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  • what a joke

    Just watched afew of these nancy grace interviews, and for the life of me, i dont see how she gets anyone to do interviews with her after how rude and beligerent she acts towards the people she interviews. Show just a bit of respect, think just a little bit, It's honestly like she is a troll irl. saying things just to make people mad, and when people get mad, she feels better, like she accomplished something with her ill informed rants and arguements that have no hold on anything.
  • Nancy DisGrace

    She's irrelevant and an embarrassment to HLN!
  • How to ruin a good show

    Have Nancy Grace as the host. She never let's anyone give their facts, especially if they don't agree with her. She should zip her lips, close her big mouth. 0.0
  • Jayne needs to return

    Nancy is not the same as she once was. she now jumps to conclusions before facts and then at times gives excuses for the wrongs some do. iI think she is hurting the HLN network

    Jayne needs to replace her.

    I have stopped watching once my favorite network HLN and now watch fox news

    I won't watch Nancy and therefore it hurts the Dr Drew also. because one gets so involved in the fox network they don't turn the channel

    I think keeping her has not helped it has hurt two other good shows ,Jaynes and Dr Drew
  • Nancy need TO GO

    In all honest I was watching the exact programming that TJWA was speaking of and I cannot agree more!! She absolutely need the boot.
  • Nancy Grace is Nauseating

    Admittedly, I've never really cared for Nancy Grace's show or her style of "interviewing" people, but when I changed the channels today and she was talking about the grand jury decision in Ferguson Missouri and bashing the evidence that was presented and even putting down some of her "guests" for their input, my opinion of her is now disgust and disdain. Nancy Grace has no clue what journalism is (inserts her uneducated and misinformed opinion at every opportunity), she also apparently has no common sense when it comes to facts (I've seen her twist them in every direction to benefit her "version" of a story) and it's become very apparent that she will say or do just about anything to incite hate and discontent to keep fueling the fire. I used to turn to CNN and HLN for the latest news and facts, but considering some of the people they have "reporting" their versions of the news, I can't depend on CNN or HLN to present the facts beyond their news anchors' and talk-show host's opinions. FOX news has been a joke for a long time, and unfortunately CNN and HLN is headed in that direction - it's all more about entertainment and stirring the pot, than just reporting the truth.
  • Get rid of this inconsiderate

    I really can't believe how she talks to her guest, just plain out rude!! Cuts them off while there in the middle of trying to explain somthing!, she thinks that she's always right when she is clearly wrong!! She thinks her shows all about her and it's about the people! Get ride of her unconsiderate ass!! All she cares about is her damn ratings I really cannot stand her!!
  • Get rid of Nancy Grace

    I have never heard anyone berate people the way she does. I do not watch HLN after 6:00 pm. I used to watch Jane Valesz but dhe is now sounding just like Nancy Grace so I have quit watching her. The way Nancy Grace degrades people is beyony reproach. It is a shame that she is allowed to do this on a cable news network.
  • replace Nancy with Jean

    I used to enjoy the show but I can't even watch when Nancy is on. Nancy has such an annoying tone to her voice. Her agressive, rude, arrogant behavior is disturbing. Please replace her with Jean.
  • Loud B!

    How can this lady be on tv? She's a horrible news commentator ! Loud as hell, interrupts everyone, and her voice is ridiculously loud? HLN WHY DID YOU GIVE HER A TV SHOW? Horrible!!!!! Watched it for 5 mins & Ill never tune it. Cut her off!
  • Evill

    Bamulance chaser.
  • A canker sore program

    Nancy has gone from a reasonably decent host to a raging, raving, blistering nut case. Please get rid of her.
  • nancy grace

    Anyone notice how she now screams?
  • Nancy you need a xanax!

    I can't believe how rude she is to her guests! Unless.... they share the same opinion as her. George Z is INNOCENT whether you like it or not! You talk about him constantly and wonder why he is in the public eye so much?? And it also amazes me that no matter what subject you are talking about you find a way to bring up your murdered fiance. Because it has to do with you! You had to suffer the loss of your fiance poor Nancy, well get over it!
  • People Keep Saying She's Nuts..

    Sadly, I think they're correct about that. I was a fan of Nancy's show for a long time, but kind of stopped watching a few years ago. I found her again on my DVR, so I decided to start recording and following her show again.

    What happened to her? She was always outspoken and had strong opinions, but I used to see her as the voice of the victim. Now, she's just a blowhorn for herself. Just tonight, she was speaking to a Mother who recently lost her daughter in a horrible car crash when her daughter's friend was driving intoxicated. Immediately, she sails right in with "I will never forget getting a note that I needed to call so and so. I just knew my fianc was

    OMG, what??

    Twins, and long lost fianc is all she has to talk about anymore. She's gotten far more rude, shrill and angry ever since she became a mom, which she just uses apparently as a way to win arguments "As a Mom" or "Now that I'm a fill in the blanks.

    It's a shame, really. Her show used to be decent.

  • Egotistical Bitch, self centered

    I can't stand Nancy Grace. She's such a bitch on her show. She yells the entire time during her show it's annoying as hell with that shrieking. She yells at her guest, she belittles them, she is disrespectful to them, and when she can't handle their side of the argument she always mutes their mics. She is also completely biased in her shows on subjects and doesn't always even consider the facts. The damn George Zimmerman case she wont stfu about is proof. She doesn't care about facts but only her own opinion in the matter and its annoying. They just got rid of Peirce please please kick this self centered egotistical bitch off the air HLN!!!!! . Do your research on Nancy Grace as a prosecutor and see her track record. It was horrible and the judges and other lawyers had nothing but negative remarks about her.
  • fat girl

    I think Nancy grace is a fat arrogant Bitch who thinks she is a higher power and opens her mouth about shit she doesn't know. Such as marijuana

    I am such a huge fan of "HLN" :) . I go on and on about it with friends and facebook . ,,, but please rid of "NANCY GRACE" just the sound of her voice makes me ill . I flip the channel as soon as she's on . it's always about her . when she is having a convo with some one and their woe's,,,,she goes into "all about me" mode. brings up her ex fiance and her woes ,,, over and over . how rude. what got me was the shooting last year at the elementary school,,, she repeated over and over and over their names ,,, their ages ,,, and how many shots each and every child received . again over and over. MAY THEY REST IN PEACE. her drama screaming and talking to corner of tv is what it is a "FREAK" show. and her commercial she says ,,, she makes a difference,,? my freakin ass .that's so funny. :P . please rid of her and her show. maybe put her behind a desk talking to real people face to face and not!! on tv. thank you.

    and as for robin,,, she is lovely ,,, speaks the news ,,,clearly ,, and does a fantasic job . I too enjoy her in the morn :) . but seems like it's side swiped a tad from news to fashion and her career ( her life and singing) . which is lovely ,,, but not in news. please come on . ty ;)

    I am a big fan of shows that follow and analyze true crime stories but I don't get how her show is put together.

    She talks as though she is looking at someone across a table and I always feel as though someone else should be having input. She is disjointed in her vocabulary; there is no flow. The video segments are also disjointed and nothing ever seems to be summed up. I have tried to give it a fair chance but I just can't get into it.

    I am watching her show on Maddie McCann and I can't tell if the video segments are from the time of abduction or current day because her commentary is so confusing.

    Too hard to follow.
  • Deplorable Zimmerman trial coverage!

    After watching Nancy Grace for many years I will no longer view the show. Her coverage of the Zimmerman trial was deplorable. She was biased from the start and refused to consider actual EVIDENCE when forming her opinions. The way she treated any guest who had an opposing opinion was disgusting. She was rude beyond belief. I can only imagine the HELL her husband must endure to have to live with such an obnoxious person who doesn't respect anyone that doesn't agree with her 100%. Throughout the years I have made excuses for her to people I know, and I tolerated the rudeness, but NO MORE... The coverage of this trial is the "straw that broke the camel's back" for me. She should apologize to each and every guest on her show that she mistreated. As it turns out THEY were right about so many of the issues. Six jurors UNANIMOUSLY agreed that there was insufficient proof to convict Zimmerman. Trayvon's death is a horrible tragedy. But this emotion that we all feel cannot trump following the law when it comes to prosecuting a defendant. No one, including Nancy knows for sure exactly what transpired that night. Given that Nancy is a seasoned prosecutor, I simply cannot believe how she covered this trial. People should boycott her show.
  • I am done watching Nancy Grace

    In the Zimmerman case she is so very biased and says so many incorrect and misleading things. I will not be watching her anymore. She treated the people who were in any way favoring Zimmerman rudely, cutting them off, not allowing them to answer questions. I am just done with her. She is no friend of justice when she won't allow both sides to be discussed.
  • Maternal or not????

    liked your shows, and the fact that you always had all sides of an issue am very disappointed in your attitude with the Martin/Zimmerman understand your maternal instints when it comes to children, I am a mother and could u be blinded, by your personal feelings, and unfairly present only your opinion on this case???Why would u cut off another person in mid speech, because he did not agree with need to have all the FACTS, not just your go back to being neutral, and honest....
  • perplexed big time

    How can Zimmerman say Trayvon looked like he was on drugs if it was raining & visibility was bad? And apparently Zimmerman is no longer afraid to walk at night in his neighborhood if he's making late night runs fir "comfort food" .
  • Waste of air time

    Nancy, your show should be called Nancy Disgrace! I can't stand watching your show let alone listening to your loud mouth and useless arguments. You must think that people are stupid enough to believe and agree with your statements and highly emotional and biased comments you always make . You don't want to listen to other people's opinions but your own. Even when your guests show facts that prove you wrong, you still refuse to accept your mistakes by cutting everyone off and not letting them finish what they have to say. It saddens me that major . stations are still airing shows like this! What a waste!

    Why is it that Nancy Grace simply cannot let one of her guests finish a question that is posed to them without interrupting them? It is SO annoying and irritating. It's gotten so bad that I wont listen to the show anymore. It's time to hang up the commentator hat when you love to hear your own voice more than anyone else's. And it's so obvious that her guests get annoyed with this as well. How she keeps some of them coming back time and time again is beyond me.
  • Wisconsin Tragedy


    Nancy, this happened not far from where my wife and I live. 3 victims. Actually so many who knew them all victims. I hope you can shed some light on something so senseless. Thank you for work well done.
  • Nancy Grace makes me want to puke

    I cannot believe that people waste their time listening to this woman. I saw part of one show and she left me thinking that she couldn't care less about anyone other than herself. And talk about eyelashes make me think of spider webs. This woman needs to be taken off of the air immediately and permanently. She is a waste of space.
  • The 9 MM pistol

    She hid the 9MM in the rental car didn't she?
  • Jodi Arias gender test.

    The prosecution has the right to be informed if is transgender. This is done by the same tests they use in the Olympics. This sheds light on some of the mystery in the case. Not to be rude or mean-spirited to TG's, but to be fair in understanding the mood of the case.
  • Guns & Spidies

    Jodi Arias was asked in opening statements if she had a knife or gun. She said no. She was then asked about the gun she had recently purchased, she said it was in her bag when she is at Travis's. So do you think instead she had the gun that was taken from her grandmother's house? For Sure

    Next, about the little boy's underwear. First it is not packaged the way she describe, not preshrunk with cardboard. They are just in plastic, three in a pkg. They need to bring in the largest boy's size and ask her would these fit you? There is no way a boys size large would fit in the seat area of a grown women, and of course the legs would not either. I bet the one's in the movies were made special. Two more lies added to the list.

    It's now we need to let people know what a great man Travis was, he came from no parents, built his own business, had many friends, brothers and sister's that love him along with his grandmother. Look at the home he had. Jodi was his downfall. She should have listened to him when he told her leave me alone. He would be alive today.

    J Scott
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