Nabari no Ou

Sunday 11:55 PM on TV Tokyo Premiered Apr 06, 2008 Between Seasons


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  • Season 1
    • Heart to Heart
      Episode 26
      No matter what pain pushed them into the lives they lead, Miharu and Yoite decide to make their own decisions in the face of destiny - and those in the middle of a secret war finally find peace.
    • Spinning Heart
      Spinning Heart
      Episode 26
    • Two People
      Episode 25
      After killing Hattori, Yoite goes into a state of insanity and destroys Hattori's body with his Kira. Meanwhile the Shinrabanshou convinces Miharu to use her powers which results in him growing many times his normal size. Right as things are looking grim, Asahi appears before Miharu in his mind and asks him to suppress the Shinrabanshou. Many days later, Miharu wakes up in a hospital bed safe and sound only to find out that Yoite has gone missing.moreless
    • Engetsurin
      Episode 24
      After seeing Raikou's body, Riamei and Gau try to attack Hattori, but are easily defeated. Hattori then blames everything on Miharu, who begins to believe it is actually his fault. Acting on his desires, the Shinrabanshou begins to awaken, much to Hattori's and Ichiki's glee. Things seem to be going according to their plan, but Kumohira and Yoite have think otherwise.moreless
    • Invoke
      Episode 23
      Having brought Yoite and Miharu to Hattori, Yukimi uses the excuse of "making the two repent" to cover what he did. While Hattori explains how he convinced Yoite to learn Kira, Raikou finds Ichiki, but before he can do anything he is attacked by Shiranui. Elsewhere Raimei, Kouichi, and Gau are attacked by Kagerou and Kairoushuu reinforcements.moreless
    • Confusion
      Episode 22
      After hearing about Miharu and Yoite escaping, Hattori decides he and Ichiki need to move to another hideout. Although he decides they need to take Yae with them, they don't get the chance, as Sourou comes to Yae's rescue. Meanwhile Kumohira reflects on the events of 10 years ago.
    • Ambitions
      Episode 21
      Miharu, Yoite, and Yae are held captive by the Kairoshu - and their well-being isn't high on Hattori's list of concerns as he reveals his ultimate plans for the Shinrabansho.
    • Ambition
      Episode 21
      Hattori and Ichiki continue to try and get Yae to help them awaken the Shinrabanshou, but no matter what they do she refuses to help. Hattori decides to speak to her himself, and even plans on letting her read his mind. Meanwhile Raimei and Kouichi go see Kotarou about Kumohira and learn about Miharu, Yoite and Yae's capture.moreless
    • Towards Togakushi
      Episode 20
      Miharu and Yoite arrive at Yae's home and ask for her help. After seeing the same look in Miharu's eyes that she once had, Yae agrees to help the two. Meanwhile, Raikou contacts Raimei about Miharu's whereabouts while Kumohira recalls the events from 10 years ago.
    • Profile of a Death God
      Suspecting Kazuho has some information on the kinjutsu research, Yoite and Miharu confront her. Kazuho reveals that the Idzuna Shingan may be able to awaken the Shinrabanshou, although they are not sure if it will be controllable. After learning this, Miharu and Yoite quickly leave with the research data. Meanwhile Ichiki meets with the mysterious Kairoushuu Tategami members.moreless
    • 8/11/08
      With the Banten hijutsu so difficult to obtain, Miharu and Yoite suspect that the Togakushi secret of Izuna Shingan might be their only chance at awakening the Shinrabansho.
    • 8/4/08
      With Kumohira missing, Miharu and Yoite are left wondering where he disappeared to. Meanwhile Hattori questions whether he made the right decision in putting Yoite in Yukimi's care. After returning Yoite to the treatment center, Miharu learns from Kazuho that Yoite only has a month to live. Although this comes as a shock to Miharu, it is more of shock to the eavesdropping Yoite.moreless
    • 7/28/08
      Raimei reveals to Kouichi that she has been helping Miharu, which doesn't surprise him since he had suspected this. Soon after the two notice they are being trailed by Yukimi. After a short skirmish, and seeing how they are out matched, Raimei decides to lie and say she knows where Kumohira is. How will things turn out when Raimei accidentally leads Yukimi to Kumohira?moreless
    • Foreign Guest
      Episode 16
      With the search for Daya over, Kumohira, Raimei, and Kouichi prepare to return to Banten. Kouichi takes the time to explain why he didn't die after he was shot. Meanwhile Miharu's group hands over Daya to Hattori. While Miharu and Yoite are at the clinic, Hattori orders Yukimi to find Engetsurin before Miharu can control the Shinrabanshou. Will Miharu and Yoite be able toget it before Yukimi?moreless
    • Morning Parting
      Episode 15
      Using his Shinrabanshou powers, Miharu quickly knocks out the Kouga student council. Kumohira arrives and tries to suppress the Shinrabanshou's powers but Miharu brushes him aside as well. Still not giving up, Kumohira finally suppresses the Shinrabanshou and returns Miharu back to normal. Unfortunetly for them, Kannuki shows and locks everyone underground. Now locked underground and soon to be sacrifices for Daya, things are looking grim for the group. Will the unexpected return of a friend save them?moreless
    • End of Night
      Episode 14
      Miharu, Yoite, Raimei, and Juuji face off against Kouga's student council. The three of them prove to much to handle and easily capture Raimei and Juuji, while heavily injuring Yoite. Back above ground, Yukimi and the others continue to try and figure out why the Kouga students attacked them, but get no where. Things become a little clearer when Kannuki holding Kouichi at gunpoint.moreless
    • 6/29/08
      While waiting for a replacement vehicle, Miharu and company are greeted by a white haired girl from Kouga named Kurookano Shijima. She then guides the group to Kouga's village, which turns out to be a school. Not long after arriving, the group runs into Kumohira, Raimei, Kouichi, and Juuji. Now with another group after Kouga's kinjutsu, will Miharu and co be able to retrieve it first?moreless
    • Will
      Episode 12
      After Miharu offers his services to a faction he once called foe, the ninjas of Banten and Kairoshu receive an invitation to visit the Koga village.
    • Determination
      Episode 12
      Miharu uses the Idzuna Shingan scroll to enter Kairoushuu, while having Raimei search for info on the Banten forbidden jutsu. Not long after Miharu joins, Hattori reveals that Kouga has requested to meet with Miharu. He then informs everyone that they will use this opportunity to retrieve Kouga's scroll.
    • Curtain Call
      Episode 11
      After partially recovering, Raimei immediately prepares to have a rematch with Raikou. As she, Miharu and Kouichi leave the hospital, they notice Gau who is looking for Raimei. After capturing him, the group learns the truth about the Shimizu clan massacre and Raikou's part in it. Can Raimei truly want to fight her brother after hearing this?moreless
    • Polka・Raimei and Raikou
      With Yoite arriving with Hana, Kumohira immediately attacks him, while Yoite begins his attack as well. Things don't get very far though, as Hana and Miharu soon step in between them, meanwhile Raimei confronts Raikou. It's a clash between samurai, can Raimei defeat her older brother?
    • 6/8/08
      Raimei is in serious jeopardy from the wounds inflicted by her brother. Yoite finds his condition worsening as well, and only Miharu can help ease his suffering.
    • Prelude Music
      Episode 9
      While using his ninja abilities to commit a robbery, a would be thief is confronted by two people from Kairoushuu and is killed. Before leaving, one of the guys leaves a flower on the dead body. The next morning, Raimei listens to the news as she trains and hears about the murder and the flower. What connection has Reimei have to the samurai who left the flower?moreless
    • 5/25/08
      As Miharu searches for Kumohira, he is caught by Yoite and Yukimi. Meanwhile Kumohira attempts to assassinate Frosty, but is stopped when Yoite and Yukimi show up with Miharu. As Frosty and his men try to escape, they are attacked by Yae. What is Yae's true motive for wanting Frosty dead?moreless
    • Heart's Decision
      Episode 7
      Yae Oda, the leader of Togakushi, arrives in Banten, with Katou Sourou. They have a unique offer for Miharu and his group. In exchange for assassinating the CEO of a company that does more then it says, Yae will give them Togakushi's kinjutsusho. It's pretty much useless to her as she already knows how to use it, and even demonstrates this on everyone. But when she uses her kinjutsu on Miharu, the Shinrabanshou proves more then a match for Yae's kinjutsu.moreless
    • Choice
      Episode 6
      After regaining consciousness Raimei and Kouichi begin searching for Miharu. After not being able to find him, they seek out Kumohira, who has just arrived in Banten. Although Kumohira wants to search for Miharu immediately, Kouichi points out how he and Raimei are still alive, so Miharu is too. Elsewhere, Miharu learns Yoite's wish that only Miharu can grant him.moreless
    • Greed
      Episode 5
      Finally back in Banten, Miharu, Kouichi and Raimei destroy Banten's ninja skill books. Later, trouble arises when Miharu's teacher and former Kairoushuu member Masami Yamase appears. Kouichi and Raimei come to his rescue, but when Raimei finds out that he knows of a person she's after, can she kill him?
    • Ordered Mission
      Episode 4
      After chasing Yoite off, Kotarou has the remaining Fuuma ninja treat the wounded while he makes up causes of death for the dead. Thanks to the Fuuma ninja, Miharu's group is treated of their injuries and even Kumohira is saved. Later, after everyone has gathered before Kotarou, Miharu learns of the past of the Shinrabanshou and what will happen to the user if it is removed.moreless
    • Raid
      Episode 3
      Miharu and the others arrive when the Fuuma village is under attack. Although the group takes out a couple of the enemy ninja, they are easily defeated by the strongest of the group. Will Miharu have to use his hijutsu to save himself and everyone else?
    • Raimei Arrives
      Episode 2
      Now a part of the nindou club, Miharu continues his indifferent ways and doesn't really participate in training. Much to Kouichi's and Kumohira's disappointment. When a girl samurai named Raimei Shimizu comes to see if Miharu would be a good ruler of Nabari, she finds it hard to believe that Miharu is the one she is looking for.moreless
    • 4/6/08
      Miharu Rokujou is asked by his classmate, Kouichi, to join the school nindou club. After refusing, Miharu is asked by his English teacher, Kumohira, to join the club. Although the two look like a student and teacher, there's more to Kouichi and Kumohira then meets the eye.