Naked Camera

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Naked Camera

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This is an Irish hidden camera reality show. Three Irish comedians ambush ordinary people and embarrass them on national television. The sketch characters are played by the hillarious PJ Gallagher, Maeve Higgins and Patrick McDonnell.

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AIRED ON 4/30/2007

Season 3 : Episode 5

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  • This prank tv show takes place on the streets of Dublin. The comedians which include hilarious PJ Gallagher disguise themselves as memorable characters such as 'The taxi Driver',The Dirty Aul One and Jake Stevens.moreless

    I find this Irish prank tv show hilarious.I love the way the comedians effortlessly wind up the public and keep the gag going for truly hilarious watching.The public of course are fantastic as they try to nicely get rid of the annoying pranker.PJ Gallagher is a natural comedian and always has me in stitches at some of the pranks he pulls.Some of my favorites would have to include,The Taxi Driver and Jake Stevens.All 3 series are absolute classics and I was devastated to hear of its ending.The way the comedians keep straight faces while everyone else is laughing their heads off is probably what makes it even funnier.All of the characters are perfectly created to be very annoying and persistant with all their efforts.moreless
  • As I've said before, Irish Comedy is the greatest!

    Well naked camera is an irish television show where the actors try to fool the irish public by playing tricks on them and embarrasing them. It is hillarious show, one of my favourites no doubt. I love irish comedy. it truly is the best. the show is just so funny. we see the poor innincent people being tricked and embarrased dy some of ireland's best and funniest comedians! PJ, maeve and patrick are some of the funniest people yopu will ever meet, each of them does about 5 or 6 characters in the show and tries to fool the people in town. hillarious show, love it!moreless