Naked City - Season 2

ABC (ended 1963)




Episode Guide

  • Take and Put
    Episode 32
    A once wealthy family has their maid steal jewelry at parties and pawn it so that they can continue to live the good life.
  • 6/14/61

    The detectives are brought on a case that involves a wealthy conventioneer who is robbed by a private detective.

  • 6/7/61
    Factory worker Peter Wilkins is fired from his job. In a moment of drunken anger, he threatens reprisal on the company.
  • 5/31/61

    A group of young criminals take over a boat holding seven prominent executives and hold them for ransom.

  • 5/24/61

    A lonely woman looking for love becomes extremely upset when she realizes that an escort service has matched her with a married man.

  • Make-Believe Man
    Episode 27
    Latin American revolutionary Carlos Roldan kidnaps Bowery bum Fred Manfred who's a dead ringer for a national hero of his country. Roldan plans to use Manfred to finance another coup attempt.
  • C3H5(NO3)3
    Episode 26
    After quarreling with his wife Martha, chemistry professor James Fallon goes out and drowns his troubles in drink. While intoxicated, he makes a pint of nitroglycerin. Unfortunately after the binge wears off, he can't remember where he left the nitro.
  • Economy of Death
    Economy of Death
    Episode 25
    In the process of trying to locate their granddaughter, a couple who escaped from Hungary during the revolution discover that a trusted member of their community betrayed them and was responsible for the massacre in which their son was killed.
  • A Very Cautious Boy
    Episode 24

    After a couple is blackmailed by an insurance man, they contract with a judo expert to take care of their problem.

  • New York to L.A.
    Episode 23
    Flint and another detective travel to Los Angeles to extradite two brothers wanted for a murder in New York. Things proceed routinely at first but then all hell breaks loose in the courtroom.
  • A Memory of Crying
    Episode 22

    A lawyer's mind snaps when his wife dies in childbirth when he turns to crime in order to cover a check.

  • 4/5/61

    Four young men, in a twisted attempt to bring attention to the ills of the world, adopt a Nazi persona and begin to kill homeless men.

  • 3/22/61
    An unemployed actor goes on a killing spree but leaves behind an important clue--the script from a play for which he just auditioned.
  • 3/15/61
    When their father is murdered during a robbery, brothers Mario and Nino Licosa differ on how to handle things. Nino wants to let the police do their jobs but Mario wants to track down the killers himself and extract revenge.
  • 3/8/61

    A group of concentration camp survivors take it upon themselves to exact revenge for the suffering they endured from the Nazis.

  • Shoes for Vinnie Winford
    A wealthy young man who runs a dance hall in his spare time is the leading suspect in the disappearance of one of his dancers.
  • 2/22/61
    The detectives search for a discarded gun which could clear an ex-convict of a murder charge.
  • 2/15/61
    The successful furrier Max Ronan is unhappily married, he plans a heist of a fur convention he'll be particpating in to finance his divorce and run off with his beautiful young secretary-model.
  • 2/8/61

    While investigating a fatal accident, police discover that the victim was busy tapping phones, which results in detectives trying to determine all the circumstances involved.

  • A Hole in the City
    Episode 13
    An armed robber is forced to face his violent past while hiding from the police in his aunt's apartment.
  • 1/18/61

    A famous artist struggles to regain his lost memory while locked away in a mental institution.

  • 1/11/61

    College basketball star Joey Ross discovers that his beloved father is in reality, a hitman for a crime syndicate.

  • 1/4/61

    A bar is held up by a small group of hoodlums. Detective Adam Flint (Paul Burke) is in the bar at the time, but cannot take action because one of the robbers is holding a gun to a customer. When a drunk patron of the bar retaliates against one of the robbers for kicking his dog, he is shot. Detective Flint is blamed by some because he failed to take action. The widow of the murdered man accuses Flint because he didn't want to shoot, because he was too cheap and "Bullets Cost Too Much."

    Dick York guest stars as Dr. Charles Colano. Jean Stapleton guest stars as the owner of the bar. And James Caan as one of the robbers.

  • 12/14/60
    A wealthy man's wife becomes involved with a gang of jewel thieves planning to steal the world's largest uncut diamond.
  • The Human Trap
    Episode 8

    After the playboy boyfriend of a socialite is killed in her apartment, she confesses to the crime. However, the presence of her daughter in the apartment and her status as the ex-wife of a gambling kingpin causes detective to probe further.

  • Debt of Honor
    Episode 7
    Gambler Nick Mori's mail order bride walks out on him when she discovers his involvement in some shady activities.
  • Killer with A Kiss
    Episode 6

    A mentally ill male nurse becomes a serial killer of policemen in a deranged attempt to avenge his mother's suicide, which he blames on the absence of his late war hero father, who was killed during World War II.

  • To Walk In Silence
    Episode 5

    Wall Street financier John Weston goes to secretly wager on a horse race, but is struck in the shoulder by a stray bullet that kills a debt-ridden gambler. Fearful of ruining his business status, Weston refuses to tell what happened until his daughter is kidnapped by the killer.

  • 11/2/60

    Businessman Norman Garry asks for help from police, convinced that Max Evar is threatening him in retaliation for a fire at Garry's business that inadvertently killed Evar's wife and daughter in an adjacent home

  • 10/26/60

    The discarded girlfriend of a playboy confesses to his murder, but her story is suspect to detectives, who feel that she is protecting the guilty party.

  • The Pedigree Sheet
    Episode 2
    The only survivor survivor of a car wreck, Nora Condon, is brought in by the police. The driver was shot just before the crash and the other passenger was known as a gunman.
  • A Death of Princes
    Episode 1
    A corrupt police detective blackmails a boxer, a cashier, and a drunken playboy into helping him rob the box office receipts from a charity boxing match.