Nadia of the Mysterious Seas

Season 1 Episode 22

Electra the Traitor

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Nov 02, 1990 on A&E
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Electra the Traitor
After relocating Jean, Nadia, Marie, and King to his personal quarters (which he will later jettison from the doomed Nautilus), Nemo finds Electra holding a gun on him. In an extended flashback sequence, Electra reveals her tormented past, her complicated feelings for the captain... and a horrifying connection between Nadia and Nemo.moreless

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  • The Nautilus arc concludes, secrets are revealed, raw emotions explode... and unfortunately, the last trace of goodness in the show until the final five episodes.

    This is it, the final episode of the Nautilus arc--and what a powerful, emotionally gutwrenching one it is! Most of its second half is a flashback sequence as Electra reveals, while holding a pistol on Nemo, a terrible past that landed her, Nemo, and everyone on the Nautilus in their current predicament.

    Like the previous episode, this one also showcases some amazing animation; Electra's flashback sequence is executed in a serious of sketchy, colorless style, but it adds a real sense of intrigue and power.

    We also see many relationships resolved; Nadia painfully realizes that she was wrong to hate Nemo so much, turning her shrewd view about grown-ups being untrustworthy completely upside down. Nemo has come to see Jean as a substitute son, and treats him as such. Even Marie, although afraid of him, still rushes up to hug Nemo after Nadia refuses his embrace.

    Ultimately, this episode is about Electra and her tormented relationship with Nemo. She adores him dearly, but also begrudges him for a tragic accident that tore her life apart so many years ago. Nemo is guiltridden about committing this act of genocide, but is determined to atone for his mistakes. All this plays out in a very intense, potentially disturbing confrontation where Electra threatens to shoot him. Young children may find this scene too frightening, but for the viewers who have been waiting for answers about Nemo, Electra, and the Blue Water, this is the big gem.

    At the conclusion of it, Nadia, Jean, Marie, and King are jettisoned from the doomed submarine in the Captain's cabin. Nadia, traumatized by the revelations and overcome with shame of her misguided hatred of Nemo, bursts into tears; the last image we see is Jean grasping her hand to comfort her.

    The Nautilus arc may have been slow in spots, but this final episode of the sequence exudes its worth and emerges as one of the greatest in the series. It's too bad that much of the second half doesn't match up to the standard set by these 22 episodes. It doesn't come anywhere near close, in fact, until the final five. So enjoy this episode while you can, because this is the last ounce of greatness "Nadia" delivers as a show... for now, anyway.moreless

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