Nanny 911

Season 2 Episode 11

Longairc-Green Family

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Mar 24, 2006 on FOX
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Longairc-Green Family
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  • What a nightmare of a mother! She made me sick.

    This episode had me yelling at the t.v. I could not believe what a nightmare this mother is. She was was not willing to listen to anything the nanny had to say. I've never seen a episode where the mother didnt wake up. Her children were so rude, spitting in the Nanny's face. I feel so sad for those kids and its all a reaction to that sorry exuse for a mom. The step father cared more and wanted help. I couldnt understand how she could be in such a denial. She could not take one once of critism. What kind of mother denies her kid a hug or torments them. Its like she got pleasure out of making them upset. I hope she reads all these negative blogs about her. Maybe she will get the wake up call she needs. It made me sick to watch her.moreless
  • Mother needs help emotionally or her children are going to grow up so disrespectful and unable to show sympathy and empathy for others.

    The mother is very despondent. She needs a reality check and a good pep talk. Is she just depressed and given up with her situation. Mom should get off the couch more and show more love. The father the one that carries the family. The father must be very embarrassed by the mother who seems to be lazy and detached. Her words where she wanted to punch the nanny in the face shows that she has a lack of respect herself. There is something deeper in this woman than meets the eye. She has a lot more going on outside or wants to have more outside the family relationship than in the inside. She really shows a lack of emotion that mothers normally have. She needs help.moreless
  • The mother in this episode is a sad excuse for a mother, wife, and human being.

    WOW! I cannot believe what in the world is wrong with that mother. She is lazy, rude, ugly, and for the life of me I can't understand how or why that nice man would have anything to do with her and her bad children. That is a loosing battle and unfortuanatly I don't see a positive outcome with the children because mom doesn't give a damn. It is a sad situation. That woman is not on any level cut out to be a mother and most definatley does not deserve a good husband like that. He should get out of that marriage now.moreless
  • I couldn't believe this woman. She was in denial i wanted to slap her into reality. She was rude to everyone that disagreed with her. I wonder why child services weren't called in before it gets this far. I hope they keep up with what Nanny told them.moreless

    Good wake up call and i hope anyone in this situation watches this show. People need to wake up and see that if you doing something for so long and it's not working then things need to change or it will be so much worse in the future. This episode was a good one and i hope it changes some peoples view and try to change too. I hope they make new episodes too because its a great show and very interesting to watch. All the nannies i believe do a great job and i hope they keep it up.moreless
  • Wow that mom is so stupid! But the episode was exciting. I was waiting for the point were she'd realize that she wasn't a good mom. But that didn't happen! simply a lazy fat cow.moreless

    Nanny Stella did her best to reform this family but the mother was the biggest problem. she didn't want to work, she'd rather sit on th couch eating food like she did every time they showed her on camera. No wonder why the first husband left her! So much disrespect it was just horrible. I thought this was a comical parody of Nanny 911 because a five year old kid told his bus driver and fed-Ex guy to F-off. lots of neglect, disrespect, and lack of care from this mother.She goes to show that the parents truly are to blame for the kids misbehaving and such. That's why i give the episode a 10 and the mother 0.moreless

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