Nanaka 6/17

TV Tokyo (ended 2003)


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  • Season 1
    • Kirisato 17
      Kirisato 17
      Episode 13
      The seventeen-year-old Nanaka is able to give the six-year-old one a last chance to have control before she disappears. Nenji spend his last time with her at Poppun Land. After creating memories for her, she disappears. Inside Nanaka's mind, the two talk. Will they work it all out? Will the seventeen-year-old Nanaka be as cold as she was before, or more warm like her six-year-old counterpart?

    • Domical Nanaka
      Domical Nanaka
      Episode 12
      After hearing Nenji talk to Amemiya about how they are adults and Nanaka is a child, and then getting the news of the last episode of Magical Domiko from Yoshida, Nanaka doesn't know what to think. The next morning she sits by the TV and watches the final episode. Suddenly, she becomes Magical Domiko! What is happening? And, how much time does the six-year-old Nanaka have left?moreless
    • Nanaka to Nanaka
      Nanaka to Nanaka
      Episode 11
      Nanaka has reverted back to her six-year-old self at a very crucial time. The class demands that she announces the cast members for the play. With some guidance from the seventeen-year-old Nanaka, via a letter, Nanaka might be able to pull it off. But, what will happen when Kazamatsuri, the lead role, gets sick right before the play?!moreless
    • Nanaka and Cultural Festival
      The Cultural Festival is in month and Nanaka suggests the theme should be Magical Domiko. Since Nanaka will be both the director and screenwriter, Nenji asks Amemiya to help Nanaka prepare. Later Nanaki passes out, is taken to the nurse and when she comes to she has reverted back to seventeen!moreless
    • Nanaka and the Cultural Festival
      The Cultural Festival is only a month away and Nanaka suggests the theme should be Magical Domiko. Kazamatsuri suggests that Nanaka should take on the role of director and screenplay.
    • Nanaka the Distraction
      Nenji tells Amemiya he wants to take her out for a movie just to say "thank you" for studying with him. Amemiya gets very excited because it's going to be just the two of them for the first time ever!
    • Nurse Nanaka
      Nurse Nanaka
      Episode 8
      Nenji is sick, and Nanaka, Amemiya, and Kuriko all plan to treat him. Will the three cause more harm than good? And, what will happen when Arashiyama arrives and sees Nanaka in a nurse’s outfit? Yoshida also stops by, and he may be the saving grace to all the commotion!
    • Continuing Trip Nanaka
      Nanaka has turned back into her normal seventeen-year-old self and Nenji is beginning to dislike her this way. After overhearing a conversation between Nenji and Amemiya, in which Nenji says that he dislikes Nanaka, Nanaka runs off. Will Nenji and Amemiya find her? Will Nenji and Nanaka patch up their relationship? Will Nanaka realize what she has become? And, with everything all said and done, will Nanaka remain seventeen?!moreless
    • School Excursion Nanaka
      The class takes a field trip to the ancient Japanese capitol of Kyoto! Nanaka is excited to go, but will that change? Suddenly, Nanaka changes back to her normal seventeen-year-old self!! What trouble will this cause for everyone, including Amemia?
    • Nanaka's Triple Date
      Nenji saves a kindergarten student that was being bullied. Now the girl, Kuriko, is in love with Nenji. Kuriko ambushes him one day as he is leaving school with Nanaka. The three go to a caf? but Nanaka is completely ignored.
    • "Three-Person Date", Nanaka
      After saving a little girl named Kuriko from a bully, Nenji has a new fan. The six-year-old Kuriko falls in love with Nenji. But, Nanaka gets jealous, and soon the two invite him to go to Poppun Land with them. Who will Nenji pick? Or, will he choose both…?!
    • Three People with a Good Relationship
      Anemiya discovers Nanaka's secret while in the hospital. Nenji tells her what happened to Nanaka and then makes her promise not to tell anyone. Not only that, he also asks her to help him protect Nanaka.
    • Nanaka, Being Friendly Among Three People
      After catching a cold in the rain, Amemiya goes to the hospital. There, she spots Nenji and Nanaka heading to a room. Curious, she follows them and soon discovers Nanaka’s secret. Nenji asks her not to tell anyone, in which she complies. However, when he asks her to help, Amemiya refuses. Since she has a crush on Nenji since their childhood, she is lost in what to do. When some girls bully Nanaka, will Amemiya help? And, will she ever confess her feelings to Nenji?moreless
    • Big Sister Nanaka
      Nenji and Jinpachi fight, but only this time they make a bet – the looser has to get his hair cut any way the winner wants. The looser is Jinpachi, and Nenji cuts it like his. Later, Nanaka gets her glasses knocked off her face, which are than run over by a car. She mistakes Jinpachi for Nenji, and drags him out shopping with her. Jinpachi cannot resist Nanaka’s charm, but his sister Satsuki doesn’t think Nanaka is worthy...moreless
    • Pianist Nanaka
      Pianist Nanaka
      Episode 2
      Much to Nenji’s dismay, Nanaka volunteers to play the piano at the class concert only because she saw Magical Domiko do it on TV. Amemiya, who wanted to play the piano, offers to train Nanaka and in the process hopes to make her loose confidence and quit. Will Nanaka give up? Will Amemiya change her mind? What will the end result be?moreless
    • Nanaka Kirisato, 6 Years Old
      Nanaka Kirisato and Nenji Nagihara were childhood friends. Now 17, the two have drifted far apart. Nanaka is always serious and very studious while Nenji is easy going and prone to fighting. Will the two ever patch up this friendship? And, what will happen when Nanaka has an accident?!