear Lake, Iowa, to Fargo, North Dakota. The other passengers, who would split the fare, were to be tour musicians Waylon Jennings and Tommy Allsup. The Big Bopper (J.P. Richardson) had the flu and asked Jennings to trade places. When Buddy Holly learned that Waylon wasn't going to fly with him Holly joked, "I hope your ol' bus freezes up." And Jennings replied in jest, "I hope your ol' plane crashes." Jennings admits it took him years to get over the guilt those words would bring him. Valens, who had never been in a plane, asked Allsup if he could have the last seat. Tommy Allsup agreed to toss a coin for the seat. Radio DJ Bob Hale tossed the coin before the group left the concert venue in Clear Lake. Shortly after the plane left the runway it crashed and all three musicians and the 21-year-old pilot were killed. Richie Valens was only 17 when he died.