Nagasarete Airantou

TV Tokyo (ended 2007)


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  • Season 1
    • Springing Out, Airan Island
      Ikuto has passed all the trials, with help from Suzu and has acquired the key to the Sea Dragon god shrine so now they are heading to the Dragon Island. However thanks to Ayane’s meddling, Ikuto is unable to receive the Sea Dragon’s blessing, yet he is still determined to head out to sea. Will Ikuto manage to leave the Island?moreless
    • Being Forged, Henachoko
      Ikuto has learned from Obaba a way to get of the Island using the power of the coming storm however he first needs to pray to the Sea Dragon god. To do that he must first get the key to the Sea Dragon god shrine, while facing dangerous trials and even with these trials the quest has become more difficult with the other girls interfering.moreless
    • Being Drifted, Message Bottle
      Along the beach Suzu is collecting seaweed when she finds what seems to be the same letter in the bottle Ikuto sent a while ago. She gives it to Ikuto for him to find out that his little sister Misaki found his letter and sent that one back and from the letter, it appears that Ikuto's sister has had a mishap at sea. So now Ikuto is full of determination to get off the Island and help his sister.moreless
    • Bring Me Along, Elementary School
      While going about their usual daily chores Ikuto discovers that Suzu isn't good at math and it's only because she hates studying. It turns out that there's a school on the island where Chikage is the "Language" teacher, Shinobu is the "Calligraphy" teacher and Machi is the "Sanitarian" teacher. So Ikuto ends up becoming the "Maths" teacher but what can he do to convince Suzu to attend?moreless
    • Being Discovered, Blue Bird
      It's late at night and Yukino is returning home late after picking chestnuts when all of a sudden she spots a memorizing blue bird. Yukino is sure that it's the legendary blue bird of the island, which can supposedly bless the person who finds it. So the next day she heads of in search for it with the help of Suzu but like always it doesn't go smoothly.moreless
    • Being Deceived, Ponpoko
      Machi is yet again trying to avoid doing her chores and while hiding from her sister Ayane, she accidentally unseals a shape-shifting, raccoon demon "Genjuumaru". This demon starts causing havoc around the island and it's up to Machi to find and seal it but this won't be simple.
    • Wrapped In Mystery, Detective (Part 2)
      It is night in the Tsukimi Pavilion and a mysterious masked man that goes by the name of Beniyasha appears. Beniyasha's goal is to hear the screams of girls on the island and the only way to stop this is to catch Beniyasha before the end of full moon. Will the mystery behind Beniyasha's identity be solved before anymore girls will have to suffer?moreless
    • Wrapped In Mystery, Detective (Part 1)
      Ikuto has been engrossed in the world of mystery novels and there's one in particular that he's fond of. For some unknown reason the girls have received an anonymous invitation to the Tsukimi Pavilion, which some unusual girl named Sakuya happens to work at. The mystery of Benyasha has just begun.moreless
    • Let's Have A Match, Ninja
      While doing their normal day-to-day chores Ikuto and Suzu stumble across a girl who's passed out and it happens to be Mikoto's sister Shinobu. After hearing an exaggerated rumor about Ikuto's swordsmanship, she eagerly wants to spar with him however this goes against his principles, so he constantly refuses her request.moreless
    • Changing, Magic!
      Changing, Magic!
      Episode 17
      After her abrupt wake up call, Chikage trips up in the mess she calls her room and stumbles across a mysterious book. This book turns out to be a magical book and she ends up possessing with magical abilities, so on the following night she begins casting spells on everyone on the island with some bizarre results.moreless
    • Let's Get The Territory Back, Leader!
      There seems to be a disturbance on the island. Ikuto and Suzu have an unexpected guest, the South Leader and he brings news that the North and East Leaders were defeated by some unknown opponent. After finding the identity of the one who humiliated him, the East Leader is out for revenge but then he inadvertently falls in love with Mei Mei. The situation gets more complicated once the North Leader gets involved.moreless
    • Trying To Improve, Mei Mei
      Mei Mei and her little friend Tohno are already getting settled in the island but there's still an important issue that needs to be addressed, Mei Mei's shyness around people. Mei Mei has the tendency to become nervous around new people and ends up dressing up in costumes, so Ikuto and Suzu help Mei Mei overcome this in the hope of her making new friends.moreless
    • The Embarassed, Costumed Animal Character
      It appears that there is a burglar on the island and Ayane was the latest victim, after having some of her onigiri stolen. After following Machi the group suspect that she is the culprit but something seems to be amiss. To help find the real culprit the group split up into two groups for a stakeout, where they uncover someone new to the island.moreless
    • I Want to Meet You, Ikuto
      It is Tonkatsu’s birthday and Suzu is preparing the food to celebrate it with everyone, however Ikuto has someone else on his mind. Suzu and Ayane discover a photo of, Ikuto with a girl, in his book and immediately get strange ideas about who it might be. Meanwhile Ikuto is looking out to sea, with a lonely expression on his face, so all the girls use this as an opportunity to be Ikuto’s lover.moreless
    • It is Delicious, Bride Training
      Machi is taunted by her little sister Ayane for her inability to cook, saying that she would never be a bride if she can’t cook. With marriage on the line Machi decides to learn how to cook and begins by taking lessons. What kind of meals will she cook up?
    • Taking Ice to Ease the Fever
      Whilst asleep Suzu somehow made her way into the water tank and has got a fever, after spending all night in there. Ikuto is given the duty of collecting ice to help bring down her fever and he arrives at the cave only to find out that all the ice has gone. So now he has to make his way up to the tallest mountain on Airantou, to collect some ice, nevertheless this journey won’t go smoothly for Ikuto.moreless
    • Rain is my Friend
      Rain is my Friend
      Episode 10
      It is a rainy day on Airantou. A rainy day means that everyone on the island gets the day off! Unfortunately, Ikuto has a hard time being bored, so Suzu and Ikuto play Shogi (Japanese Chess) and Suzu ends up beating Ikuto 20 times in a row! Throughout the day, we see what each girl does to pass the time. Coincidentally, the other girls all end up outside of Suzu's house and they all spend the rest of the day together.moreless
    • I Want to Charm the Successor.
      One morning, Rin asks if Ikuto could help her and her family with a building project. The next morning, Suzu decides to help out too. Rin uses Ikuto's lack of carpentry skills as an opportunity to teach him and, hopefully, impress him. Unfortunately, whenever Rin and Ikuto "get in the mood", Rin's overprotective sister always finds a way to break it up.moreless
    • Invited by the Observer
      Chikage has invited Ikuto and Suzu to her house for some unknown reason; it seems she is up to something. Chikage happens to have a huge collection of books and objects that have washed-up on the island, but she needs Ikuto’s help to identity them. Nonetheless there’s only one washed-up item that she’s very interested in.moreless
    • Nyan is My Master; I Want to Look at the Cherry Blossoms!
      Ikuto and Suzu head off the South side of the island to meet her Master, whom she trained under, although Ikuto’s surprised to see her Master is nothing but a cat. It turns out that it is the cat lord and is asking Ikuto and Suzu for their assistance in a competition, which decides who the next lord will be.

      It’s a new day and Ikuto goes out with the girls to see the cherry blossom tree. However to get there they would need to undergo a treacherous journey through the Northern Forest.moreless
    • The Hot Spring Is Warm
      An earthquake shakes the island hard enough to block the well, which brings water to all the hot springs. This has turned into a huge problem for the females, who are too used to bathing daily in the hot springs however this has turned into a chance for Ikuto to show them that a man can be depended on.moreless
    • Search, Kuma-kuma!
      While Yukino is picking grapes, she accidentally falls from the cliff, but she safely lands on Ikuto, who happens to be in the river below. All her animal friends come to help her except Kuma-kuma is missing, so Ikuto reluctantly helps her to find him. Finding may be tough, with an island full of bears nevertheless the stubborn Ikuto will never give up.moreless
    • Run and Escape, Onee-sama; Be Surprised, Evil Spirit
      Ayane accidentally eats her older sister's, Machi’s, food without her permission and runs away afraid of what her sister might do. So Machi persuades Suzu to catch Ayane for her and as a reward Suzu will receive 20 of Suzu's favorite food that Machi's mother makes: her delicious "Mame Daifuku" treats.

      Ikuto and Suzu are on their way back from chopping wood when Suzu slips and falls onto an Ojizo-san statue (breaking it) which is said to contain an evil spirit. Ayane uses this as an opportunity to make things worse for poor frightened Suzu.moreless
    • Be Useful, Freeloader
      Ikuto is already getting used to the island life and he feels that he is taking advantage by being a freeloader, so he decides to help Suzu with her daily chores. It doesn’t take him long to understand, it is not going to be as easy as he initially thought. Realizing that he is totally useless, Ikuto starts feeling depressed, but there may be something he is useful for.moreless
    • Being Chased after, Bridegroom.
      Following Ikuto’s failed attempt to get of the island, Suzu tells him about how there came to be no men on Airantou. With Ikuto being the only man on the island, the girl’s feminine instincts have awakened, so to resolve the problem Obaba sets up a "Hide-and-Seek Tournament, to Catch the Groom". First one to touch Ikuto, before the sunsets, is the winner and will have the honour of being his bride.moreless
    • Drifted to Heaven!?
      Ikuto runs away from home after a fight with his father and boards a ship for a personnel vacation. Everything is going fine until all of a sudden, a storm hits and Ikuto is thrown overboard. Ikuto later wakes up the next day to find out he has washed up on a tropical island paradise, populated by only females, known as Airantou. How will Ikuto survive this island full of hostiles?moreless
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