Nadia of the Mysterious Seas

Season 1 Episode 20

Jean Makes a Mistake

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Sep 21, 1990 on A&E
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Jean Makes a Mistake
Jean's latest invention goes disastrously wrong and accidentally alerts the Garfish to attention. Nadia's detestation of Nemo and jealousy of Jean's friendship with Electra dangerously intensifies--until she finally learns that the Nautilus is merely fighting to destroy Gargoyle and that Electra poses no threat to Nadia's relationship with Jean. During all this, Gargoyle is informed of the Nautilus's presence and devises to set yet another deadly trap.moreless

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  • A lesser Nautilus episode buoyed up by its build up for the climax of this arc.

    Jean's latest mini-glider goes out of control and accidentally alerts Gargoyle to the Nautilus. Nadia's detestation for Nemo and his crew intensifies, as does her misplaced jealousy of Jean's friendship with Electra. But she realizes she may have been wrong about both the Nautilus and Jean's reasons for spending time with the First Officer. Meanwhile, Gargoyle's forces prepare to close in on Nemo and the Nautilus.

    This is probably my least favorite of the Nautilus episodes. It's good, in that it provides some interesting turning points, but after the wonder that was the last two episodes, it's a bit disappointing that this one is less lively and not so imaginative. That said, it does benefit from having a solid build-up for the climax of the "Nautilus" arc; the last few minutes where the Garfish prepare to attack is quite a cliffhanger.moreless

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    • Sonar Officer: (Scolding Jean for letting his failed invention put the Nautilus in danger) WE'RE NOT PLAYING A SILLY CHILD'S GAME! DO YOU UNDERSTAND THAT?!
      Jean: (weakly) Yes.
      Sonar Officer: What was that?!
      Jean: Yes, sir.
      Sonar Officer: Honestly!
      Nemo: (to Sonar Officer) Enough!
      Sonar Officer: (surprised gasp) Yes, sir.
      Nemo: Now, Jean?
      Jean: Yes?
      Nemo: You understand what you have done? Is that correct?
      Jean: Yes.
      Nemo: Even a small mistake can create dire consequences for other people. Don't ever forget that.
      Jean: Yes.
      Nemo: Good. Dismissed!
      Jean: Yes, sir.

    • (Nadia lashes out hideously at Nemo and the crew)
      Electra: Nadia, I find your behavior at this moment quite offensive!
      Nadia: All of you grown-ups are the same! Whenever we say something inconvenient, you say our behavior is unacceptable! That's not fair! WELL, I HATE THE WHOLE LOT OF YOU!!!
      Nemo: (Strikes Nadia across the face) Nadia, you have made me very sad.

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