Naked City

Season 3 Episode 29

The Multiplicity of Herbert Konish

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM May 23, 1962 on ABC

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  • Herbert Kornish, an Everyman for All Occasions!

    The episode The Multiplicity of Herbert Kornish is a terrific episode. It highlights the writing talents of Ernest Kirnov and the acting talent of Wayne Maxwell, Nancy Marchand and Jean Stapleton. This series was all about writing, acting, direction and cinematography more like a movie than a TV series. Herbert Kornish is an office drone who has worked behind a desk for more than 30 years. He tells his wife he's satisfied and happy and doesn't want to change. What he does in his late hours at the office is quite different than most people. He poses as a priest at an unregistered homeless shelter which moves around the city when it gets noticed. He also poses as a "Beat" poet who laments the modern society and its emphasis on conformity. He pays for an apartment for an artist whose husband abandoned her and helps raise her kid while he writes and performs his poetry. What is the purpose of all these personalities? Is there something sinister in what he is doing? What about the fake bank accounts? Naked City has a great way of pulling out an unexpected ending from one that seems obvious. A gifted and memorable show and series.