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In need of some advice..or even opinions

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    [1]May 21, 2012
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    Im a single mother of 2 beautiful little girls, i love them both more then anything or anyone on this whole planet. My eldest is turning 2 and my youngest is almost 5 months old.. now heres for what i need help/advice with... my eldest will not eat her vegetables.. she'll eat potatoes but it takes a huge fight to get her to eat them .. then after she has ate about half she stops eating them... she LOVES MEAT! which is awesome! she will eat fresh veggies but does not eat cooked veggies at all.. i offer them every meal .. just like i have the potatoes.. idk maybe its just a matter of time until she is fond of them again .. She just started peeing/pooping in the potty, i had a hell of a time with this.. but since this has all started along with my youngest starting some solids... shes been acting really whinny and has more attitude.. but this is normal as far as ive heard.. well if anyone can give me some advice id love it thanks

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