Nanny 911

Season 3 Episode 12

Mills Family

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Feb 16, 2007 on FOX
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Mills Family
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  • Just heartbreaking

    It's not only a case of checking we are in the right century, it's also in the right country. Where on Earth can people still be so sexist? Not in America for God's sake.

    I was just feeling like crying for poor Jennifer who was so disrespected not only by her husband but also her oldest son who was only 9! The dad drinking like a fish and throwing dirty nappies at his wife, is he insane? However, the mum was far too lenient with him.

    Nanny Yvonne's approach was very soft. Jo Frost would have kicked that man's behind! I was very pessimistic about the outcome. I really thought the dad would definitely refuse to change and I didn't expect him to tell his oldest son to stop bullying his little sister. I can't believe he didmoreless
  • First I checked my calendar to make sure I was in the right century then I had to turn away. It made me appreciate my husband and family. I hope it urges other families to get help.moreless

    I could not believe the way this person (won't call him a man) acts towards his family. It is like he is in a time capsule from a primitive world. Does he realize that he is damaging his children? I spent most of the show wondering if this guy even has a job and if can even walk upright without assistance.He just sits on the sofa and calls his wife names and she brings him beer.

    My husband and I could not have children so we became foster parents. It took about five years to adopt our children. We had to have a home study done, a criminal background check, physicals, just to be able to adopt our children. We are not perfect parents but we do work together as husband and wife as a team. The show made me appreciate my husband and how much we respect each other.

    It really bothered me because our children came from an abusive home. They have suffered so much and my husband and I have spent years taking them to therapy. These kids are being abused by Dad. It really hurt me to see how the kids are being brought up in an verbally abusive home. Although it was painful to watch I hope it will continue to help this family. The children are so beautiful.moreless
  • The father is awful

    I would just like to say that Kenny Mills is a rude, and disrespectful man and his wife and family deserve much better. To raise your children like that and act that way to your wife just shows how undeserving he is of that family. He is the reason his wife is weak and has no strength or courage to discipline her family. I am sure that now that Nanny Ivonne is gone, he's acting the way he did before and that family is being ripped to shreds again. I would love to find this man to thank him for showing me exactly what I should not do, and what my husband should not do for raising our family.moreless
  • Kenny is one gosh darn lucky guy.

    I could NOT believe how horrible, chauvinistic, degrading, and mean Kenny was to his wife.

    It was really nice to see his heart to heart with his son and see that he was taking in what Nanny was telling him. My husband acts that way on a small scale, I just can't imagine what it's like for Jennifer to deal with that! I would be out of there! (Well, I would at least feel like I wanted out). It was encouraging to see that it seemed to be working out and that dad is helping. Hopefully he didn't just do it for the cameras.moreless

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