Nagasarete Airantou

TV Tokyo (ended 2007)


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  • its a nice anime filled with fluff,harem and comedy there is no particular plot but the story is uite nice and each episode is fun!!

    the story revolves around ikuto who is the only man in the island.

    story wise its not particularly an original one but the mix of fluff,comedy harem type's are some of the thing that i usually in most harem type of anime that i usually watch some of the girls are no that bad looking.

    when it comes the storyline there is no particular plot but each episode is quite spontaneous and is quite nice.

    when it comes to the animation its not bad for me. some of the character details are not bad so i would say its not that bad.

    over all the anime in itself deserves 9/10 for me.
  • a whole island of girls a guys paridise!!

    this story of a child who drifted onto a island but theres a twist the island is inhabited by girls only very strange yet envious this story starts off viciously but then cools down ito a freindly enviorment that people can understand beside the occasional nut robot shy girl every girl has a crush on one guy yes you guessed it the guy who drifted in this story which is very understanding is loved by me as my favorite anime that i am watching currently i give this anime a 9.9 almost perfect in every aspect my only personal response is a conflict between myself so it was good
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