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  • Marriage and Health at State, Need help pease

    I am 19 years old and my dad just lie around and not hep my mom. She's really stressed and she got a lot of medical problems, she also, takes care of my brothers and I. When My little brother (Joey, 14 years old) gets mad, dad will yell at him. All this stress is making mom sicker and making me depressed. Also, both brothers always stay in their room and play their video games. Please help, I don't want mom to have a short life because of all the stress and medical issues.
  • Please Help

    I am a mother of 4. I have one son and 3 daughters. my youngest two daughters seem to run the show. I try to follow through and discipline, I try to spend more time with them, I also have tried sticker charts, rewards, and continuances. My Youngest is almost 4, and sometimes I feel that she looks for things she can throw a fit about, and these fits turn into her screaming as loudly as she can, kicking, hitting and sometimes biting me or her siblings. I love her with every bit of my heart, but just want to be able to enjoy the time I am spending with my kids.

    When she is throwing one of her fits, I have put her in time out, I have tried using a timer, and she will get out and I out her back has lasted for hours and still no results:(
  • Help Nanny 911 :)

    I Love this show and I would like to know how to get One of the Nanny's to come help A Friends of Mine with their 4 Children who run over them BAD!!
  • kids and their noses

    I love the show but why do they feel the need to show the kids picking their noses so much? It's a gross habit most kids have & I don't know a single person who wants to see it !
  • My Cousins Need These People!

    If there's any chance that they can be saved, I would call these people.
  • Nanny 911 could be good but...

    Why does there need to be 3 nannies. And why does the head nanny only pick one nanny. What's the point of having 3 nannies?!?! And why are they always walking to the houses rather then a taxi take them to the house? But everything else is the same as Super nanny. 77/100 Good.
  • Thank You.

    From the bottom of my heart I need to thank you for airing this show. Even though my son is 12 I have been using the techniques the nannies have used on the show and my son and I have a better relationship. His dad chooses not to be in the boys life and it's been a stressful road since my son was five, but now I can talk to him and listen to him. And NOW he feels like he can talk about stuff like his dad. Thank you. What you all have done is save our lives, Too much for words to express. Just THANK YOU to all of you.
  • Great work, Nannies!

    I am an educational psychologist and I think that the nannies give fantastic advice! Look how outrageously most of these children behave towards their parents! They're rude and disrespectful. In almost all cases the parents have unintentionally contributed towards the behavior becoming so out of hand. No parents intend on this happening, these families all just get lost along the way. The nannies' rules make great sense and help the families back on the right track! I love this show!! Good work, nannies!
  • Experiance doesn't come from a book!!

    I think this show is amazing to say the least! I watch this show on a regular basis and I have never ever been disappointed by the way the nannies handle the situations they are faced with!!! Although every child is different the tactics the nannies use are just and fair! The way they handle time outs with a eye to eye talk on the childrens level after the child has been given time to think about the situation that got them in trouble in the first place is brilliant!!!! For the lady who thinks her degree puts her above these wonderful ladies and their practice with children I have to say its absolutely impossible to learn to raise your children from studying a book!!!!!!!!!! It is a most definite hands on experiance like I stated above every child is different! I completely agree with the nannies correcting the parents and children when it comes to sleeping alone in thier own beds!!!!!! It is absolutely absurd for a 4 year old or even a 1 year old to need their parent to sleep with them on a nightly basis! Also this is a unsafe situation as well as unhealthy for both child and parent! I also believe for the nannies to be called incorrect if that was the case would not be as good at caring for children as what they are!!!! Keep up the amazing work ladies!
  • Uneducated practices by the Nannies. Please check research before calling these Nannies!!!!!

    This show is awful! I am watching Nanny Stella at the moment. Her practices are insane. This episode is a family with two children, a 4 year boy and 5 year old boy. She told the mother that by lying down with her boys at night, they will become big babies and sissy men. I am sorry, but this is completely inaccurate. It is a very behaviorist view, which has proven to be outdated. Current research says that children will learn and adjust to situations in their own time. She advocates for time out, which has no positive effects for children, and is damaging to the child's self-esteem. I am a Child Development major with a certificate in Early Childhood Education, and this episode put me over the edge. I cannot believe that this show is airing as proper ways to address "issues." Look up work by Piaget or Vygotsky, both major contributors to childhood psychology. You will not find evidence to support these practices.
  • the show is horrible

    The show is horrible, the nannies take a family with regular problems and seperate the family. The nannies think they know other peoples kids. The nannies are not professional psychiatrists they are pompus english women going around trying to show off their knowledge (or lack there of). Parents know their kids and should not need some tv Acterss' to come in and try to run their family. I hope that if you are watching this show that you examine yourself and your family, and see if you really wantto watch a show where a controlling person comes into the household an tears it apart. I suggest you not to watch this show.
  • Wow....just well

    I don't think I've ever seen a more appalling episode of Nanny 911. The Michelle, the mother who disrespected Nanny Stella, is the most cold-hearted, rude, unrelenting, and ignorant woman I've ever seen on this show. The way she denied her kids atrocious behavior really made me angry. This woman needs a serious reality check. I dont even think she's fit to be a mother. I mean, come on! Her children's STEP father is a better parent to the kids!

    The kids' behavior was horrible! I couldnt believe the four year old who used the f word on his sister! Where in God's name did he even learn that word? The way he treated Nanny Stella was disgusting to say the least.

    This episode probably angered me the most out of any episode I've EVER seen.
  • This show is practically perfect in every way. We just discovered it this year on CMT while channel surfing. I began to record it & we were soon hoodked. Getting the DVD's for Season One only whetted our appetite for more.

    You don't have to be a parent to love this show. My roommate and I are former school teachers and we know that the methods the Nanny 911 Nannies use really work. We appreciate the way the show brings to light that the "children's" problems are usually the smallest part of what needs correcting. Sad to say, but the problems are usually rooted in the parents' own histories with ineffective parenting from their caregivers. We hope this show helps a lot of parents answer, "What can I do?" The help is practical and I can vouch as both a teacher and babysitter that both love, wanting what's best for the children, making the rules and consequences or rewards clear, and being consistent work! Also taking the time to listen and communicate are essential. We love the way this show illustrates how true that is.
  • Excellent concept/or show but contains naughty, sullen, stubborn, mischievous, fiendish, angry etc. children

    This is a perfect idea to make this show I really love it i think it kind of teaches you about what you should not do to someone you really love/loved and never hurt anybody. I guess everyone needs a nanny and a nanny 911/super nanny. I haven't really saw super nanny though but i think it's as good as this show for a sequel but nanny 911 is a really perfect and imaginative/suspense show. I love suspense and twist movies even though they're kind of weird and silly but i still like them. My grandma always watches this and sometimes i come in the room to watch it with her and we both talk about what the kids are doing although i get a little sad when it goes off but i like jon and kate plus 8 too that's a recorded by camcorder meant reality show too. 10/10
  • A tv show can help a parent in distress. Consistency is the key to a well behaved child.

    I love this show. I watch it every time it is on and I always thought my son was out of control but I see there are worse. This show has helped me to be focused and use consistency with the punishment. I use rules that I see the nannies use they also helped out alot. I never thought my son could sit down and relax for five minutes in a day. It was a tough road but gotta stick to it to make anything work. I was about to give up, then I spotted this show on tv and decided to watch it and love it ever since has helped me out a great deal.
  • Love this show but a little confused about Nanny Yvonne are there 2 of her?

    I am addicted to this show it makes me feel so much better about my life as a single Mom whenever I have a rough day with my daughter this makes me feel so much relief that she is not like the kids on the show. I am a little confused on the fact that there seem to have been two different Yvonne's on the show or am I wrong? Can someone tell me? Otherwise I simply love this show and hope that it will never come to a point where I would need them no offence. Much love and respect ladies
  • I don't really know what to say. You all work so hard.

    My name is Madeline Kenn. I am 14 and I love this show. I think that what the nannys do is incredible! I mean how they can take a house full of unruley kids and turn it in to a nice house to live in. I appresiate all of the work that the nannys do. Thank you Nanny 911!! I may only be 14 but I believe my oppinion matters. I am an only child and my mom works for the National Guard all day. So I get very lonely. Once again thank you Nanny 911!! From your biggest fan, Madeline Kenn.
  • I liked the episode where the husband puts work and friends before his wife and kids...

    It was really touching, yet hard to watch because my life is pretty much the same. The stay at home mother of 3 would ASK her husband if she could upstairs for a 5 minute break and he wouldnt let her. The kids were always crying for his attention and it was just all around sad to watch. My life is always as horrible as that, but I took in alot of HELPFUL tips from Nanny Stella. Shes my favorite :) Somedays I wish I could call Nanny 911, but Im sure it costs alot lol. I love the show though. Its awesome... so helpful in many ways. KEEP IT AIRING!
  • This review is focused on Nanny Deb

    Every episode including nanny Deb.. makes me cry! She is by far the best nanny because of her big heart. She obviously gets right in there and becomes part of the family by the end of the week. All famiys need a nanny Deb. Her goodbyes are so heartbreaking because you can see the hurt in the childrens eyes. Any family having trouble can watch nanny Deb and at least one helpful hint. She is truly a blessing..I am only 18 and I don't have children of my own, but nanny Deb makes me look forward to having a family of my own.
  • Family and Work

    One of my favorite quotes is"... no other success can compensate for failure in the home.." By David O. McKay Prophet of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in 1964.
    On my hard days when my patience level seems to be plummeting and it's only 9a.m. I try to remember I only have my babies for such a short time and then they'll be crazy know-it-all teenagers then married and having babies of their own. Suddenly life doesn't need to be so stressful. I laugh instead of scream and play with toys again and try to use every opportunity for a teaching moment. And when I'm old and gray, I know my husband and I will care more about the people our children have become and less about our bank account. It's a feeling of Success that I long for! For now however, my successful feelings come in short burst! But it's all about Long-Term Perspective!
  • dear nanny 911 i really like this show. it shows you that my kids are not that bad.

    this show is wonderful. i do however have a friend that could use your services and they need it a lot. my friend has four boys and she is pregnant with her fifth one. she lets her four boys tell her what to do and she will not discipline her children at all. she has a 7 month old, a 15 months old, a 4 year old, and a 7 year old son. please, please come and help her out before she has her fifth boy and really gets into trouble with all five boys telling her what to do. thank you very much. Cindy Kester

    Please email me back at
  • A good show overall. The idea is good, but there is room for improvement.

    I'm a big fan of this show. It explains some ways for parents to handle different topics. I like how they focus on the more extreme examples of topics (aggression, negative reinforcement, even treating your spouse like a doormat!) in order to help the average family recognize similar behaviors in themselves. The only thing that irks me about the show is the horrible voice overs! I know it's petty, but those voice overs are painfully obvious, and makes me wonder what they are really saying. The facial expressions of the families while the voice over is happening were not the reactions of the family members at all. In fact, it makes me wonder what is actually being said, and how much of the episode has been framed to highlight a particular issue. Either way, this show is important to watch for anyone who interacts with children.
  • Good show overall. Idea is not original (spin off of Super Nanny), but does offer good information.

    I have only watched two episodes and is pretty good. It is a spin off of Super Nanny, but nonetheless it also offers good tips and techniques for raising happy healthy children. The only part I do not care for is Nanny Deb getting teary-eyed everytime she is trying to make an important point. Please, that is a little too much. I have not seen the other Nannys in action, so I cannot comment on them. It will be interesting to see what the rest of the season will bring. Nanny Deb is pretty tough...just please end the crying jags. She can get her point across without the tears.
  • I actually enjoy watching Nanny 911. It is a mix of funny, with happy, some sad, and anger. Pretty entertaining and passes the time really fast.

    Nanny 911 is one of those shows that you would think, "No way is that going to be entertaining." But, it isn't as bad as you would think. The show has funny stuff in it mixed with some sad and anger.

    I really like it when Nanny Stella is the nanny on the job because they only send her in when the parents need some serious talking to. She gets in the faces of the parents and tells them very straight forwardly what they are doing wrong and that usually begins a huge argument between the parents and the nanny. She also breaks the rules more than the other nannys to get what is desired from the children. Most of the time when they send her in it is because of her tough love towards the kids yet she really does care about them.

    I don't know much about the other nannys because Nanny Stella is the one that goes in the most.

    At the beginning of the show they always show a video of the kids that are out of control/running wild/little satanists and the parents being interviewed explaining why they need help. The way these clips are constructed and put together in a whole is good and entertaining (more than you would think by my description). Then they show the nannys talking about what can be done to help the family be a better family. This is the only part of the whole show that sounds scripted. Nanny 911 is a non-scripted show and everything you hear is coming straight from whoever is saying it.

    Often times it is the parents fault and when they are in denial about that it is all the more enjoyable to watch the episode.

    If you haven't checked out this show you should at least give it a shot.

    Overall Score: 8.6

    Thank You,

    dirtydog92 (P.S. If you have read some of my earlier reviews, I am going to shorten my signature at the end of my reviews to just dirtydog92)
  • I feel 50% satisfaction in this show, and 50% disappointment

    I know they try to change those kids but, sometimes, they don't realize they're just children, They only think they're having fun and they only want things to go in their way, nannies don't need to rub in here, parents are the only people who can teach discipline to their children, sometimes they're afraid of hurting them, or either way they use too much force...

    Children won't get used to that change, I mean changing a child how he/she acts less than a week, that's impossible, they may look like they're normal now, but sooner they'll be back to their normal selves. I only liked the parts where the nanny tells the parents to stand up to their children, that's reasonable.

    Those Children only need counseling, and have some talks with their parents, nothing more.
  • stress this

    I enjoy watching your show. However, I feel a lot of children are overactive because they do not get enough exercise. One of my friends had an overactive boy. He was soon running five miles home every day instead of taking the bus. Problem solved. I wish you would emphasis diet more also. Most of these children should not be given any sugar. So diet and exercise are not being stressed enough as far as I am concerned. If the nannys were real examples they would not be overweight. This is not a good example for children.
  • NANNY911, Absoluty genius

    I wish I could have had that kind of help when my children were growing up.My youngest needs a nanny now. He has a beautiful 2 month old little girl, but he and his girlfriend are slobs. I really dont want my grand daughter growing up that way. Do you have nannys for young and slobby adults.Its to bad are children are not tought how to raise there children.I thought i did a fairly good job, especially since my mother never tought me.My children are grown now.I wasn't a very good mom. I did the best I could. Could have used your help, Lord knows. Love your show,watch it every chance i get.Keep up good work.
  • Hey Deb, Your awesome! Just have to say love your show. I have watched Nanny 911 now for awhile and LOVE IT. Im a 43 year old Mom and had no troubles with my one child now is 23. Thank God for your sweet soul with kids. Thumbs up!!!

    Your AWESOME DEB... My favorite Nanny on 911.. Thanks for all your great work with troubled kids.. you are a Saint in my eyes. Love you show I watch it all the time. I have a daughter now that is 23. Thank God she wasnt any trouble. I do have 2 grand children that are a hand full at times. But all in all good kids I think. With all the things going on in the world its nice 2 know that we do have some kind of tools from you that we can teach our kids of today. Thanks again Deb for your great gift you have gave all of us.. Sherri
  • I love your show. I think it is such a good thing so many families would fall apart if not for your help. I truly look forward to this show every week. I wish I knew how to sign someone up because I do know a family in need desperatly. Thankyou

    I think if it were not for nanny 911 then a lot of families would be apart now. You should be very proud that you ladies are such a tremendous help. I have never seen so many out of control families inmy lifetime. I do know a family that is desperate I do not have a video camera but these kids are out of control and they are going to go to foster care if something does not help. I agree with the way you handle these families it is amazing you should be so proud, your the best.
  • I enjoy the show immensely. I like each of the nannies and enjoy watching them try to help. I do not believe families are actually like that. It amazes me that parents cannot control their children. If my granddaughters are over we watch it together.

    I watched the show last week and was absolutely mortified by the way that mother acted. She did not interact with the children unless she wanted to berate, tease or yell at them. She wouldn't even give her daughter a hug when she cried for one. I feel so sorry for those chldren and I hate to say it but I bet that mother doesn't change. Keep up the good work. My granddaughters want you to come to our house but they behave so I told them you wouldn't come. They jokingly said should we misbehave so they can come and I said no way. They even said they can't believe how bad some of these children behave. I tried to explain that sometimes parents don't know how to handle children or discipline. Their parents do because they watched too and we follow the time-out procedure you use for the children. I only had to do a time-out once on the 9 year old and twice on the 7 year old. Nanny Stella took a beating at that last show. The kid spit, hit, pinched, etc. and yet Nanny Stella kept her cool. I don't think I would have been able to keep my cool when that kid behaved like that. I give you credit for your ability to stay cool even in situations where most people would flip out.
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