Naked City

Season 3 Episode 20

To Walk Like a Lion

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Feb 28, 1962 on ABC

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  • Below standards episode with a few familiar faces.

    Although this is a episode that entertains, when compared to other Naked City episodes it is slightly below their high standard of excellence.

    The main character Arnold Platt is portrayed by Orson Bean who it better known for his frequent game shows panelist appearances. It is a treat to see Mae Questel-the voice of Betty Boop, Olive Oyl and many other cartoon voices, she plays the part of Arnold girlfriend's mother, Mrs. Faber. Barbara Barrie portrays Rosalinda Faber, Platt's girlfriend. Barrie subsequently played Mrs. Barney Miller, another NYC based cop show, as of late she's been on several Law & Order and SVU chapters. The most beautiful Karen Steele has a small but important role as an airline stewardess(using the term of the show epoch)who befriends Arnold Platt at the race track.

    There's a great line in this episode, when Lt. Parker wants Sgt. Arcaro to follow Platt's girl, he tells him, "don't lose her or you'll be patrolling the other side of Staten Island and that's the Atlantic Ocean", hmmmm that's where Detective Logan of Law & order was banished to after he punched a corrupt politico.