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Naked & Afraid

Sunday 10:20 PM on Discovery Channel Premiered Jun 23, 2013 In Season


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Naked & Afraid

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AIRED ON 11/23/2014

Season 3 : Episode 11

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  • Covered and Unafraid

    Why does the hosting station constantly interrupt the show with warnings of nudity, nudity and nudity... when there is absolutely no exposed visible nudity whatsoever, not even a nipslip. And with the film crew and vehicles beside them and just out of sight of the cameras, there certainly is no fear.

    Just watched Carrie and Tom. Tom has this ridiculous no touch/no sharing of body heat unrealistic evangelical policy for fear that his wife would rather divorce him than be concerned about his survival. But then there's Carrie - what a capital B from day 1. She talks about wanting an adventure, but it too lazy, self-centred and full of hate, anger and self-pity to be able to survive 21 days in the wilderness, let alone a few days back in reality. God help any male that she meets.

    And then there Lenora and Matt. Light-skinned and pale Lenora insisted on expending far too much energy in a desert environment from day 1. She ran around with that stupid (and useless) magnifying glass, expending energy and basically accomplishing nothing. She really was a total cry-baby, verbally abusing Matt between her sobbing freak Matt had the correct idea. Set yourself up a shelter from the heat and sun, do not expend your energy during the peak hours of the day when the sun is bearing down intensely. He ensured that he had enough water (even though taking some calculated risks), and although a vegetarian he at least kept his nutrition up consuming cacti. Not wanting to be a chauvinist, but it just seemed that the men were true realistic survivalists relying on their survival skills, whereas the two women in these episodes ran on their emotions much to their detriment.moreless
  • Screw this perverted pile of diarrhea. This crap is just repulsive.

    Dumping nudity and sex on a TV show does NOT make it popular. It just makes the creator a bad person and screwed in the head. Back in the olden days of TV, they weren't even allowed to go below the chest area! This show is just the only reason why I blocked VH1. Cable television has gone to the toilet.
  • Mad Show

    I Love it! Gives you a good perspective of what it would be to live off the grid, its great!
  • Good show!

    However, it's more like partially naked (they cover up for the most part) and no one is afraid but everyone suffers for 21 days. Some of drama or struggle seems staged. For example, the every first episode that I watched had a twenty-something year old model chick who did nothing but complain after her mature, married partner rejected spooning with her on the first cold night because he didn't want to get into any trouble with his wife. They even set up the night vision camera in the most revealing way possible should something have happen. Nothing did and after that, it was all piss and vinegar from her and headshot angles only of the two of them laying together. Second episode I watched had a better team with a hippie chick and an actual hunter and outdoorsman They worked together well. After watching a few more back episodes, it's clear the survivalists aren't completely on their own and can call for real help in dire situations which leaves some challenges (like trekking fire by hand across a few kilometers of dangerous land to light a signal fire so the recovery team can find them) rather pointless. Still the struggles, the drama, and watching a good or bad team deal with everything thrown their way make each episode worth watching at least once to see if the team makes it to the end.moreless
  • Last pisode Seems Fake to me

    i was was watching the last episode and something wasn't feeling right to me.. I need someone to tell me why the girl is forcing herself to eat the lizard when she has 100 bananas behind her? (the same as the one we see at the end when they get on the truck)

    https:// imageshack .com/i/f09e8d49p

    News Briefs: Discovery Renews MythBusters, A&E Hits a New Low With the Ridiculous Reality Series Married at First Sight

    Plus: Bryan Cranston's writing a memoir, OWN is working on a Darlene Love biopic, and even more people have joined Netflix's new drama series from the Damages crew.

    • Pilot
      Not great... besides the obvious forced sexuality into a survival show, I don't know how they were rated so high for survival. Th...

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