Nanny and the Professor

ABC (ended 1971)




Episode Guide

  • Season 3
    • Whatever Happened to Felicity?
      Prudence, being ignored by her brothers, becomes attached to Nanny's old doll.
    • Good-bye, Arabella, Hello
      Nanny trades in her old car "Arabella" for a new one.
    • One For the Road
      One For the Road
      Episode 13
      Hal tries to visit his uncle, but doesn't quite make it.
    • The Great Debate
      The Great Debate
      Episode 12
      Nanny and Hal help the Professor keep a basketball player from failing math.
    • Professor Pygmalion Plays Golf
      Hal enters a golf tournament using strange clubs given to him by Nanny
    • Aunt Henrietta and the Poltergeist
      Aunt Henrietta (Elsa Lanchester) believes there is a ghost in the house because the furniture is disarranged every night.
    • The Conversion of Brother Ben
      The Professor's rich brother (Robert Sterling) donates two million dollars to his brother's college.
    • Nanny and Her Witch's Brew
      Nanny is accused of being a witch.
    • Aunt Henrietta and the Jinx
      Butch, thinking he is a jinx, is given a good luck charm from Nanny's Aunt Henrietta (Elsa Lanchester).
    • Cholmondeley Featherstonehaugh
      Nanny's fiance arrives to claim her hand in marriage. The marriage had been arranged by their families on the day Nanny was born. They ask the Professor if he will give the bride away. The children and the Professor are upset by the thought of losing Nanny. She tries on her great-great-grandmother's wedding dress. Along with the dress is a note written by her mother which makes it clear the decision to marry "Chumley" must be hers and hers alone. Nanny decides she's not ready to leave the Everett household.moreless
    • Aunt Henrietta's Premonition
      Nanny's psychic aunt (Elsa Lanchester) predicts Nanny will be menaced by a man with a mustache.
    • South Sea Island Sweetheart
      Nanny's Uncle Horace (Ray Bolger) visits from the South Seas to perform a rain dance in order to cure a drought.
    • Sunday's Hero
      Sunday's Hero
      Episode 3
      The Professor tries to get out of playing football with his friends.
    • The Flower Children
      Prudence tries to get her seeds to grow faster while the Professor upsets his new girl friend when he doesn't try to save a dying tree.
    • Oh, What a Tangled Web
      Hal falls madly for Bunny, a swinging chick who comes on to him during a Sadie Hawkins dance. "You look just like Robert Redford!" exclaims Bunny. Hal is smitten by Bunny's feminine wiles. After Bunny imparts that she is fifteen years old, thirteen year old Hal tries to impress her by claiming to be sixteen. Complications ensue the next day, when the assertive Bunny calls Hal and asks him to pick her up for the movies. Flustered Hal blurts out that he will be right over, in spite of the fact that he is too young to drive. Nanny decides to bail out Hal, and she gives him a ride to pick up Bunny. Bunny is confused, and perhaps suspicious as to why Hal isn't driving, but Nanny explains she is driving because that "she loves to drive - even in Los Angeles." While at the movies, Francine, Hal's thirteen year old next door neighbor sits down in front of Bunny and Hal. Francine, who has a crush on Hal, expresses surprise to see Hal with a high school girl. Bunny reacts icily to Francine, and after the movie, refers to her as "a weird little girl." Hal then tries to tell Bunny the truth about his age, but she won't listen. Bunny insists that Hal drive her to an ice cream parlor, and she hops into the car which Nanny left parked outside the theater. Three of Bunny's boorish friends appear and pile into the car uninvited. Hal, feeling the horrible sting of teen peer pressure, starts the car, and prepares to drive, Fortunately, Nanny is nearby and, through her magic, the car sputters and will not move. Bunny's friends leave when they realize nothing is in it for them, and Nanny takes Bunny home. Later that night, Hal feels a pang of conscience, and hires a cab to visit Bunny to tell her the truth about his age. Nanny worries when Hal doesn't come home at a decent hour, and she drives out to find him. Hal meets Nanny outside of Bunny's house and explains that Bunny wouldn't listen when he tried to tell her that he is only thirteen. Nanny intuits what is going on. Bunny appears from the shadows, apparently on her way to a friend's house to study. After a short ride, Bunny disembarks, but leaves her books in the car. Hal's English sheepdog Waldo brings her books to Hal. The books are for junior high school, and Hal confronts Bunny, who sheepishly admits that she is only thirteen. Hal then comes clean himself. The next day, Hal tries to call Bunny several times, but she avoids him. Hal tells his dad the Professor that Bunny "really got hacked" when he told her the truth. Hal learns his lesson about lying, and it dawns on him that Bunny was simply leading him on, thinking he was a big high school dude. Hal proves that he has come to his senses, when he takes Francine to the next dance. Hal finds himself much happier with the true blue Francine, instead of the fickle, status-seeking Bunny.moreless
  • Season 2
  • Season 1