Myths & Legends

Season 1 Episode 5

Super Stars & Sudden Deaths

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Feb 07, 2007 on TV LAND

Episode Recap

Did Joan Rivers reveal Victoria Principal's phone number live on air during her talk show? Proven true.
Did Mama Cass die from choking on a ham sandwich? Myth. She died of a heart attack.
Did George Reeves, thinking he was really Superman, jump out of a window to his death? Myth. Reeves was shot to death, supposedly at his own hand, though many believe he was murdered.
Did Harry Houdini die when a fan hit hit him in the stomach? Myth. One of Houdini's tricks was to tighten his muscles, withstanding even the hardest blows. Proven false. He died from appendicitis, which was not caused by the blows to his stomach.