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  • Season 1
    • The Real Monster
      The Real Monster
      Episode 74
      After the events in Ruhenheim, Tenma is cleared of suspicion of multiple homicide, and the survivors of the case begin to move on with their lives. Tenma works overseas with Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders). But while he does that, he looks for the mother of the twins Johan and Nina. Tenma finds her, and after sending many letters, he is finally able to talk to her. In the end, Tenma goes to Johan, who continues to sleep even after Tenma saved his life...moreless
    • Scenery for a Doomsday
      Tenma is running through the town in the pouring rain with Franz Bonaparta, also known as Klaus Poppe, in order to save Inspector Lunge, who has gone off to arrest Roberto. The boy Wim comes to them and tells them that Nina has gone to the "Vampire's House." At that moment, Johan appears on the opposite side of the road. Poppe tries to kill Johan and kill himself, but a dying Roberto interferes! Tenma and Johan are the only ones left. Johan tells Tenma to aim and shoot at his forehead!moreless
    • A Nameless Man
      A Nameless Man
      Episode 72
      Inspector Lunge tracks down Roberto, the leader of the inciters, and charges in. But Inspector Lunge ends up being defeated by Roberto, who declares that he has no name.
    • The Wrath of the Magnificent Steiner
      In the pouring rain, in the town of Ruhenheim, people have become suspicious of each other and have begun killing each other. Inspector Lunge is saving the surviving townspeople as he searches for the leader of the group that is inciting the massacre.
    • The Town Massacre
      The Town Massacre
      Episode 70
      It continues to rain in the town of Ruhenheim. The phones don't connect to the outside, and it is completely isolated. Furthermore, gunshots can be heard throughout the town.
    • The Peaceful House
      The Peaceful House
      Episode 69
      Inspector Lunge and Grimmer are standing on a hill that overlooks the town of Ruhenheim. A disaster will soon befall this seemingly peaceful town.
    • Ruhenheim
      Episode 68
      BKA inspector Lunge is standing on a hill that overlooks Ruhenheim, a peaceful country town. Lunge stays at a hotel whose only guests are an old married couple. He is kind to Wim, a local boy, but afterwards, he goes to the police station and tells the officer on duty that something terrible is going to happen. Another visitor goes to the hotel where Lunge is staying. It is Grimmer, on the run in place of Detective Suk, who was suspected of murdering several police officers. What is going to happen to this town?!moreless
    • I'm Back
      I'm Back
      Episode 67
      What happened at the Red Rose Mansion on that fateful day? Was a young Johan there that day when 42 people died, leaving only Franz Bonaparta? Nina is reunited with Johan and talks to him about true fear. But Johan, as if to interrupt her, begins telling her about the events of that day. Without realizing it, Nina pulls the trigger on Johan! Immediately after, Tenma catches up and sees Nina pointing her gun at her head.moreless
    • Welcome Home
      Welcome Home
      Episode 66
      Capek is at the mercy of a gun-toting Nina and leads her to Johan by car. On the way there, Capek reveals that Johan came just before Nina did, and that Johan told him to tell Nina where he was. Furthermore, Capek talks about the astonishing secret of Johan and Nina's birth. The car arrives at its destination, and Nina is finally reunited with Johan! Meanwhile, Tenma heads towards the place where Christof said Johan would be.moreless
    • Johan's Footprints
      Johan's Footprints
      Episode 65
      Nina has recovered all of her memories and goes alone to Capek's villa in search of Johan. Meanwhile, acting on a note that Milan left behind, Tenma watches Christof, the young man who works with Capek. Not knowing this, Christof enters an apartment where he is to meet Johan. But Eva appears with a gun in hand! When asked where Johan has gone, Christof begins to talk about how he and Johan are old acquaintances!moreless
    • The Baby's Depression
      The Baby is a prominent right-wing extremist in Frankfurt. He became ?apek's right-hand man with the aim of creating a new world order, but lately he's been distrustful of ?apek's words and actions.
    • Unrelated Murders
      Unrelated Murders
      Episode 63
      Inspector Visbaugh, who was in charge of the murder cases concerning the Lieberts and the Eisler Memorial Hospital victims, is nearing retirement. His final job is to transport Dinger, a multiple homicide offender. While on their way in a train car, Dinger tells Visbaugh that he committed his first murder after being encouraged by a small boy. He says that the boy had a twin sister. Visbaugh realizes that those twins are the key to the case concerning Dr. Tenma, but he has only thirty hours until he retires!moreless
    • A Pleasant Dinner Table
      Tenma is told by Eva's former bodyguard, Martin, that a man called Peter ?apek is continuing the experiments of the Red Rose Mansion.
    • The Door to Memories
      In order to regain her memories, Nina is in Prague with Dieter. She remembers that when she was young, Johan was taken to the Red Rose Mansion, and that she greeted him when he returned to the room in the building with the three frogs sign.
    • The Man Who Knew Too Much
      Martin ignores the order to kill Eva and plans to escape with her. He follows the mysterious man who was with the man in glasses who hired him to his room. But as if having anticipated he'd come, the man happily begins talking about Martin's past. He acts exactly like Johan... When Martin returns to the hotel where he's hiding out, he points his gun at Eva once more. But he chooses to let her go as he first decided, and Eva says that she wants to escape with Martin.moreless
    • The Cruelest Thing
      The Cruelest Thing
      Episode 59
      All the orphans who adore Grimmer try to prove his innocence. They find the blonde woman (Johan, disguised as Anna) who was at the scene of the murder. But Johan invites one of the orphans, Milosh, to his room and sets up a cruel trap involving the boy's mother. Meanwhile, Tenma and Grimmer learn that Milosh is missing and frantically search for him.moreless
    • I Hate This Job
      I Hate This Job
      Episode 58
      Two months earlier, before Tenma escaped, Martin visited Eva's room and took her away. A mysterious man in Frankfurt told Martin to bring Eva to him, but Martin really doesn’t like the job. Eva accepts the invitation, thinking it better than being killed by Roberto. Eva's job was to locate a certain person. Who is looking for whom, and for what purpose?moreless
    • That Night
      That Night
      Episode 57
      Nina faints at the Red Rose Mansion and is saved by Lipsky, a puppeteer. When she recovers from the temporary shock, Nina remembers everything that happened on that tragic day that the Lieberts were killed. She also remembers that Johan said that a monster had come! Meanwhile, Tenma has finally arrived at the Red Rose Mansion, but to his shock it has burned down. He is approached by a messenger from General Wolf, a man who previously asked Tenma to kill Johan. The general talks to Tenma. What is the truth about Johan?!moreless
    • The Never-ending Journey
      Tenma has escaped and is headed to his lawyer Verdeman's house. There, Tenma finds a message inviting him to the Red Rose Mansion. Tenma heads to the Czech Republic while decoding the encoded memo that Verdeman's father left behind. Meanwhile, Nina has reached the Red Rose Mansion ahead of Tenma by relying on vague memories of what Johan told her when she was a child. When she opens a room hidden in a wall at the back of the mansion, Nina's memories are awakened!moreless
    • Room 402
      Room 402
      Episode 55
      Tenma escapes with Milch and tries to warn Eva that she is in danger. Eva is staying in room 402 of the Hotel Steigent. Tenma is unable to contact Eva, so he heads to her room. Meanwhile, Lunge investigates the connection between the father of Tenma's lawyer, Verdeman, and Franz Bonaparta, the owner of the Red Rose Mansion. What is the astonishing truth that is revealed?!moreless
    • The Escape
      The Escape
      Episode 54
      Tenma makes a false confession and places the blame on himself. He is moved from the detention area of the police station to a prison. Meanwhile, upon learning that Tenma has confessed, Eva calls the lawyer Baul to tell him that she will testify to prove Tenma's innocence. But Baul is actually Roberto, Johan's minion who told Tenma that he was after Eva's life! Tenma is loaded into a prison van with escape artist Milch and heads to prison. But on the way there, their escape plan goes into action!moreless
    • Determination
      Episode 53
      Tenma regains hope and decides to tell the truth about Johan. But he is shocked when he sees Baul, the lawyer who pays him a visit. Baul is actually Roberto, Johan's partner who Tenma shot when Roberto attempted to assassinate Schuwald! Roberto says that he's going to kill Eva in order to silence her. Tenma contacts Milch once more and accepts his offer of escape. On the other hand, Tenma tells the detectives questioning him that he was responsible for all the crimes that have occurred! What is he planning?!moreless
    • The Lawyer
      The Lawyer
      Episode 52
      Tenma is caught in the Czech Republic. He is moved to a police department in Düsseldorf and is questioned daily. Günter Milch, an escape artist, is in the same detention area. When Milch feigns illness, Tenma has a look at him, and Milch asks Tenma whether he wants to escape with him. Tenma continues to be silent under questioning. Meanwhile, Verdeman, a shrewd lawyer, comes to see Tenma and tells him that he'll take his case. Verdeman realizes that Eva's testimony will be important in court.moreless
    • The Monster's Love Letter
      In order to get close to the tycoon Schuwald, Johan used Schuwald's mistress, Margot Langer. Schuwald thinks back to the time he visited the building with the sign with the three frogs when he went searching for Margot three years after they had parted ways. He remembers that Margot's friend was living there with her twin children. Soon after learning this, Dr. Reichwein hears news that Tenma has been arrested in the Czech Republic!moreless
    • The Rose Mansion
      The Rose Mansion
      Episode 50
      Inspector Lunge arrives at the Red Rose Mansion after finding a hint in a picture book. Afterwards, he meets with Captainl Lanke, a leader of the former Czechoslovakian secret police. Who is picture-book writer and owner of the mansion, Franz Bonaparta, and what happened in the Red Rose Mansion? As he did with Tenma, Captainl Lanke tells Lunge that he knows nothing. Meanwhile, Tenma has been secretly surrounded by the Czech police.moreless
    • The Man Who Saw the Devil
      While acting as Eva's bodyguard, Martin becomes determined to protect Eva, even from Tenma, who is searching for Eva. But Eva has found the person she needed to find and their professional relationship is at an end. Martin is ordered to kill Eva now that she is of no use, but he plans to run away with her. Martin tries to find out about the man who Eva was looking for at the parties. He finds him and ends up having the most terrifying experience of his life!moreless
    • The Scariest Thing
      The Scariest Thing
      Episode 48
      While searching for the sign with the three frogs, Nina is surprised that she knows the surrounding buildings and streets, but there is a shadow of fear in her memories. Meanwhile, Tenma and Grimmer get an important testimony from Lanke. He tells them that his job was to obtain the "monster's identity." He also tells them that there was a man in the secret police who was known as the "Man from the Red Rose Mansion," and that this man was a picture book author. Meanwhile, something unusual happens to Nina when she enters the building with the sign with the three frogs!moreless
    • The Door to Nightmares
      Nina doesn't know that Johan has disguised himself as her and is confused when people in the street affectionately call her "Anna." Meanwhile, Tenma and Grimmer meet with Captain Karel Lanke, a leader of the former Czechoslovakian secret police. Lanke says that he is not involved in the series of murders, and he wants the data and cassette tape that Pedrov left behind in return for custody of Detective Suk. But then he finds out that Grimmer is from 511 Kinderheim...moreless
    • Contact
      Episode 46
      A Prague police detective from a special investigative team has been killed in Suk's room, and now Suk is being chased as a suspect in a series of murders. Tenma reads about the case in a newspaper, and based on the way the murders were carried out, Tenma suspects that Johan is behind them. Tenma goes to the hospital where Suk's mother is being hospitalized in order to meet Suk. Meanwhile, Suk is saved by Grimmer and manages to get away from his pursuers. He hides in an abandoned building that he used to play in when he was young that no one is supposed to know about.moreless
    • The Monster's Afterimage
      The Czech police have turned their suspicions towards the journalist Grimmer and the young detective Suk for the murders of their former police chief and three former Czechoslovakian secret police members. Even though he is a suspect, Suk meets with Grimmer to find out the truth. The two of them listen to a tape recording that is said to hold "the monster's past," which was placed in a safety-deposit box that belonged to Pedrov, the murdered former director of 511 Kinderheim. The astonishing content of the tape that is being sought by the former secret police and the strange blonde woman is finally revealed!moreless
    • Double Darkness
      Double Darkness
      Episode 44
      Suk reports to the police chief that he has discovered that Inspector Zeman had ties with former Czechoslovakian secret police that are hiding within the station. But the police chief and three others are poisoned... Suk's only lead is Grimmer. In order to find him, he questions the children who were in former 511 Kinderheim director Pedrov's care, and asks them about their promise with Grimmer. Meanwhile, Tenma has found the "Three Frogs" signboard. He tries to talk to the people in the neighborhood, but...moreless
    • Detective Suk
      Detective Suk
      Episode 43
      Grimmer, who is investigating 511 Kinderheim, has passed out after being tortured by members of the former Czechoslovakian secret police. When he comes to, he is surrounded by their dead bodies. One of the bodies is that of Zeman, a Prague police inspector. Suk, a young detective, admires Zeman and thinks he is a wonderful officer. He desperately opens an investigation into the murders. By chance, he meets a young blonde woman. As they talk, he becomes suspicious of Grimmer, the person who reported Pedrov's murder.moreless
    • The Adventures of the Magnificent Steiner
      Pedrov has been shot. Before he dies, he hands Grimmer the key to a safety-deposit box that contains the data and tapes of his old experiments. Grimmer is abducted by mysterious men who are after the key. The monster is said to have led 511 Kinderheim to ruin. They plan to sell the origins of the monster to a German organization. Grimmer never tells them where the key is, not even when under severe torture. He just says that, whenever he's in danger, the Magnificent Steiner appears, and faints. Who is the mysterious gun-toting figure who then appears?moreless
    • The Ghost of 511
      The Ghost of 511
      Episode 41
      Grimmer is a freelance journalist who is investigating what happened at 511 Kinderheim. After parting ways with Tenma, he meets Reinhardt, the former director of 511 Kinderheim, who is going by the name Pedrov. Reinhardt turns Grimmer away, telling him that his experiment was successful until he quit as director. The next day, despite being attacked by strange hoodlums, Grimmer visits Pedrov once again and meets the many children that are in his home. Is Pedrov repeating his old experiment?moreless
    • Grimmer
      Episode 40
      Grimmer is a freelance journalist. Currently, he is investigating abuses that may have occurred in the kinderheim (orphanages) of the former East Germany. When East Germany still existed, he traveled around the world as a spy who posed as a newspaper journalist. While on a train from Dresden to Prague in the Czech Republic, Grimmer meets Tenma, who is on the run. Not only does Grimmer help him escape from the police, but he also says that he believes that Tenma is innocent. In return, Tenma gives Grimmer a confession.moreless
    • The Hell In His Eyes
      The one who is pointing a gun at Johan is not Tenma, but Nina. But because of the fire, it is unknown whether Johan was hit by a bullet. Johan disappears once again. Inspector Lunge, who believes that Tenma is the true culprit, goes to the apartment where it is said that Johan lived. Lunge determines that there is no sign that anyone has lived in that room. Meanwhile, the tycoon Schuwald asks his son Karl to give a message to a man in Dresden. Who is this man?moreless
    • The Demon in My Eyes
      At first, Johan planned to take over Schuwald's financial conglomerate. But after reading a certain picture book, something inside of him changes.
    • A Nameless Monster
      A Nameless Monster
      Episode 37
      Lotte, a college student, realizes that Nina and Johan look exactly alike and reads to Nina the picture book that Johan was reading when he collapsed.
    • The Monster of Chaos
      Tenma is hiding on top of a bookshelf in a giant library late at night. He has a sniper rife with him and is planning to shoot Johan, who will appear the next day at the tycoon Schuwald's book collection donation ceremony.
    • My Nameless Hero
      My Nameless Hero
      Episode 35
      Inspector Lunge of the BKA, who is searching for Tenma, meets some Japanese people in Germany who were friends of Tenma and asks them seemingly trivial things about him, trying to get into Tenma's mind.
    • At the Edge of Darkness
      After an unexpected incident, Johan is hospitalized but immediately released.
    • A Child's View
      A Child's View
      Episode 33
      Dr. Reichwein gets a request from a mother to counsel her son, who hurt himself jumping off a roof. Martin doesn't tell Reichwein anything, but he reveals the truth to Dieter, who has come with Reichwein.
    • Sanctuary
      Episode 32
      Lotte has feelings for Schuwald's son, Karl, but lately, Karl has been busy working with his father, so he hasn't had any time for her.
    • In Broad Daylight
      In Broad Daylight
      Episode 31
      After Richard's death, Reichwein tries to investigate Johan by himself, but an assassin is after him.
    • Decision
      Episode 30
      Richard commits suicide. But Dr. Reichwein, who was counseling Richard, is suspicious of the circumstances of Richard's death and begins an investigation himself, and many questions are unraveled.
    • Execution
      Episode 29
      Richard is a detective who quit the police force when he shot a criminal while on duty and has run himself into ruin.
    • Just One Case
      Just One Case
      Episode 28
      Schuwald tells Richard to stop the investigation because everything has been solved.
    • Proof
      Episode 27
      Richard is a detective hired by Schuwald to find his missing son.
    • The Secret Woods
      The Secret Woods
      Episode 26
      "The Thursday Boy," Edmund, who was pretending to be Schuwald's son, commits suicide.
    • Thursday's Boy
      Thursday's Boy
      Episode 25
      Hans Georg Schuwald, a blind business tycoon who's infamously known as "The Vampire of Bavaria," hires a different college student each day of the week to read books to him.
    • Of Men and Dining
      Of Men and Dining
      Episode 24
      Tenma is at a mountain villa treating a man who was a high-ranking member of a crime syndicate. The man tells Tenma about a shocking event that happened in the underworld five years ago.
    • Eva's Confession
      Eva's Confession
      Episode 23
      Eva, Tenma's former fiancée, has risked everything to get her revenge on Tenma and has been spending her days drinking. But a man appears before her...It's Roberto, a man deeply connected to Johan.
    • Lunge's Trap
      Lunge's Trap
      Episode 22
      There is a murder in Hamburg, Germany, believed to be one of the multiple homicides of middle-aged couples. The BKA dispatches Inspector Lunge and other investigators to go there.
    • Happy Holidays
      Happy Holidays
      Episode 21
      There is a man who lives with bodyguards in a luxurious mansion in Nice. Nina is looking for this man, called Muller, because he is the former detective who killed her foster parents, the Fortners.
    • Journey to Freiham
      Journey to Freiham
      Episode 20
      Tenma and Dieter hitchhike to their next destination, Freiham. Mr. Jones and Leia, an older vacationing British couple, pick them up. Jones, a former police officer, is suspicious of Tenma, who is wanted by the police.
    • Monster's Abyss
      Monster's Abyss
      Episode 19
      Tenma visits criminal psychologist Rudi Gillen, one of his college classmates. Gillen believes that Tenma is a serial killer with multiple personalities and calls the police to have him arrested.
    • Five Sugars
      Five Sugars
      Episode 18
      Nina is held by the police as a witness to the plan to burn down the Turkish quarter but is released when Mr. Rosso appears. Mr. Rosso is the owner of a small restaurant where Nina worked after parting ways with Tenma after she decided to kill Johan.
    • Reunion
      Episode 17
      General Wolf is the first person who recognized Johan's talents. Having experienced how terrifying Johan is, he asks Tenma to kill him. But Tenma threatens one of the general's subordinates and escapes.
    • Wolf's Confession
      Wolf's Confession
      Episode 16
      The Baby leads Nina to Professor Geidlitz, one of the leaders of a right-wing extremist organization. Geidlitz tells Nina about his plan to find Johan and turn him into the leader of his organization, and informs her that he needs Nina in order to do so.
    • Be My Baby
      Be My Baby
      Episode 15
      In order to find Johan, Nina is in a bar in Frankfurt dressed like a prostitute. She wants to meet "The Baby", a prominent right-wing extremist. But it turns out to be a trap.
    • Left Behind
      Left Behind
      Episode 14
      Inspector Lunge of the BKA has been pursuing Tenma as the prime serial murder suspect, but right now he is investigating a different case.
    • Petra and Schumann
      Petra and Schumann
      Episode 13
      Tenma learns a little more about Johan's secret and goes on a journey for more clues. Dieter joins him even though Tenma tries to tell him that he can't come.
    • A Little Experiment
      Hartmann, an official for the former East Germany's Ministry of Health and Welfare, knows about 511 Kinderheim, the orphanage where Johan was raised.
    • 511 Kinderheim
      511 Kinderheim
      Episode 11
      The Lieberts are the couple who raised Johan and Anna (Nina). Tenma visits the house in Berlin that they lived in before they defected and learns the twins were adopted from an orphanage.
    • A Past Erased
      A Past Erased
      Episode 10
      A city council member and his wife are killed in Verden, Germany. Tenma believes that Johan could be the murderer, so he breaks into the council member's home for clues.
    • The Girl and the Seasoned Soldier
      Tenma decides that he must stop Johan himself and disappears from the hospital.
    • Pursued
      Episode 8
      Nina has regained her childhood memories, and the things she remembers are horrifying! Nina disappears, leaving a note for Tenma telling him that he's not at fault for what happened.
    • House of Tragedy
      House of Tragedy
      Episode 7
      Tenma is reunited with Nina (Anna). But when they return to the Fortners' home, they discover that Maurer and the Fortners have been killed.
    • The Missing
      The Missing
      Episode 6
      Tenma uncovers evidence that reveals Johan will meet his twin sister Anna in Heidelberg when she turns 20.
    • The Girl of Heidelberg
      Nina Fortner is a student at the University of Heidelberg. However, Nina has no memories from before the age of ten.
    • Night of the Execution
      Several years later, Tenma operates on Adolph Junkers, a key witness in a case involving the multiple homicides of middle-aged couples.
    • A Murder
      A Murder
      Episode 3
      The director of the hospital and two of Tenma's superiors are found murdered. Johan and his twin sister Anna disappear from the hospital.
    • Downfall
      Episode 2
      In the end, Tenma chooses to treat the boy Johan before the mayor. His surgery is a success.
    • Herr Dr. Tenma
      Herr Dr. Tenma
      Episode 1
      Doctor Tenma is a brilliant Japanese neurosurgeon who works at Eisler Memorial Hospital in Germany.