Napoleon and Love

Premiered Jan 01, 1974 Unknown


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Napoleon and Love

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Napoleon and Love is the 1974 historical drama TV series that follows the love life of Napoleon I. Ian Holm stars as the title role of Napoleon I, showing the relationships with women throughout his life. We join a broke and unemployed Napoleon as he tries to win the love of his sister-in-law's relative Desiree. She has a substantial dowry, but her parents reject him and he leaves for Paris. In Paris he meets Josephine, and while he wages a campaign in Italy, she has an affair with a handsome captain back in Paris. Napoleon insists that she come to Milan with him, but she declines. When he travels to Egypt, he hears of her infidelity and has an affair of his own, and promises to marry his new woman Pauline once he divorces Josephine. Napoleon becomes first consul of France and is close to becoming emperor, and gets some mistresses that are a threat to Josephine, namely the young actress Georgina. When he becomes emperor, he is unable to have a child, and his sister arranges a new mistress who becomes pregnant, but is the child really Napoleon's? Napoleon goes on to have love affairs with Marie Walewska, Maria-Luisa, and we see how his relationship with Josephine is strained but how she remains faithful.moreless

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AIRED ON 4/30/1974

Season 1 : Episode 9

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