Naked City

Season 4 Episode 11

Dust Devil on a Quiet Street

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Nov 28, 1962 on ABC

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  • The episode which reveals the show's love for actors and acting.

    This show has always loved acting and actors. The wife of Paul Burke's character is an actress. This episode stars Robert Walker Jr. in one of his first roles as a disturbed young actor who seems to enjoy his "fake" killing in his roles. The episode opens with Robert Walker Jr's character in a sidewalk cafe where his acting a scene with a knife causes a man to panic, run out to the street and get hit by a car. He continues his acting classes choking his teacher and scaring his fellow students. The guy's very talented but at what cost? Should he be given acting jobs or jailed as a menace? Barbara Barrie is again in a Naked City episode as the acting coach's wife and partner. Martin Sheen is an actor working as a waiter and provide free food to starving actors until the police catch on to him. Paul Burke's wife thinks it cute and fun to watch the fakery of cheating the restaurant out its money, her husband is offended and does not. The ending is all Robert Walker Jr's and it is apparent that they saw much potential in him. Stardom just didn't happen and he was in many TV guest star roles over the years including Star Trek. Wonderful actor. Fame isn't everything.