Nadia of the Mysterious Seas - Season 1

A&E (ended 1991)


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Episode Guide

  • Nadia of the Mysterious Seas (The Movie)
  • Successor to the Stars
    All the pieces fall into place for the final stage of Jean and Nadia's journey around the world, Nemo and Gargoyle's long-standing feud, and the secret behind Nadia's Blue Water pendant. I won't tell you how it ends....
  • To the Sky
    To the Sky
    Episode 38
    The New Nautilus and Gargoyle, now aboard Red Noah, face off in a spectacular duel of pyrotechnics, lasers, and, ultimately, wills. Midway through, both crafts head into outer space. After finally breaking in, Nemo, Jean, and Electra confront Gargoyle, who now has Nadia under his control.
  • Emperor Neo
    Emperor Neo
    Episode 37
    Gargoyle takes Nadia before the puppet leader of Neo-Atlantis, Emperor Neo, who reveals that he has a strong connection with both Nadia and Nemo. Eight time zones away, Nemo and the others plan to fight Gargoyle in a final duel. Throughout, both Jean and Nadia learn about the origins of the Atlanteans.moreless
  • The New Nautilus
    The New Nautilus
    Episode 36
    Gargoyle's battleships appear over Tartessos. To save Jean and the others, Nadia surrenders herself... but not before Jean swears to save her. Forced to flee from Gargoyle's battleships, our pals run into Captain Nemo and his crew, who have survived... and now operate a superpowerful battleship called the New Nautilus.
  • The Secret of Blue Water
    Finally, our pals arrive at Nadia's real homeland--Tartessos. As they tour through its long forgotten ruins, our heroine finally reveals her darkest secrets... including who she is. How will all this affect her relationships with everyone, especially Jean?
  • My Darling Nadia
    My Darling Nadia
    Episode 34
    Jean writes a song for Nadia. Actually, our pals burst out into song while various clips from the show play out.
  • King's Rescue
    King's Rescue
    Episode 33
    When King gets captured by Grandis' ex-fiancee, our pals set off to save him.
  • Nadia's Love
    Nadia's Love
    Episode 32
    Having escaped their former island home, our pals crash-land into an African tribal village, where they are instantly captured... until one of its citizens recognizes Nadia.
  • Farewell, Red Noah
    Farewell, Red Noah
    Episode 31
    Trapped inside a mysterious chamber, Nadia learns from a disembodied voice that their island home is actually a space satellite, Red Noah--and that she is the heir to the throne of Atlantis as well as not human! Tremors engulf the island as Grandis and the others prepare to set off, but Jean returns to save Nadia.moreless
  • Labyrinth in the Earth
    Four months afterward, the Gratan is nearly repaired, and soon our pals will set off for Africa. But first Jean and Nadia go off on a hike which leads them to a mysterious underground cavern that turns out to be more than they suspected. The exploration culminates when Nadia falls into a trance and vanishes behind a wall, leaving her clothes in Jean's arms! During all this, Ayerton tries to make his move on Grandis.moreless
  • King vs. King
    King vs. King
    Episode 29
    A violent row between Sanson and Hanson turns into a race between two mechanical lions resembling King(!).
  • The Floating Island
    The Floating Island
    Episode 28
    Jean, Nadia, Marie, and King are reunited with Grandis, Sanson, and Hanson. Together they all decide to live as a family on the new island, which Jean theorizes is moving.
  • The Island of the Witch
    After surviving a typhoon, Jean, Nadia, Marie, and King discover another island drifting mysteriously toward them. Exploring it, the children find Ayerton, a flaky scientist who they met on the battleship in Episode 3.
  • King, the Lonely Lion
    King gets jealous of Jean and Nadia becoming more intimate and runs away. Jean sets off to find him... but not before Nadia goes ballastic upon realizing that he does not remember the kiss she gave him (he had been stoned from the hallucinogetic mushrooms).
  • The First Kiss
    The First Kiss
    Episode 25
    As a result of Nadia's foolishness, the children only have meat for food. This infuriates Nadia so much that she declares to starve... until she becomes desperate to eat a can of rotten spinach, getting sick. Jean sets off to find a cure, only to become intoxicated by hallucinogenic mushrooms(!). Overwhelmingly grateful, and stupidly unaware that Jean is not himself, she gives him his first real kiss.moreless
  • Lincoln Island
    Lincoln Island
    Episode 24
    Now that they are settled into their new island home (which they dub "Lincoln Island", Jean uses his knowledge and technology to bring a little civilization. Nadia, on the other hand, wants to live with nature... only to discover that doing so is a lot harder than she ever dreamed of.moreless
  • Young Drifters
    Young Drifters
    Episode 23
    Jean, Nadia, Marie, and King are shipwrecked on a deserted island. They decide to make it their home for a while.
  • Electra the Traitor
    Electra the Traitor
    Episode 22
    After relocating Jean, Nadia, Marie, and King to his personal quarters (which he will later jettison from the doomed Nautilus), Nemo finds Electra holding a gun on him. In an extended flashback sequence, Electra reveals her tormented past, her complicated feelings for the captain... and a horrifying connection between Nadia and Nemo.moreless
  • Farewell Nautilus
    Farewell Nautilus
    Episode 21
    The Nautilus is ensnared by Gargoyle's super powerful SeaNet magnet. In the fight that follows, Grandis, Sanson and Hanson escape on the Gratan (to help free Nemo and the others from Gargoyle's battleship). The battle culminates with the badly damaged Nautilus plummeting into the sea....
  • Jean Makes a Mistake
    Jean's latest invention goes disastrously wrong and accidentally alerts the Garfish to attention. Nadia's detestation of Nemo and jealousy of Jean's friendship with Electra dangerously intensifies--until she finally learns that the Nautilus is merely fighting to destroy Gargoyle and that Electra poses no threat to Nadia's relationship with Jean. During all this, Gargoyle is informed of the Nautilus's presence and devises to set yet another deadly trap.moreless
  • Nemo's Best Friend
    Nemo's Best Friend
    Episode 19
    Nemo takes Jean and Nadia on a tour of his secret base, where he introduces the children to his closest friend, a talking whale named Irion, who hints at Nadia's responsibility to hold the Blue Water.
  • Nautilus vs. Nautilus
    En route to Captain Nemo's home base of Antarctica, the Nautilus finds itself attacked by a territorial Nautilus shellfish.
  • Jean's New Invention
    Jean is tired of being treated like a child by the Nautilus crew. Hoping to cheer him up, Nadia suggests Jean to build another aircraft. Inspired, he sets off to do just that. At first he is determined to construct the new helicopter by himself, but then realizes he still needs the support of some grown-ups. With Hanson's help, Jean completes the craft and takes Nadia on a very delightful test flight. While airborne, Jean promises that he will one day take Nadia to Africa....moreless
  • The Mystery of the Lost Continent
    The victims of Gargoyle's latest attack are taken to the long-forgotten underworld of Atlantis to be buried. While there, Jean discovers that his father's ship was sunk by the Garfish. Nadia also learns that she must keep the Blue Water at all costs, no matter what pain or damage it may cause.moreless
  • The Nautilus Faces Its Biggest Crisis
    Captain Nemo's vessel falls into yet another deadly trap set by Gargoyle--one which involves the Garfish and a surprise attack from American battleships. The subsequent damage costs the lives of several sailors--including a friendly young engineer named Ensign Fait. Jean, who had become friends with Fait, is horrified and devastated to witness someone being killed by the technology he had so strongly idealized with.moreless
  • The Valley of Dinicthys
    Marie and Nadia become sick from a dangerously fatal tropical fever. To save them from death, Nemo charts course for an underground reef, where he takes Jean, Sanson, and Hanson on a quest to find the cure. Coming back, however, they have to deal with a territorial, eel-like Dinicthys....
  • Run, Marie, Run!
    Run, Marie, Run!
    Episode 13
    Marie and King run off to explore the island, when they find themselves both lost and pursued by Gargoyle's soldiers. Sanson comes to their rescue.
  • Grandis and Her First Love
    When the Nautilus docks on an island to reestablish supplies, Nadia bonds with Grandis when the latter tells her how the first man she fell in love with turned out to be a treacherous cad.
  • New Recruits for the Nautilus
    Nemo and Electra appoint Jean, Nadia, and the others to new positions on the Nautilus. Jean is permitted access to Electra's library of books so that he can learn how to use the knowledge for mankind's benefit; simultaneously, he, Sanson, and Hanson are given a tour of the Nautilus. Marie and King, meanwhile, are reduced to schooling from Electra, much to their dismay. Grandis and Nadia are assigned to cook in the kitchen. An intense rivalry is ignited between Electra and Grandis as they compete over Nemo's love. Finally, Jean discovers the source of the Nautilus's power, and is quite disturbed when Nemo tells him that the vessel is a killing machine....moreless
  • A Crowning Performance by the Gratan
    In pursuit of Gargoyle, the Nautilus becomes trapped in a dangerous underwater mine field. Sanson and Hanson jump aboard the Gratan to clear the mines before they detonate. Jean sneaks on to help the two men....
  • Nemo's Secret
    Nemo's Secret
    Episode 9
    Jean, Nadia, Marie, and King are taken aboard the Nautilus with their new enemies-turned allies, Grandis, Sanson, and Hanson. Technophiles Jean and Hanson are thrilled to be aboard the Nautilus. Grandis becomes dangerously smitten with Captain Nemo, much to Sanson's consternation. Nadia, meanwhile, is very suspicious about the submarine and its crew, particularly Nemo, who reacts with surprise upon seeing her for the first time....moreless
  • Mission to Rescue Nadia
    In a surprising turn of events, Grandis and her boys join forces with Jean to save Nadia, Marie, and King from Gargoyle. Their escape attempt nearly backfires, until the Nautilus shows up to save them....
  • The Tower of Babel
    The Tower of Babel
    Episode 7
    Imprisoned by the wicked Gargoyle, Nadia is forced to admit that she gave her Blue Water to Jean before turning herself in (to save Marie and King from a horrible fate). As the search for Jean is on, the boy desperately tries to find her. Simultaneously, Grandis, Sanson, and Hanson, who have also been imprisoned by the soldiers, break out of their prison cell and attempt to escape. While Gargoyle tours Nadia around his base, he showcases Neo-Atlantis's secret weapon, a tower known as Babel with the power to obliterate an entire island!moreless
  • Infiltration of the Secret Base
    Marie and King are captured by the soldiers, so Jean and Nadia set off to a forbidding looking area to save them. Their rescue mission leads the pair to the base of the soldiers, who call themselves Neo-Atlantis, and their evil commander, Gargoyle, wants Nadia and her Blue Water at all costs.moreless
  • Marie's Island
    Marie's Island
    Episode 5
    Jean, Nadia, and King are shot down over a strange island where they find themselves outrunning a squadron of sinister masked soldiers. In their struggle to survive, they find an orphan girl, Marie, who lost her parents to the soldiers.
  • Nautilus, The Fantastic Submarine
    Jean, Nadia, and King are rescued by another vessel--an impressive and mysterious submarine known as the Nautilus (and yes, the captain's name is Nemo). Here, they learn from Nemo's pretty first officer, a young woman named Electra, that the vessel is in pursuit of a sinister enemy. After an unsuccessful attack against the deadly submarine Garfish, the Nautilus repairs Jean's sea plane, and the children take off for another adventure.moreless
  • The Riddle of the Giant Sea Monsters
    Jean, Nadia, and King are rescued by an American battleship in pursuit of sea monsters, who have apparently been responsible for sinking ships. That night, the battleship is attacked, and Jean, Nadia, and King are thrown overboard....
  • The Little Fugitive
    With Grandis and her two accomplices, Sanson and Hanson, in pursuit, Jean takes Nadia back to his home in LeHarve. His grumpy aunt refuses to take Nadia in, but Jean lets Nadia stay at his own house. The following day, Jean and Nadia set off for Africa in one of his aeroplanes. They do not get far, however, when Jean's invention fails and falls into the sea....moreless
  • Girl at the Eiffel Tower
    Jean, a 14-year-old orphan, sailing into Paris to help his uncle design an airplane for the Paris Exposition's flight competition meets a pretty young girl named Nadia and her pet lion cub, King. He ends up rescuing her from a woman named Grandis who is trying to get Nadia's jewel, the Blue Water. Nadia leaves the only home she ever knew - a circus - as Jean has offered to help her search for her place of origin, starting with the random choice of Africa...moreless