Nanny and the Professor

ABC (ended 1971)





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  • A show that was definitely ahead of its time. It was smart, and featured intelligent characters. Something that was - and still is - WAY ahead of its time!

    Nanny and the Professor means a lot to me personally, so take what I have to say with a grain of salt. Put it this way, there will be no unbiased writing in this review!

    But first, I must explain. I am, today, a television executive who produces a national children's program, and I wouldn't be where I am were it not for - you guessed it - Nanny and the Professor. Intrigued? Well, pull up a chair and read on...

    When I was nine years old, my best friend was a cast member. He played Butch Everett, and my friend's name is Trent Lehman. (Bet you didn't know that Butch's character actually had a "real" first name... It was Bentley!) Anyway, one day Trent asked if I wanted to go with him to the studio because they were filming an episode called "The Unkown Factor" and that I could be in the background in a scene that takes place at a fishing derby. Well, I was really stoked, and rode with Trent to 20th Century Fox in L.A. And that got me hooked. I couldn't believe walking onto the soundstage and seeing the sets, and then seeing Arabella the Car parked in the "driveway" (the exterior of the house, including the driveway and "garage" were inside the soundstage...) and then seeing all the activity, equipment, etc. And they even fed us lunch! Then we went out to the "back lot" where we shot the fishing scene. (They had a bus that drove us there from the soundstage... It's now part of Century City... the backlot, not the bus!)

    Anyway, from that moment I was "hooked" and I set out to be in television, and have succeeded. Now I owe a lot of it to the inspiration many of these old shows brought to me when I was an impressionable "TV Kid." (Meaning I spent at least 25 hours a week in front of the one-eyed monster, as my Grandpa used to call it!)

    So about Nanny and the Professor! It is a wonderfully-written show, it actually tackled some issues of the day (although not particularly big ones), and I still have a crush on Phoebe Figalilly. In fact, some of my earliest fantasies... well, we won't go there! Suffice to say, shows like Nanny and the Professor are few and far between, are rare unto themselves, and the studios and networks will always be too stupid to support shows like this. Cheers to A.J. Caruthers, and the talented cast and crew of what is a very fine memory for a kid who can remember when we landed on the moon, and who believes that even the worst television programming from that time was kinder, gentler, and had some intrinsic value.
  • A nanny tries to raise 3 kids who have befuddled three others--and this time succeeds.

    This series involves three kids, one professor (the father), and the nanny. The kids are known for getting into trouble. Each episode delves into one incident. For example, once Butch finds the professor's golf clubs and busts one by accident while fiddling with it. And his father finds it, and the kids all get chewed out until it was explained by the nanny that it was an accident and not deliberate. Other incidents include the kids playing on a construction site. This series definitely needs to be brought back from oblivion. I have seen just about everything else from this time period brought back on DVDs, but I have never seen this advertised anywhere.
  • I can't believe I actually enjoyed this!

    I can't believe I actually enjoyed this! It's like one of life's guilty pleasures. You know you're not supposed to enjoy it that much but you can't help enjoying it. I can't believe I'm typing this but long live Nanny and the Professor. You have one more (secret) supporter here!