Naked City

Season 4 Episode 1

Hold for Gloria Christmas

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Sep 19, 1962 on ABC

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  • Troubled, alcoholic poet Burgess Meredith tries to reclaim bartered poems from earnest barkeep Hershel Bernardi with inevitable tragic results.

    See it for a great Burgess Meredith performance or for one of the best lines ever uttered on television ("Whoa poet, whoa!!", the Hershel Bernardi character tells the Burgess Meredith character). This episode contains the best Greenwich Village actual street on location photography I've ever seen (Commerce, West 4th, Grove and Jones Streets, Seventh Avenue, etc.) Also, it has almost a close-up of Amazing Fantasy No. 15 (Spiderman's very very first episode) as it appears on a newstand at the corner of West Forth and Jones. Can't wait to see it again and I've seen it dozens of times.